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CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON THE GLOBAL ARMS TRADE Built by the US. firm Lockheed Martin, the F-16 Falcon comes at a price of $14.6 million per plane. The US. has 732 active. THE NUCLEAR $18.6 BILLION LOCKHEED MARTI ARMS SALES, THEIGHEST IN THE WORLD A couple of one megaton nuclear bombs would AFGHANISTAN IRAQ 118 HELICOPTERS SOLD TO IRAQ BY U.S. COMPANIES, 1983-198 10 IRAQI HELICOPTERS DETROYED BY US, IN 131 GULF ANGOLA LIBERIA AZERBAIJAN LIBYA MACEDONIA NIGERIA RWANDA SIERRA LEONE SLOVENIA obliterate Manhattan BOSNIA instantly Russia currently has over BURMA BURUNDI CHINA CONGO CROATIA There are roughly 106,000 tanks in existence worldwide. 22% PERCENTAGE IN THE MIDDLE EAST 8% PERCENTAGE IN THE UMTEDATES 18,000 such bombs, SOMALIA BANNED! and the USA has nearly 11,000 In 2001 George W ERITREA SUDAN YUGOSLAVIA COUNTRIES SUBJECT TO INTERNATIONAL ARMS ETHIOPIA INDONESIA EMBARGOS FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME 1996-2000 us. aircraft carriers cost about $4.5 billion apiece, and are generally named after past presidents. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged by 2012 to reduce each SPEND IT ON ME! The USA leads the modern space race with 110 military satellites in orbit. Russia has 40 and the rest of the world 20 of their countries PER CAPITA DEFENSE SPENDING, 2002 A one megaton bomb has an annihilation radius of 1.7 miles, inside of which most everything gets vaporized. $3.5 TRILLION AMOUNT SPENT BY THE USA FROM 1945-1995 IN NUCLEAR PREPARATION JISA nuclear arsenals to 10.729 1700 - 2200 'oper- ationally deployed" warheads (those positioned for rapid use on delivery World militray spending in 2001 totalled $839 billion, accounting for 2.9% of workd GDP and a global average of $137 per capita. Despite its massive defense budget (over 40% of the world total), the USA'S per capita military spending is dwared by Israel's, a soaring $1,625 per person. There are over 100 million unexploded landmines in 64 countries, taking an average daily toll of 70 lives. vehicles). As for the rest, Russia (and most of the world) wants to have them ITALY $3 COST OF A CHEAP $300 AVERAGE COST TO DEACTIVATE LANDMINE ISRAEL $1,625 $365 GERMANY $332 S. KOREA $279 IRAN $262 TURKEY S150 ONE LAMOMINE RUSSIA $78 BRAZIL $56 INDIA $12 CHINA destroyed, but Bush has decided to keep them in storage, where they could easily be rearmed and deployed Welcome to the family. $25 COST OF A RUSSIAN KALASHNIKOV (AK-47)GHAMS USA $1,196 S. ARABIA $918 $24 83 MINIMUNUMBER GONSD TEORE IN THE USA 2 NUMBER IN U.K. $602 THERLANDS FRANCE $562 JAPAN $367 4.4 PEOPLE KIL 0.5 NUMBE WITH FIREARMS, PER 100,000 = 200 NUCLEAR BOMBS $8.053 MAXIMUM FINE FOR CARRYING A KNIFE LONGER THAN 3 INCHES IN ENGLAND THE BIG SPENDER(S) TOP 15 DEFENSE BUDGETS, 2002 MARKET EXCHANGE RATES $US BILLIONS 252 NUMBER OF 1997 IMSH ROBBERIES USING A GUN 590 NUMBER USNG A SYRINGE 46.7 33.6 21.1 21 27.7 1.8 MILLION SCISSORSONFISCATED AT U.S. AIRPORTS, 2002 MANY WERE DONATED, TO THE U.S. BOY SCOUTS 11.4 129 13.5 10.0 ITALY S. KOREA FRANCE JAPAN BRAZIL SOURCE - NATIONAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL INCLUDES WEAPONS AWAITING DISMANTLEMENT RUSSIA INA, INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS ARCHIVE SOURCES - WASHINGTON POST - CIA WORLD FACTBOOK - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL PEACE INSTITUTE - WORLD WATCH INSTITUTE - THE MILITARY BALANCE 2002 YEARBOOK - IRISH NATIONAL POLICE - YOURRIGHTS.ORG.UK PAKISTAN - 24 - 48

Choose Your Weapon

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The global arms trade is big business. Find out who manufactures and who buys the world's weapons and ammunition.


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