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The Art of War

ART OF WAR MANEUVER WARFARE ATTRITION WARFARE GOAL GOAL Incapacitate decision-making by shock & disruption Achieve victory through killing of capturing enemy CHARACTERISTICS Isolation & exploitation of enemy weaknesses through movement. CHARACTERISTICS All out matching of enemy, where enemy is strongest you send most strength. THE ART OF MOVEMENT IN WAR 490 B.C. BATTLE OF MARATHON GREEKS PERSIANS COMMANDERS: MILITIADES/CALLIMACHUS/ARIMNESTUS DATIS/ARTAPHERNES 8-10,000 INFANTRY 9,000 Hoplites COMMANDERS: 20-60,000 INFANTRY 1,000 Plataeans Moved in Phalanxes (linked shields for cover) "DOUBLE ENVELOPMENT" Militiades reinforced wings, weakening center. The Persians, surprised at the outnumbered Greeks, charged. Greek center enacted a well-ordered retreat. Persians are beset from both sides with majority of Greek force. 000 Persians retreat, with Greeks slaying many & capturing 7 ships. CASUALTIES: 203 GREEK 6,400 PERSIANS 204 B.C. BATTLE OF ZAMA ROMANS CARTH AGE COMMANDER: COMMANDER: SCIPIO AFRICANUS HANNIBAL 34,000 INFANTRY 50,000 INFANTRY COCO 6,000 NUMIDIAN CAVALRY Light armor in loose formations for harassing the enemy then escaping Counterattacks 3,000 CAVALRY 4,000 CAVALRY 80 ELEPHANTS erterten 0000 COCO Carthage charges elephants. Lightly armored Roman troops move, opening channels for the elephants to go through. 0000 COCO Roman & Numidian cavalry flank, driving the mercenaries from the field. Rome & Carthage advance centers. Rome fights through recruits, but is stalled by veterans. Rome's cavalry return from behind, breaking lines from both sides & driving the enemy from the field. 1459 BATTLE OF BLORE HEATH War of the Roses YORKISTS L ANCASTRIANS COMMANDERS: BARON AUDLEY/ BARON DUDLEY MEN: COMMANDER: EARL OF SALISBURY MEN: 3,000 - 5,000 8,000 - 14,000 Yorkists set up defensively with one flank against the woods, another against encircled wagon train. Yorkists feign defeat at their center, baiting a charge by Lancastrian cavalry. They resume places & slaughter them from the superior position uphill. ***.. ***. Lancastrians push with more men & sUccessfully cross the stream, where Baron Audley is killed. Lancastrians reform 4,000 more troops & cross again. 500 Lancastrians desert to the Yorkists. CASUALTIES: LANCASTRIANS 2,000 YORKISTS 1,000 2004 OPERATION PHANTOM FURY INSURG ENTS COALITION COMMANDERS: COMMANDERS: U.S. NATONSKI/MATTIS U.K. COWAN AL-JANABI/HADID MEN: 4,000 MEN: 10,500 U.S./2,000 IRAQ/850 U.K. FALLUJAH Coalition enabled civilian evacuation (70-90% left). Coalition bombed the city for several weeks. FALLUJAH Coalition advanced with snipers behind, tanks in front, & men dlearing buildings. Insurgents had tunnels leading out of city & were able to move fluidly, reinforcing weak positions. Coalition bisected city by controlling east to west highway. FALLUJAH Isolated threats on a block by block basis, surround & cleared as necessary. CASUALTIES: U.S. 38 / IRAQI 6 INSURGENTS 1,200; 1,500 CAPTURED ONLINEMILITARYEDUCATION.ORG

The Art of War

shared by merrillcook1 on Mar 03
From the battle of Marathon to Fallujah, here are some of the best examples of the art of war, in infographic form.


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