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Characteristics of Successful Public Policy

CHARACTERISTICS OF SUCCESSFUL PUBLIC POLICY What Is Public Policy? System of laws, regulatory measures, courses of action, and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives Public policy almost always involves efforts by competing interest groups to influence policy makers in their favor 10 Most Important US Public Policy Issues 3 4 Climate Health Energy Jobs Medicare Change Care 6. 8. 10 USA Public Retirement Social Taxes and Trade Lands Accounts Security Spending Characteristics of Successful Public Policy SUCCESSFUL = GOOD POLICY + GOOD POLITICS PUBLIC POLICY GOOD POLICY - occurs when it is concluded that the policy will produce a measurable and positive outcome GOOD POLITICS - happens when no one is expected to criticize the policy or the individuals and organizations behind it 4. SUCCESSFUL PUBLIC POLICY BEGINS AT INCEPTION To Create Strong Policy, You Must First: 3 DEFINE THE GATHER EVIDENCE IDENTIFY CAUSES PROBLEM 6. 4 SELECT BEST DEVELOP EVALUATE A POLICY SOLUTION SOLUTIONS 8. EVALUATE UTILIZE THE PRINCE SYSTEM DEVELOP POLITICAL BENEFITS & COSTS STRATEGIES STRONG PUBLIC POLICY Solves public problems - effective & efficient Serves justice Supports democratic institutions and processes Encourages an active / empathic citizenship 6. Is It Good Public Policy? ASK YOURSELF DOES THE POLICY SOLVE THE PROBLEM? WERE THE LAWS, REGULATIONS, DECISIONS, OR ACTIONS TAKEN AS A RESULT OF THE POLICY SUCCESSFUL? PROBLEM: In the 1990's, violence was the leading cause of death for California youth mainly due to firearm availability POLICY IMPLEMENTED: 10 year California Wellness Foundation's RESULT: By the end of VPI, the number of youth killed by gun violence was reduced by 50% Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) DOES THE POLICY USE GOVERNMENT? IF SO, AT WHAT LEVEL? IS THAT LEVEL APPROPRIATE? PROBLEM: The US annually produces millions of tons of pollution and spends billions of dollars per year controlling pollution POLICY IMPLEMENTED: Pollution APPROPRIATE? Yes, pollution is Prevention Act of 1990 a national issue that must be funded and regulated on a federal level LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT: Federal. 8 IS THE POLICY CONSTITUTIONAL? EXAMPLE: AGRICULTURAL ADJUSTMENT ACT (AAA) PURPOSE: Pay farmers to reduce crop area in order to reduce crop surplus and effectively raise the value of crops CONSTITUTIONAL? No - United States v. Butler found the Act unconstitutional because by regulating agriculture, the federal government was invading areas of jurisdiction reserved by the Constitution of the United States, and thus violated the Tenth Amendment. 9. IS THE POLICY REALISTIC? IS THERE ENOUGH WHAT ARE THE WILL THE POLICY PUBLIC SUPPORT? COSTS ASSOCIATED BE PASSED? WITH THE POLICY? 10 Produced by: NORWICH 1819 UNIVERSITY" Online Resources: 1 2 3 4 6ı.html 6 chneider_and I 7 8 9 Act.html 10

Characteristics of Successful Public Policy

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Public policy is the cornerstone of American democracy and servers a very important purpose in American society. We vote for, see, and hear pubic policy quite often, but do we ever stop to think what...


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