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Arms control activities in the Western Balkans

SEESACO SEESAC'S ARMS CONTROI. ALTIVITIES IN THE WESTERN BALKANS SUPPORTED 3Y THE EUROPEAN UNION 2010-2012 UN DP RegionalCooperationCouncil Empowered es Resilient nation SALW COLLECTION AND CROATIA STORAGE UPGRADES CROATIA CENTRAL POLICE WEAPONS 1MJRAT The upgrade of AND AMMUNITION STORAGE IN 2010: Slavonski Brod, Ogulin, Rovinj, Makarska, Delnice, Koprivnica, Križevci, Pula, Kutina, Zagreb, Osijek, Karlovačka County, Pazin AWARENESS RAISING Murat took place in 2011. The upgrade of the Mol and MoD SALW and ammunition storages directly contributes to the security of the stockpiles stored in them. This in turn diminishes the risk of SALW trafficking and proliferation in the country, the Western Balkans region and beyond. UPGRADES INCLUDED: Establishmenț of a center for technical supervision SURVEILLANCE CENTER Awareness raising campaigns inform citizens about the inherent dangers posed by weapons. During collection campaigns, amnesty is declared, at which time citizens can turn in weapons in their possession, held legally or illegally, without suffering the legal repercussions. IN 2011: Virovitica, Varaždin, Daruvar, Zadar, Krapina, Gospić, Zagreb, Požeska County, Medjumurska County, Vukovarsko-Sremska, Split Installation and integration of 30 surveillance cameras SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS TOTAI. C'OLLELTED 589 A 13OSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA O Introduction of an aontrolinntrol sying. AUTOMATIC DOORS - AS OPPOSED TO PREVIOUS RAMP a pieces of illicit automatic weapons door at the entrance to the complex 4 410 SECURITY DOORS INSTALLED THIS RESULTS IN: 16,368 1,164 818,153 620 kg pieces of illicit fragmentation weapons IN THE BUILDINGS AT 4 LOCATIONS Installation of special alarms. ALARM SYSTEMS DECREASED NUMBER OF ILLEGAL WEAPONS HELD BY CITIZENS DECREASED POTENTIAL FOR ILLEGAL TRAFFICKING OF WEAPONS DECREASED pieces of legal weapons NUMBER OF POTENTIAL ACCIDENTS OR CRIMES COMMITTED WITH A WEAPON MONTENEGRO STORAGE 1.OCATIONS ARE: pieces of ammunition UPGRADE OF AN AMMUNITION STORAGE TARAŠ SITE OF THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE of explosive THE UPGRADES CONSISTED OF: Video surveillance system installed SALW DESTRULTION RABIĆ, NEAR DERVENTA KULA, NEAR MRKONJIĆ GRAD KRUPA, NEAR PAZARIĆ Power substation diesel generatior and the backup generator installed TEUFIK BUZA, NEAR VISOKỞ By destroying surplus and confiscated weapons, the risk of those weapons being stolen and sold illegally within or outside of the country is diminished. Since storing of weapons is expensive, the destruction of these weapons benefits the state, as it decreases the burden on the budget. 20 60 148 19I Securing fence around the storage facility installed SERBIA NAN-fNPNM r-ANr This activity was conducted from 2010 through 2012 and was successfully completed on 12 December 2012. This activity was conducted from 2010 through 2011 and was successfully completed on 20 May 2011. 45,285 ー イ ~ - ~ イ / - イ / - イ / - イ 7 / - イ 7 / - イ イ 7 / ー イ ライ プアラ アーイ イアイ PF N SALW WERE DESTROYED AT THE RECYCLING CENTER ŽELEZNIK うょつ う つ つ つ つイ う う ブ ア SALW destroyed SALW STOCIKPILE MANAGEMENT INCREASING THEIR CAPACITY TO KEEP BETTER TRACK OF THE WEAPONS - MAKING THEM LESS LIKELY TO BE STOLEN 17,000 in 2012 28,285 in 201o TRAINING THEM TO MANAGE AMMUNITION Stockpile management trainings help build the capacity of personnel who are directly in charge of small arms, light weapons and ammunition stockpiles by: PROPERLY AND THAT WAY DECREASE THE CROATIA CHANCE OF AN ACCIDENT OCCURRING, WHICH COULD LEAD TO DEATH OR INJURY OF MILITARY AND CIVILIANS AS WELL AS ECONOMIC AND ECOLOGICAL DAMAGE. SALW destroyed PA PA SALW WERE MELTED AT THE SISAK AND VARAŽDIN MELTING PLANTS 16,329 in 2012 16,762 in 2011 TRAINING 5 SESSIONS HELD 500000 DAYS EACH DESTRUCTIONS IN BOTH SERBIA AND CROATIA WERE CO-ORGANIZED WITH THE MINISTRIES OF NINTERIOR. ATTENDED BY THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE MINISTRIES OF DEFENSE AND MINISTRIES OF INTERIOR FROM BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, CROATIA, FYR MACEDONIA, MONTENEGRO, SERBIA SALW MARKING, TRACING AND RECORD KEEPING By assisting the creation of a complete database of existing weapons, we support the authorities in their effort to improve their ability to use ballistics and trace weapons more effectively. This directly contributes to better crime control, and diminished accumulation and trafficking of SALW. SEMINAR ON MARKING AND TRACING MONTENEGRO The seminar provided an update on the adherence to international instruments and adoption of national legislation on marking and tracing. Participants came from: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia t158 Electronic weapons registration system in Montenegro established. (358 As a result the Mol can: FYR MACEDONIA • Process, issue and store applications for possession and carrying of weapons using an electronic, centralized system. OFFICIALS ATTENDED THE TRAININGS Enhanced electronic weapons registration and record keeping system enables Mol to keep records, use ballistics and trace firearms more effectively. 358 PLANNING AND MANAGING OF STOCKPILE LOCATIONS INVENTORY MANAGEMENT TRAINGS WERE ON: STOCKPILE FACILITIES AND TRANSPORTATION OF SALW AND ASSOCIATED AMMUNITION. • Run a real-time check of weapons registrations AND ACCOUNTING CONTROL PROCEDURES • Keep a record of registered weapons Trainings took place in 2011.

Arms control activities in the Western Balkans

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With the support of the European Union, SEESAC implemented Arms Control Activities in the Western Balkans that combat the illicit accumulation and trafficking of small arms and light weapons (SALW) an...





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