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Cash and Carry

BY GRACE DOBUSH CAŞH AND CARRY THEY'RE SO FANCY: In Washington, it's the annual fall classic: members of Congress helicopteringdown to file their legally-required personal financial disclosurereports. These statements often say as much about your elected officials as their stump speeches. We combed through this year's filings-and for some of these stats consulted the most recent financial data available-inorder to create this numerical portraitof the seven Ohioans, three Hoosiers, and three Kentuckians (including the Speaker of the House and Senate Minority Leader) who represent Cincinnati and the surrounding area. GUESS WHAT: The overwhelmingly Republican all-male group ismaking crazybank. THE DETAILS: House members and senators are requiredtoenumerate all assets and liabilities for themselves, their spouses, and dependent children. The value of these items are reported in ranges, such as $15,001-$50,000, so we used the smallerofthe numbers to calculate each member's minimum net worth-meaning AVE RAGE STAFF SALARIES BY REPRESEN TATIVE AND STATE DAN COATS $65,759 STEVE CHABOT $64,241. RAND PAUL SE0,362 ROB PORTMAN $58,016. they are probably wortheven more. WHY IT MATTERS:"The financial disclosures of members of Congress allow constituents to findpoten- STEVE STIVERS $56,488. LUKE ME SSER $56,393 $54,506 $50,291 tial conflictsofinterest, like when a member may be voting with their MICHAEL R. TURNER bank account ratherthan for their constituents," says Miriam Diemer, congressional finances researcher atthe Center for Responsive Politics. THOMAS MASSIE JOE DO NNELLY $48,672. SHERROD BROWN $46,635 JOHNA. BOEHNER $44,477 BRAD WENSTRUP $38,984. 2010 AVERAGE COST OF A SUCCESSFUL MI TCH MCCONNELL $37.502. CAMPAIGN OHIO $53.282. KENTUCKY $52,747 INDI ANA $53.685 0 (31%) →Proportion of 40,000 60,000 SALARY U.S.-based Fortune so0 companies in which John $312.3. Boehner reports holding investments. THE SENATE THE HOUSE MILUON $8.99 muon $1.43.LOM →Theminimumnet worth of therichest person in Congress, Rep. Da rell Issa of Ca lifornia. MILUON MILLION HOW MUCH IS YOUR CONGRESSMAN WORTH? MITCH MCCO NNE LL KENTUCKY SENATOR (R) NAME ROB PORTMAN JOHNA. BOEHNER ано втн в) BRAD WE NSTRUP THOMAS MASSIE STATE JOEDON NEL LY INDIANA SENATOR D) CHIOSENATOR (R) AGE FIRST ELECTED 72 оно 2ю (R KENTUCKY 4TH (RO 58 2010 64 56 1984 43 59 202 NET WORTH $11,972,033 1990 2012 2012 $8,599,121 $2,303,125 $1,626,036 $902,002 $437,009 Y MICHAEL BRANDON MYERS 0000E 000Ds 00002 POLITCAN

Cash and Carry

shared by gdobush on Feb 27
I analyzed congressional financial disclosure statements to create this infographic in Cincinnati Magazine's November 2014 issue. I crunched the numbers on the 13 members of Congress from the Cincinn...


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