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A Closer Look at the GOP's 2012 Presidential Primary Candidates

A CLOSER LOOK AT THE 2012 GOP CANDIDATES SUNSHINE STATE NEWS If you're not sure whom to vote for in this year's election, or you just need a comparison on some of the major issues, get a closer look. Compare key factors for each GOP candidate so you can be better informed when it comes time to vote. MITT ROMNEY Education: Brigham Young B.A. English, Harvard Law J.D. & Business M.B.A. BYU Age: 64 spouse children Religion Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Positions Pro-life, with exceptions for extenuating circumstances. Will eliminate the Estate Tax. Will lower corporate income tax to 25% Ann Romney Taggart Matthew Joshua Benjamin Craig Supports legal immigration, reduction of illegal immigration. Opposes providing amnesty. Career: 1966-68: Served as a missionary in France 1977 Consultant, then VP, at Bain and Company 2003-07 Governor of Massachusetts 1984 2008 Ran for President Co-founded Bain Capital Major Endorsements: U.S. Senator John McCain of Arizona Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey Former Governor Jon Huntsman of Utah Former U.S. Senator Bob Dole of Kansas Former President George H.W. Bush Little-Known Fact: An admirer of Dwight Eisenhower, Romney has asked his grandchildren (of which there are 16) to call him "Ike." RICK SANTORUM Education: Pennsylvania State Universiy B.A. Political Science, 183: University of Pittsburgh M.B.A., Dickinson School of Law, J.D. Age: 53 spouse children Religion Roman Catholic Positions Pro-life. Opposes contraception. Elizabeth John Daniel Sarah Peter Will reduce taxes. Wants to remove Estate Tax. Will lower corporate Karen Garver Santorum tax rates. Opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants. Supports border barrier, increased border patrol and National Guard border presence. Feels English should be national language. Isabella Gabriel (deceased) Career: 1995-2007 U.S. Senate for Pennsylvania 1981-84: 1986: Administrative assistant to 1996 Chairman of Republican Party Task Force on Welfare Reform 2007 Lawyer at Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC Director of Pennsylvania Senate Local Government Pennsylvania State Senator Doyle Corman Committee Major Endorsements: ****. iNFRA Media mogul Rupert Murdoch lowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz TV personalities The Duggars (from TLC's 19 Kids and Counting) National Federation of lowa conservative leader Republican Assembles Bob Vander Plaats Little-Known Fact: In his younger days, he wore Hawaiian shirts and a mustache. He was known as "Rooster" because of a cowlick that stuck up on the top of his head. RON PAUL Duke Education: Gettysburg College B.S. Biology, Duke University M.D. UNIVERSITY Genykurg Age: 76 spouse children Religion Baptist Positions Pro-life. Wants to abolish income tax and the IRS. Supports excise taxes, tariffs and spending cuts. Opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants and citizenship for U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants. Supports tracking of visa holders, increased border security. Carolyn Paul Ronald Randal Robert Lori Joy Career: 1988 Ran for President as a Libertarian 1997-Present U.S. House of Representatives 2008 Ran for President 1963-68: 1968-75 1976-85 Flight surgeon for the Air Force, then the Gynecology private practitioner U.S. House of Representatives for Texas National Guard for Texas Major Endorsements: American talk radio host U.S. Representative Justin Amash of Michigan U.S. Representative Walter B. Former Governor Alex Jones Jesse Ventura of Minnesota Jones of North Carolina Little-Known Fact: Ron Paul delivered 4,000 babies during his time as an OB/GYN. EMORY NEWT GINGRICH Education: Emory B.A. History, Tulane M.A./PhD Modern European History UNIVERSITY Age: 68 spouse children Religion Roman Catholic Positions Pro-life. 70% of Cut taxes by 35% or $1.3 trillion. Businesses will be taxed 12.5% down from 35%. Optional 15% flat tax on income in place. Americans would pay lower taxes. Callista Gingrich ( 3rd Wife ) Kathy Jackie Wants to implement a path to legalization for folks who have family in the U.S. Career: 1979-99 U.S. House of Representatives for Georgia 1989-95 U.S. House of Representatives Minority Whip 1995-99 Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives 1995-99 Founded The Gingrich Group Consulted for Freddie Mac and others. 1970-78 Professor at West Authored or co-authored 17 non-fiction books, eight fiction books, and one film. Georgia College Major Endorsements: Former Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens Chuck Norris Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia Donald E. Wildmon, Former Senator and Governor founder and chairman Zell Miller of Georgia of the American Family Association Little-Known Fact: Newt Gingrich has his own movie production company called Gingrich Productions. = Mitt Romney Net Worth & Money Raised = Rick Santorum = Ron Paul Net Worth = Newt Gingrich Money Raised For Campaign Newt Gingrich $6.7 M Mitt Romney $32.2 M Ron Paul $12.8 M Rick Santorum $1.3 M Newt Gingrich $2.9+ M $10M $20M $30M $2.25 - 5 M Ron Paul Mitt Romney $190 - $250 M antorur Corum

A Closer Look at the GOP's 2012 Presidential Primary Candidates

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Still undecided on Florida's GOP Presidential Preference Primary? Sunshine State News brings you a special election 2012 offering: a graphic at-a-glance representation of the 2012 GOP presidential...




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