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Are Presidents Above the Law?

PRESIDENTIAL SHYSTERS? TAKING THE LAW INTO THEIR OWN HANDS a l questionable methods. Shy-ster [shahy-ster) 25 of the 44 U.S. Presidents were lawyers or THOMAS JEFFERSON 1801 - 1809 JOHN QUINCY ADAMS 1825 - 1829 GEORGE WASHINGTON JOHN ADAMS 1797 -1801 JAMES MADISON 1809 - 1817 JAMES MONROE 1817 - 1825 ANDREW JACKSON 1789 - 1797 1829 - 1837 Self-taught lawyer Harvard then apprenticed as a lavyer College of William & Mary then apprenticed as a lawyer College of New Jersey (Princeton) Harvard then apprenticed as a lawyer then read law WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON 1841 - 1841 JOHN TYLER JAMES K. POLK ZACHARY TAYLOR MILLARD FILLMORE 1850-1853 MARTIN VAN BUREN FRANKLIN PIERCE 1837 - 1841 1841 - 1845 1845 - 1849 1849 - 1850 1853 - 1857 College of William & Mary then apprenticed as a lawyer Kinderhook Academy then apprenticed as a lawyer University of North Carolina then apprenticed as a lawyer Clerked for and studied under New York Judge Walter Wood Bowdoin College then studied law JAMES BUCHANAN 1857 - 1861 ULYSSES S. GRANT 1869 - 1877 ABRAHAM LINCOLN ANDREW JOHNSON RUTHERFORD B. HAYES JAMES A. GARFIELD CHESTER A. ARTHUR 1861 - 1865 1865 - 1869 1877 - 1881 1881 - 1881 1881 - 1885 Dickinson College then studied law Kenyon College, Harvard Law Union College then studied law Self-taught lawyer GROVER CLEVELAND 1885 - 1889 WILLIAM MCKINLEY 1897 - 1901 THEODORE ROOSEVELT 1901 - 1909 BENJAMIN HARRISON GROVER CLEVELAND WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT WOODROW WILSON 1913 - 1921 1889 - 1893 1893 - 1897 1909 - 1913 Apprenticed as a lawyer Miami University in Ohio then studied law Allegheny College, Albany Law Yale, Cincinnati Law College of New Jersey (Princeton) then UVA WARREN G. HARDING 1921 - 1923 CALVIN COOLIDGE 1923 - 1929 HERBERT HOOVER 1929 - 1933 FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT 1933- 1945 HARRY S. TRUMAN 1945 - 1953 DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER 1953 - 1961 JOHN F. KENNEDY 1961 - 1963 Harvard, Columbia Law Amherst then apprenticed as a lawyer LYNDON B. JOHNSON RICHARD NIXON GERALD FORD GEORGE H. W. BUSH JIMMY CARTER 1977 - 1981 RONALD REAGAN 1981 - 1989 BILL CLINTON 1993 - 2001 1963 - 1969 1969- 1974 1974 - 1977 1989 - 1993 Whittier College. Duke Law University of Michigan, Yale Law Georgetown University, Yale Law What did they do? GEORGE W. BUSH 2001 - 2009 BARACK OBAMA 2009 - 20-- Columbia, Harvard Law RICHARD NIXON 1969 - 1974 Nixon's Watergate scandal put a permanent stain of the office of president Not only did he order the break-in at Watergate, but his administration then tried to cover up their illegal actions Nixon refused to answer questions directly or submit evidence requested during the investigation In lieu of his inevitable impeachment, Nixon became the first and only president to resign from office GERALD FORD 1974 - 1977 Ford took the office of president following Nixon's resignation One of his first actions was to pardon Nixon completely Nixon was released from any obligation to stand trial for the Watergate scandal Going around the law made Ford very unpopular with both the right and the left BILL CLINTON 1993 - 2001 Though Clinton did a lot of good during his presidency, it is still marked by sexual scandal In court, Clinton denied having a sexual relationship with House intern, Monica Lewinsky After finally admitting to an “improper physical relationship", Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice The impeachment trial was acquitted and charges dropped after 21 days Clinton was also investigated for illegal real estate dealings in Arkansas BARACK OBAMA 2009 - present The number of ways that President Obama has broken the law is too long to list, but here are a few Sent US troops to Libya without congressional approval in violation of the War Powers Resolution The Resolution requires that the President notify Congress within 48 hours of committing troops and that troops only remain for 60 days Swapped Bergdahl for five Taliban detainees without proper congressional consent or discussion The law requires 30 days notice be given to congress Obama does whatever he wants with Obamacare He has broken the law by delaying employer mandate, delaying taxes written into the law, giving exchange subsidies to states that don't have exchanges set up ...all without congressional approval He has demanded the law, yet delayed it or changed its meaning 19 times CC BY 2.0@ The Official White House Photostream WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH? Have we had enough shysters? Sotrces: blogs 44th-president-and-24th-lawyer-president theat presented by: ONLINE-PARALEGAL-PROGRAMS.COM DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING ********* JRUDISS noun Informal who uses unprofessional

Are Presidents Above the Law?

shared by NowSourcing on Jul 29
Would you believe that 25 of the 44 U.S. Presidents have been lawyers? That doesn't make them above the law, as this infographic details so of the more popular presidential scandals.


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