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The Asian American and Pacific Islander Vote

The ASIAN AMERICAN MAIN SOURCE of NEWS ABOUT POLITICS and COMMUNITY ISSUES Access more data from this report : ASIAN AMERICAN FIRST-TIME VOTERS inthe NOVEMBER 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS M The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) is a national organization that protects and promotes the civil rights of Asian Americans. Visit AALDEF online: 16% NEWSPAPER ROMNEY 16% SOURCE * * The Asian American Vote A Report on the Multilingual Exit Poll from the 2012 Presidential Election, A Special Presentation of the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund PARTY ENROLLMENT TELEVISION 46% OBAMA 82% DEMOCRATS 57% 27% NOT ENROLLED REPUBLICANS 14% 2% OTHER PARTY <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>> >>>> 77 96% of BANGLADESHI AMERICANS 21 54% of VIETNAMESE AMERICANS 92% of ASIAN AMERICANS in the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA 81% of ASIAN AMERICANS in LOUISIANA 86% of ASIAN AMERICANS % OBAMA 18 to 29 YEARS OLD 27% of ASIAN AMERICANS % ROMNEY 60 to 69 YEARS OLD <<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>> IMPORTANT LANGUAGE CHARACTERISTICS 70 VOTING PROBLEMS FACTORS INFLUENCING 60 the VOTE for PRESIDENT 249 were required to prove their U.S. citizenship 52 of Asian American 37% voters polled were 307 complained that their names were missing or had errors in the list of 40 40 voters at poll sites LIMITED ENGLISH PROFICIENT (LEP) defined as speaking English "less than very well" Voted for Romney 215 had to vote by provisional ballot 31 31 Voted for Obama 26 165 voters complained that poll workers did not know what to do 20 136 voters complained that poll workers were rude or hostile 17 of Asian American 17 18% 14 11 11 voters polled 11 183 voters complained that no interpreters or translations were available when they needed the help IDENTIFIED ENGLISH AS THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE 105 were directed to the wrong poll site or voting machine/table within a site Education a Health Care Korean Americans identifying 67% Other Factor The multilingual exit poll surveyed 9,096 Asian Americans in 14 states, revealing voting preferences, party affiliation, key issues of concern, and need for language Women's Issues ASIAN REAL ESTATE themselves as LEP voters: Terrorism/Security SPRING 2013 assistance. Civil Rights/Immigrant Rights Data Visualization Design by Praveen Sharma 2% OTHER 4% OTHER 5% RADIO 29% INTERNET GRAPHIC: Praveen Sharma Economy/Jobs

The Asian American and Pacific Islander Vote

shared by prveen on Nov 13
Analysis of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) vote in the November 2012 presidential elections


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