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Breaking Even on TARP

BREAKING EVEN ON TARP The latest cost calculations show the much-maligned Troubled Asset Relief Program is breaking even and may ultimately turn a profit. $700b $0 LINE OF CREDIT COST TO TAXPAYERS (AS OF 4/20/12) Though $700b was originally set I aside for TARP, to-date only about $415b has actually been loaned. 81% ($338b) of that $415b debt has been paid back, and the value of collateral asset holdings – like GM and AIG stock - have grown to The remaining $285b was either never obligated or never disbursed.* $77b, making TARP's current cost to taxpayers $0. $415b $415b ERRVE NOTY GERVA NOT 369 C OF 369C DE MONEY LOANED CASH PAID BACK + ASSETS HELD III BANKS AUTOS FB] FB PRIVATE 2003 D. HOUSING CREDIT MARKETS UN ONE HON U.S. Treasury Department Monthly 105(a) Report, March 2012. *NOTE: The only additional money authorized is for Housing, with varying estimates of how much more may be spent (OMB $42b; CBO $12b). We do not project or speculate on that amount-or on the future value of assets like stocks-counting only money disbursed to-date. Free for re-use with attribution/link. © 2012 Third Way. Visit Infographic by Bill Rapp. ) third way fresh thinking

Breaking Even on TARP

shared by billrapp on May 08
TARP (aka the "$700b taxpayer-funded-wall-street-bailout) is the most reviled government program in recent memory. The public backlash gave birth to both the Tea Party and Occupy movements, and politi...


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