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Behind SOPA: What It Means for Business and Innovation

Behind SOPA: What It Means for Business and Innovation The Internet is a decentralized network without specific poli- cies for access and usage, where users publish and share all kinds of content. But the way we use it is about to change radically if the government approves SOPA. Learn more: ..... WHAT'S SOPA? X • SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, is a bill that has been introduced to the United States House of Representatives. It gives the U.S. government and copyright holders the authority to seek court orders against websites that traffic in infringing, pirated, and counterfeit intellectual property. Stop Online Piracy Act TIMELINE X Although SOPA is rather new, it builds on previous legislation. Learn more about its background and agenda: PRO-IP Act of 2008 was approved to increase civil and criminal penalties for trademark, patent and copyright infringement. Oct. 13, 2008, The PROTECT IP Act was pro- posed to curb access to "rogue websites dedicated to infringing or counterfeit goods." May 12, 2011 SOPA was introduced by Repre- sentative Lamar Smith and a biparti- san group of 12 initial co-sponsors. Oct. 26, 2011 The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing to examine issues related to SOPA. Nov. 16, 2011 SOPA will go to the House for debate, Lawmakers will then debate changes over the bill. Dec. 15, 2011 HOW IT WILL TAKE EFFECT X There are lots of concerns regarding the real applicability of this bill. But, in theory, here's how it will work: After the intellectual property infringement is detected, the copyright holder can seek a court order even if the accused site is foreign. Based on copyright violations, the Department of Justice (DOJ) would decide if a site infringes on or enables infringement of intellectual property. If so, the DOJ would have to notify the site owner that it is seeking a court order. Any service provider, payment network provider, Internet advertising service, advertiser, Internet search engine, domain name registry, or domain name registrar that voluntarily takes action against infring- ing websites gain legal immunity. Copyright holders could also seek court orders, which could target U.S. and foreign websites and services that enable copyright. Actions Depending on the infringement, the following actions can be taken against the website: .com It can order domain name registrars to take down the It could also order payment proces- sors and online advertising networks to stop doing business with the infringing site. websites and Internet service providers to block subscriber access. It could bar search engines from linking it. If the owner is found guilty, the maximun penalty would be 5 years in prison for a first offense of streaming 10 pieces of music or movies within 6 months. CONCERNS X It can cause serious complications One of the biggest concerns is the possibil- ity of censorship. Some fear that in order to protect intellectual property, the U.S. gov- ernment will create its own version of the Big problems: instead of solutions: "Great Firewall of China." • It will be very invasive: CENSORED To prevent access to specific sites, the ISPS must inspect all the Internet traffic of its •It won't be effective: entire user base. Determined users can reach the site even if it is removed from the DNS system. Web filtering technology is advancing; how- ever, it cannot reliably detect copyright infringement. 2$ It'll negatively impact venture capital: Entrepreneurs would invest less, if they invest at all. In fact, one study that interviewed 200 venture capitalists and angel investors revealed that nearly all would stop funding digital media intermediaries if SOPA became law. Jobs may move overseas: Entrepreneurs may be afraid that they will spend more on lawyers and litigation than they will on hiring and innovation. Many cloud computing and Web hosting services may move out of the U.S. to avoid lawsuits. MAJOR PLAYERS X SOPA supporters Who will win this fight? SOPA opposers SOPA's author Texas Con- gressman Lamar Smith as Giant Internet companies such as Google, Yahoo, well as dozens of other state and local officials and Facebook and Twitter. labor groups. Human rights organizations such as ACLU, Reporters Without Borders Hundreds of trademark- dependent com- panies such as Nike, L'Oréal, SOPA TM and Human Sony, Nintendo and Pfizer. Rights Watch. Companies that rely heavily on copyright, such such as Nancy Pelosi, Ron Paul and several other mem- bers of Congress signed a letter warning of the bill's consequences. the Motion Picture Associa- п tion of America and the Recording Industry Associa- tion of America. ebY Lamar Smith John McCain Al Franken National Fraternal Nancy Pelosi Minority Leader Ron Paul Darrell Issa eBay R-TX R-AZ D-MN Order of Police R-TX R-CA DELL McAfee Microsoft SONY Google YAHO! Dell McAfee Microsoft Sony Facebook Twitter Google Yahoo х SOCIAL MEDIA REACTIONS Social media sites are concerned that they will be punished for hosting unauthorized content that their users have posted. What they have done in response: Social media sites including AOL, eBay, Google, Facebook, Twitter and others wrote a formal complaint to lawmakers. In it they Mozilla, Reddit, Tumblr and other Internet companies participated in the "American Censorship Day" against SOPA. NOV. 15 NOV. 16 voiced concerns about: STOP cC Sites that Displayed black banners People voiced opposition on 1 million people participated include Boing Technology mandates that SOPA hurting require moni- toring websites over their site emailed Con- innovation and job creation message logos with the Boing, Creative boards, Twitter and online forums gress; 87,000 called their Private rights of action Uncertain words "STOP Commons and liabilities CENSORSHIP" many more congressperson WHAT CAN YOU DO? Sign up at the American Censorship site to send a note to Congress and get updates Sign the "Stop the E-PARASITE Act" website petition the WHITE HOUSE to Visit the Tumblr page and call your congressperson Sign the Avaaz petition AVAAZ Follow the Electronic Frontier Foundation Sign up to have Senator Ron Wyden read your name on the Senate floor when he filibusters SOPA (EFF) on Twitter!/eff Sources: Information provided by: BusinessinsuranceQuotes || | | ......... %24

Behind SOPA: What It Means for Business and Innovation

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The internet is a decentralized network without specific policies for access and usage, where users publish and share all kinds of content. But the way we use it is about to change radically if the go...


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