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Closing Guantanamo Bay

GUANTANAMO BAZREl CLOSNG A RisK To NatioNAL SECURITY OR A WISE ForeIGN POLICY MovE? GUANTANAMO BY THE NUMBERS 90 OF THE CURRENT PRISONERS WERE Y EMENIS CANADA ALGERIA AFG HANISTAN PAKISTAN YEMEN China SAUDI ARABIA SYRIA +42 OTHER O oUNtries WHERE DO GITMO PRISONERS COME FROM? 500* 86% PRISONERS were RELEASED baCK TO HOME C OUNTRY OR THIRD COUNTRY TURNED OVER IN RESPONSE 779 TO BOUNTY OfFErs 21 PRISONERS 92% SINCE 2002 TOTAL NUMBER OF CHILDREN 13 98 WHO HAVE beEN IMPRISONED WERE NEVER Al-QaEdA fighteRS AGE OF AGE OF YOUNGEST OLDEST PRISONER PRISONER 171 Total n UMbER OF PRISONERS aS TotaL n Umber oF OF JANUARY 201 2 DEATHS WHILE IN YEARS CUSTODY CAPTURED by AVERAGE Length US MilitaRY 46 OF IMPR ISONMENT OF THESE will NOT be SUICIDES PERSEC UTED DUE to 1 1 LACK OF EVIDENCE HEART ATTACK CANCER KEY EVENTS RELATED TO CUANTANAMC BAY LEGAL CLASSIFI- CATIONS OF DETAINEES 9/1 terrorists attacked. SEPTEMBER 2001 First suspects brought from Afghanistan to Guantanamo Bay. JANUARY 2002 Prison population hits a peak of 680. MAY 2003 Non-penal enemy Prisoners who are combatants Prisoners who have been cleared pending or likely to face criminal charges for transfer or release to a foreign country but remain in U.S. custody due to concerns about their possible mistreatment upon transfer UN Report recommends closure of Guantanamo. FEBRUARY 2006 Supreme Courtrules that Guantanamo trial system violates US and International Law. JUNE 2006 Military Commissions, a new trial system, is signed into law. OCTOBER 2006 GITMO DETAINEE VENUES FOR TRIAL Supreme Court rules detainees should have the right to challenge their detention in US Federal courts. JUNE 2008 US Goverment admits to torturing detainee Mohammed al-Qahtani. President Obama attempts to close down the facility. JANUARY 2009 MilitarY COmmiSSIonS FederaL Court President Obama's review of detention practices at Guantanamo is delayed by six months. JULY 2009 MILITARY COMMISSIONS COURT - LIMITS ABILITY OF DETAINEES TO CHALLENGE THEIR DETENTION - KEEPS DEATH PENALTY AS AN OPTION FOR PUNISHMENT President Obama signs the 2011 Defence Authorisation Bill, with provisions to prevent closure of Guantanamo Bay. JANUARY 2011 - RESTricTS USE OF HEARSAY AND COERCED EVIDENCE IN TRIIAL (2009) - NO RIGHT TO A SPEEDY TRIAL * Created under the Military Commissions Act of 2006 and 2009 President Obama formally creates an indefinite detention system at Guantanamo Bay. MARCH 2011 FEDERAL COURTS - OFFERS ACcused TERRORISTS CONSTItutionAl Rights - TRIAL M UST COMMENCE WITHIN 70 DAYS OF INDICTMENT - DEATH PENALTY IS NOT AUTOMATIC WHYSHOULD GUANTANAMO BE CLOSED? U.S. HAS THE ABILITY TO HOUSE DETAINEES IN EXISTING U.S. PRISONS 100 ARE CAPABLE OF SECU rELY U.S. FINANCIAL BURDEN U.S. PRISONS HOLDING DETAINEES 98 FEDERAL $686,747 PRISONS CURRENTLY HOLD CONVICTED COST OF MAINTAINING ONE PRISONER PER YEAR TERRORISM-RELATED CRIMINALS IN GUANTANAMO BAY Vs. $34,628 COST OF MAINTAINING ONE PRISONER PER YEAR IN HIGH-S ECURITY FACILITY 11 US per PrisonerAnnual Spend 2011 DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN OPINION 70% OF AmerICANS APPROVE OF GUANTANAMO BaY REMAINING OPEN 72% OF EUROPEAN UNNION COUNTRIES THINK FAVORABLY OF THE U.S. 73% OF EuroPeAN NS APPROVE OF THE WAY PresideNT OBAMA HAS HANDLED THE FIgHt agaINST INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM GUANTANAMO BY THE NUMBERS /marking 10 yearssince-guantanamos opening-the aclu-releases-report-on-uan tanamo-detainees/ KEY EVENTS news/northamerica/usa/9006682/Guan tanamo-Bay-10-year-anniversary-timeline html DOMESTIC & FOREIGN OPINION /poll-finds-broad supportfor-obamas- counterterrorism-policies/2012/02/07/ EIQARSEYQ_story.html?hpid=23 136781/carol-rosenberg/why-obama cant -close-guantanamo guantanamo/timeline/ CALIFORNIA WESTERN office/Closure_0f_Guantanamo_Detention _Fecilities trends/transatlantic-trends-preview-10- years-after-911-europeans-stil-desire- strongus leadership-in-world/ SCHOOL OF LAW | San Diego VENUES FOR TRIAL closing guantanamo/p18525 /2218/ CREDITS R40932. pdf Prison; Prisoner, Luis Prado from The Noun Project Justitia, US Flag & Gavol, LEGAL CLASSIFICATION closing-guantanamo/p18525 GUANTANAMO BE CLOSED /2012/12/5/new-report-reignites-debate over-guantanamo-detainees ||||

Closing Guantanamo Bay

shared by andrewdeen on Mar 08
Guantanamo Bay has been at the center of controversy around the world, with many questioning its purpose. Guantanamo Bay has been active since shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to house terror...




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