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Breaking North Korea's Information Barriers

BREAKING NORTH KOREA'S INFORMATION BARRIERS North Korea's media environment is the worst in the world. The regime controls information as a way to maintain power. V V. INFORMATION BARRIERS REGISTERED TVs and radios Foreign media is illegal and signals are jammed All media is state-controlled must be registered TVs and radios only receive DVDS and CDs must be government-approved channels government-approved DESPITE THE RISK OF IMPRISONMENT OR EXECUTION, NORTH KOREANS ARE BREAKING THESE BARRIERS. HERE'S HOW... Informal markets and outside forces are making a difference by broadening access to information. DVDS A survey of North Korean travelers and refugees found that: 0--0--0- 39% identified DVDS as an important source of information DVDS are the most popular form of outside media as they share foreign culture through entertainment like movies and soap operas. 46% had access to a DVD player AM 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800 3000 RADIO Foreign radio is the only nationwide source of reliable, external news. It's broadcast by North Korean defector organizations, international NGOS, and foreign governments. 88 90 92 94 96 Risking personal safety. North Koreans find ways around government barriers. Modify radios to receive banned frequencies Buy Chinese radios capable of receiving foreign signals Make their own radios out of wood and spare electronics A survey of North Korean travelers and refugees found that: listened to foreign 60% of them shared news with AND 27% either family or friends radio in North Korea CELL PHONES Despite high costs, cell phone subscribers are growing in North Korea. LEGAL PHONES REGISTERED Registered with the Block International calling Increase domestic government and Internet access inter-personal communication ILLEGAL PHONES Allow international Help defectors contact family. arrange border crossings, Coordinate calling through Chinese service providers cross-border trade transfer remittances, and exchange information BALLOON DROPS South Korea-based defectors use large helium balloons as delivery mechanisms. Balloons carry DVDS, USBS, transistor radios, and informational leaflets over the border Automatic timers break open a balloon's content, dropping it over North Korea BREAKING INFORMATION BARRIERS IS IMPORTANT Weakens the regime's information monopoly Creates positive attitudes about foreign countries Supports North Koreans' right to freedom of information NEWS NEWS Inspires North Koreans to share Strengthens North Korea's Empowers defectors to help family in North Korea taboo information informal markets NORTH KOREA IS ONE OF THE LEAST FREE PLACES ON EARTH. SHARE THIS MESSAGE AND JOIN US IN STANDING FOR NORTH KOREAN FREEDOM. #ExposeNK National Endowment THE BUSH INSTITUTE NED for Democracy AT THE GEORGE W. BUSH Supporting freedom around the world PRESIDENTIAL CENTER SOURCES National Endowment for Democracy, Radio Free Chosun, Open North Korea Radio, A Quiet Opening, Nat Kretchun and Jane Kim, InterMedia (2012) Cell Phones in North Korea: Has North Korea Entered the Telecommunications Revolution?, Yonho Kim, U.S. Korea Institute at SAIS and VOA (2014) Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (2014)

Breaking North Korea's Information Barriers

shared by visually on Jul 16
North Korea’s media environment is the worst in the world. The regime controls information as a way to maintain power.


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