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Can Social Media Predict Election Outcomes?

SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE POPULAR VOTE WHAT THE DATA SUGGESTS ABOUT VOTING OUTCOMES AND SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT Social media has changed the way we communicate, work and learn. Will it change the way we vote? 82% 98% 45% 57% 88% of U.S. adults use social media of U.S. adults 18-24 use social media at least once a month of U.S. adults own smartphones of eligible voters participated in the 2008 presidential election of social media users are registered voters people used Google's Polling Place gadget in 2010 people checked into 2010 voting 123,489E 12.7 MILLIONE locations on Foursquare LET RESIDENTS REGISTER Washington, most-active state on Facebook and second-most-active state on Twitter TO VOTE VIA FACEBOOK Nevada (third-most-active state on Twitter) Washington had the third-highest voter turnout in 2010. 2018 Twitter data begins to foreshadow electoral outcomes. Here is how three gubernatorial races played out: V = approx 200,000 votes y approx 5,000 Twitter followers * CALIFORNIA * WINNER JERRY BROWN VS. MEG WHITMAN @JerryBrownGov @MegWhitman ww w 5.428.458 VOTES 4.127,371 VOTES 1IM TWITTER FOLLOWERS 242.331 TWITTER FOLLOWERS * OHIO * WINNER TED STRICKLAND VS. JOHN KASICH @Ted_Strickland @JohnKasich wwwwww. 1.812.847 VOTES wwww 1.889.180 VOTES 4.620 TWITTER FOLLOWERS 13,438 TWITTER FOLLOWERS * TEXAS * WINNER BILL WHITE VS. RICK PERRY @billwhitefortx @GovernorPerry 2ЛВ2.606 VOTES wwww 2.733.784 VOTES 5.015 TWITTER FOLLOWERS 31.412 TWITTER FOLLOWERS 201 Mayoral and gubernatorial candidates with more Facebook fans handily defeated their opponents. V = approx 200,000 votes = approx 5,000 Facebook fans CHICAGO MAYORAL ELECTION * DEMOCRAT VS. DEMOCRAT VS. WINNER RAHM EMANUEL GERY CHICO v 323,546 VOTES v 140,362 VOTES 59,810 FACEBOOK FANS 4.918 FACEBOOK FANS * LOUISIANA GUBERNATORIAL ELECTION * VS. WINNER TARA HOLLIS BOBBY JINDAL v 182,925 VOTES wv 673,239 VOTES DIDN'T CREATE A FACEBOOK PAGE . WHOOPS! 158,173 FACEBOOK FANS 2012 Is social media poised to play a major role this year? How a few key Senate races stack up: = approx 5,000 Twitter followers * CALIFORNIA * DIANNE FEINSTEIN VS. ELIZABETH EMKEN 6.465 TWITTER FOLLOWERS 9,924 TWITTER FOLLOWERS * FLORIDA * BILL NELSON VS. CONNIE MACK YYyyy! YYYyy! 25.417 TWITTER FOLLOWERS 25,853 TWITTER FOLLOWERS NEW YORK * KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND VS. WENDY LONG 47,588 TWITTER FOLLOWERS 1,691 TWITTER FOLLOWERS *TEXAS * VS. PAUL SADLER TED CRUZ Yyyyy! 1,286 TWITTER FOLLOWERS 32.618 TWITTER FOLLOWERS BARACK OBAMA MITT ROMNEY @BarackObama @MittRomney Joined Twitter 3/5/07 Joined Twitter 6/23/09 21.1 million followers 1.5 million followers 9,127 average new followers per day 945 average new followers per day tttttti 30.9 million Facebook fans 9.8 million Facebook fans Klout score: 99 Klout score: 91 249.9 million YouTube views 26.9 million YouTube views SOURCES _vote_via_facebook_in_washington_you_can.html Social media statistics current as of Oct 18, 2012. STATETECH TM

Can Social Media Predict Election Outcomes?

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As citizens have embraced social media en masse, so too have political candidates, news outlets and local governments. In Washington State and Nevada, residents can even register to vote on Facebook. ...


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