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40 Years of the War on Drugs

1600 1800 %23 1869 The Prohibition party is formed. 1600S 1805 1886 1860'S Opiates like morphine are used as pain killers for injured soldiers on the battlefield during 1878 San Francisco passes the Opium Exclusion act. This was the first law control- 1898 The German drug 1844 1845 Colonial laws allowed Morphine discovered. Coca-Cola and encouraged hemp farming because of its use in ropes and sails on ships. Cocaine synthesized. A law prohibiting liqour sales is enacted in New invented as a company Bayer sells heroin as an over the medicine from the coca leaf, the ling use and distribution of substance in America. York State but counter cough sup- source of cocaine, and the African repealed in 1847. the Civil War. pressant. 40 YEARS OF THE kola nut, a source of caffeine. WAR ON DRUGS ASHLEY LANE| ASSOCIATE EDITOR 1919 The 18th Amendment banned manufacture, sale and transpira- tion of alcohol . 1906 The Pure Food 1933 18th Amendment repealed. 1914 1937 Marijuana Tax act is passed. It applies control and Drug Act was passed which formed the Food The Harrison Tax act is passed, outlawing opi- ates and cocaine. Also Forty years after President Nixon coined the term "War on Drugs", citizens and politician agree little progress has been made toward ending the war. The Global Commision on Drug Policy admitted in June the "global war has failed" The majority of substance control laws were made prior to or at the beginning of this war and the legislation passed recently has had little effect on a resolution to this problem. Many states are reforming their drug laws, specifcally regarding marijuana, with 16 states having medical marijuana laws. 1924 and Drug Admini- starion and gave it 1942 requires prescriptions for products exceeding the allowable limit of Manufacture of over mari- Opium Poppy Control Act prohibits growing of opium poppy without a liscense. heroin is made power to regulate and required label- ing on food and drugs. juana similar to those over illegal by the Heroin Act. narcotics and mandates narcotics. SOURCES: NPR.ORG, FDA.GOV, NIDA.NIH.GOV increased record keep- ing for pharmacists. 1900 1956 Intending to impose AMOUNT OF MONEY SPENT BY THE U.S. ON THE 'WAR ON DRUGS' 1973 1970 The Comprehensive Drug Abuse and Con- trol Act replaces and overrides all previ- ous laws concerning drugs and narcotics with an emphasis on 1966 law enforcement. This The Narcotic 1990 1984 1965 The Drug Enforce- ment Administration is formed from the grams for offenders remodeled Bureau of and organizes treat- Narcotics and Dan- Anabolic Steroid Act of Drug Offenders Act set up special pro- Drug Abuse Control Amendments place striker control over am- even more severe SOURCE: HTTP://STOPTHEDRUGWAR.ORG/ 1990 is passed identify- ing steroids as a class of drugs and specifying two dozen other controlled Proposed budget by the Obama Administration penalties for narcotics violations, the Narcot- $15,600,000,000 2011 phetamines, barbitu- ics Control Act. rates, LSD and others. for fiscal year 1971 ment. substances. gerous Drugs. The term "War on Drugs" was first used by president Nixon in 1971. That year the first drug-fighting budget was also introduced at Alcohol, Drug Abuse, 1986 Analogue Act (Designer Drug) makes use of substances with similar and Mental Health also categorized drugs Addict Rehabili- based on abuse and tation Act allows Administration is 15.3 15 $100,000,000 formed consolidating 13.8 13.3 addiction potential treatment as an compared to their alternative to jail. therapeutic value. 1951 Durham-Humphrey 12.8 13.1 NIMH, NIDA and NIAAA under one effects and structure 12 Amendment defines to existing illicit drug illegal. 10.5 10.7 11.2 organization. the kinds of drugs that cannot be safely 9.8 9.2 – Methadone control act 2000 regulates methadone licensing. used without medi- 7,5 7.6 cal supervision and restricts their sale 6.3 to prescription by a licensed practitioner. 2011 The DEA places an emergency ban on Bath Salts. 2009 2005 FDA Center Drug Saftey Board is announced. for Tobacco Products established 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 % OF POPULATION THAT HAS USED SUBSTANCE IN LIFETIME 51% 47.1% In 2009 the Federal Government spent $2,094,510,00 41.9 % had used illicit drugs in their lifetime marijuana 14.7 % cocaine 3.6 % to house drug related prisoners at a cost of of Federal Inmates are a direct result of a drug conviction crack $22,000 14.8 % 8.5% hallucinogen inhalant 20.4 % nonmedical perscription 68.7 % tobacco 82.5% per prisoner alcohol SOURCE: DRUGWARFACTS.COM ACCORDING TO 2010 SURVEY BY THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DRUG ABUSE

40 Years of the War on Drugs

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Graphic depicting different aspects of the last 40 (now 41) Years of the War on Drugs including a timeline w/ important events in the 'war on drugs' as well as graphs depicting the amount of money spe...


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