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The basics of voter targeting

The basics of VOTER targeting Your Aggregated Data Relatively new ground Public info & information you volunteer to campoign convas (door to door polls) information, voter reg, real estate records, DMV records, name, address, email, etc Commercial information credit card transacions Voluntary online data Information on social media sites like Focebook and Twitter. online and offline - this indude magazine and newspaper subscriptions, donations, where you shop, Online Behavioral Data: Cookie Collection all online activity, visited websites, likes on Focebook, email accounts, etc. etc. political data firms like CampaignGrid (R) or DSPolitical (D) who take the information, layer it, split it and categorize it. Your Data Your Category Voter File 18 yaar eld's who walch their shows on Hulu.con voter registration dala in a given area Women whe wakh Oprah Men over 50 who own Cadillacs Not interesled in poltics but hes a lot ef friends whe are THE RESULT Hyper targeted advertisement |what ads you see, where they show up and when you see them. thy Amy, Lal's talk sbout yar studuat Dear John, Jeons what yeu should know Deena, Pray lo and obortion. As you tum 50, here's about your health care. Dy Dene lulost

The basics of voter targeting

shared by danaballout on May 30
In simple terms, it is layering online and offline pieces of information on voters, merging that information with voter files, organizing the data into different population sets and tailoring campaign...


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