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A $400 Billion Military Jet and What We Could Have Bought Instead

A $4006LAR BILLION &MILITARY JET WHATHAVE WE COULD BOUGHT CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH $400 BILLION DOLLARS REALLY IS? THIS IS THE AMOUNT OF FEDERAL TAX DOLLARS S ES) SPENT ON MANUFACTURING F-35 JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER JETS THAT ARE STILL NOT COMBAT-READY AFTER 87YEARS OF SCHEDULE DELAYS HERE'S A CLOSER LOOK AT THE WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE WEAPONS PROGRAM: RANGE TOP SPEED 1.200 MPH 50,000 FEET MAXIMUM ALTITUDE 1,350 MILES on internal fuel tanks To help you visualize the sheer magnitude of this amount of money, here's what it equates to in distance, area and time: $400 BILLION DOLLARS PLACED END-TO-END IS: The same distance covered in 162 TRIPS FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON AND The same height as 207 EIFFEL TOWERS STACKED ON OF EACH OTHER A =2 $400 BILLION DOLLARS SPREAD OUT FLAT IS THE SAME AREA AS 10 20 30 40 50 40 30 20 10 920,000 FOOTBALL FIELDS NEARLY 1900 SQ MILES THE LAND AREA OF THE STATE OF DELAWARE 1,948.54 SQ MILES 10 20 30 40 50 40 30 20 10 $400 BILLION DOLLARS IN TIME IF YOU COUNT 3 BILLS COUNTING PER O NON SECOND. STOP FROM BIRTH IT WOULD TAKE To 50 85 A PERSON THE AGE OF LIFE TIMES IF A PERSON'S SALARY WERE $40,000 PER YEAR IT WOULD TAKE 10 I0MILLION YEARS ta EARN THIS AMOUNT OF MONEY PAY TO THE 400,000,000,000 ORDER OF four hundred billion DOLLARS Jolu Doe FOR And here's what this amount of money could have achieved domestically: $2.4 BILLION Cover America's share of the funding for all 16 UN peacekeeping missions around the world. $2.9 BILLION Fund one year of heart, lung and blood disease research(heart disease is the leading cause of death in the country). $4.78 BILLION Fund one year of cancer research at NIH's National Cancer Institute (cancer is the second leading cause of death in the country). $16.3 BILLION Feed 31 million students through the National School Lunch Program. $20 BILLION Annual cost of repairing more than 63,000 bridges in urgent need of repair. $56 BILLION Pay off student loans for all college graduates from the class of 2015. $62.6 BILLION Make public college tuition-free. $183 BILLION Provide health care coverage for all uninsured families (based on average family size of 3 and health care coverage costs for families of $17,000). > IF YOU Think ADD it all up i that's a lot? : F-35 | it still doesn't amount to THE HEFTY PRICE TAG ofour PROGRAM $348 BILLION $400-$348 = $52 BILLION LEFT OVER Which do you think is more important? Spending on technology that will dismantle or spending on education, health care, infrastructure and disease research that will build up communities? Designed with VIsme Hindsite interactive Created by SOURCES -to-make-public-college-tuition-free/282803/

A $400 Billion Military Jet and What We Could Have Bought Instead

shared by jared2 on Jan 21
A creative visualization of the vast amount of taxpayer money spent on the failed F-35 military jet program (using area, distance and time comparisons) and a list of all the domestic investments we co...


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