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5 Ways Public Policy Has Shaped the Justice System

5 WAYS PUBLIC POLICY HAS SHAPED THE JUSTICE SYSTEM Public policy has the potential to change the world. We've seen its widespread social and economic impacts in some of the most important stories of modern times: the passage of the Civil Rights Act, the Roe vs. Wade decision, the Homeland Security Act. All of these have had profound impacts on how our justice system works. Learn how public policy continues to shape our world, day in and day out. Sex Offender Management Example: Megan's Law New Jersey, 1995 A 7-year-old was raped and murdered by a man who lived on her block and who had been convicted of child molestation 2 times already Sex offender registration Lifetime supervision Community notification Longer incarceration times Community notification legislation that began in New Jersey was signed into a national law in May 1996 Updating Incarceration Standards II,I Redefining which offenses are punishable by prison Reacting to decreases in violent crime and proper- ty crime Example: sentence Assembly Bill 109 California, 2011 Shifted many corrections responsibilities from state to local governments Reaction to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling ordering the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to reduce the state's prison occupancy by -33,000 prisoners Addressing immigrant incarceration issues Prisoner reentry and recidivism reduction programs Defining Fairness in Juvenile Justice Establishing education and rehabilitation in correctional facilities: Example: Statute for Student Records Transfer Vocational training 30% have been diag- nosed with a learning disability Academic training Nearly 1 in 2 incar- cerated juveniles function below grade level Louisiana, 2001 Prohibits school districts from withholding educational records of youth involved in the juvenile justice system Promoting collaboration between agencies: Reasons records were previously witheld: • Outstanding lunch money balances • Unreturned library books • Unpaid extracurricular activity fees Juvenile justice Child welfore Education system Smarter Drug Policies Systems to train judges and prosecutors in cases involving drugged drivers 1 in 8 nighttime drivers during the weekend are on illicit drugs Example: National Drug Control Strategy National, 2010 Defines addiction as a disease and emphasizes the need to pro- vide treatment to addicts involved in the criminal justice system Expanding the Court system 11 10 Someone is sent to drug treat- ment instead of prison every 2 in 3 juvenile offenders use drugs regularly 4 minutes Battling Hate Crime Example: >90,000 people have participated in Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act "Tools for Tolerance" training National, 2009 Expands the definition of "hate crime" to include offenses motivated by: Creating a federal reposi- tory for information about hate crimes Disseminating law enforcement training about handling hate 45 states have statutes crimes against hate crime • Gender •Sexual orientation •Disability Are you ready to change the world? Learn how you can contribute by earning a Master of Public Administration from Sources: justice/mpri.html http://www.neglected pdf http://www.neglected driving html

5 Ways Public Policy Has Shaped the Justice System

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In the infographic below, see five ways in which public policy has actually shaped the justice system.


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