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КПОШ the TRUTH IF THE VOTE WAS HELD TODAY: NC 38% 58% against for Would you vote for or against a constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State?* unsure *PUBLIC POLICY POLLING March 29, 2012 But consider this... If passed, what do you think Amendment 1 will do?* LEGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE BAN BOTH GAY MARRIAGE & CIVIL UNIONS 31% 28% 34% 7% BAN JUST NOT SURE GAY MARRIAGE 69 of NC voters are MISINFORMED! (that's 4 million people!) 26% So how would North Carolinians Which of the following best describes Gay couples your opinion on gay marriage:* 45% vote if they were informed? should be allowed to legally marry There should be no legal recognition of a gay couple's 25% relationship Gay couples should be allowed to form civil unions but not marry 07 Not sure 51% WANT LEGAL RECOGNITION FOR SAME-SEX COUPLES! THAT'S ENOUGH TO WIN ON MAY 8TH! So the key to winning is to educate the public on the true effects of the Amendment ! This is where you come in! Marriage, by law, is already defined as a union between one man and one woman in NC. So what this Amendment really does is prevent any legal recognition short of marriage for all couples, both gay and straight. Even though the majority in NC want some legal recognition for gay couples, this Amendment prevents any such recognition. But regardless of your feelings on gay marriage and civil unions, know that protections for all unmarried couples are at stake! the FACTS 55% of households in NC are shared by unmarried couples. That's 445,664 people who stand to lose protections cur- rently available to them (and any future protections that other- wise may have been afforded to them). THOSE PROTECTIONS INCLUDE: DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIPS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTIONS But perhaps the most daunting protection we stand to lose on May 8th is domestic violence protections for unmarried couples. 34,000 domestic violence protection orders were requested in NC from mid-2010 to mid-2011. Those protections will be at risk, forcing our courts to face challenges & sentencings for any defendant who abused their unmarried partner. Domestic partnerships currently offered in many cities and counties to both gay and straight couples will be nullified. CHILDREN HOSPITAL CARE arrests, prosecutions, Custody and visitation Partners may lose their right to make laws could be at risk for all end-of-life decisions and serious unmarried couples as courts could be compelled to remove rights dependent on their interpretation of the medical determinations for their THE COST loved ones. Unmarried people may lose hospital visitation privileges as NC could not, by law, offer any protections outside of marriage. The pricetag for NC to defend this Amendment in the court system will be staggering. Similar Amendments in other states have led to years of legal battles, and those Amendments were considerably less restrictive than the one we now face. Amendment. BE4 the DIFFERENCE VOTE AGAINST THE W W W.VOTEAGAINST.ORG PROJECT

Be the Difference

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The most common misunderstanding about the May 8th Amendment is that it allows or disallows gay marriage. You can be against gay marriage AND against this amendment, they are not mutually exclusive concepts.


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