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21 Insights: Black Approval For President Obama

INSIGHTS INTO BLACK 2T APPROVAL FOR OBAMA LOOP 21 The power of being different PRESIDENTIAL SATISFACTION RACE STILL MATTERS How much racial bias do you experience in daily life? How much racial bias do other African Americans Grade President Obama's job performance on the economy: experience in daily life? 65% 92% 86% APPROVE SOME 31% 7% DISAPPROVE 14% 4% VERY LITTLE 1% SOME VERY LITTLE NONE AT ALL NONE AT ALL RACIAL VS. NATIONAL IDENTITY ECONOMIC DISSATISFACTION Which Group has the most in common? Describe the state of the Nation's Economy: Describe the state of your own personal finances: 86% EXCELLENT GROUP IS NO LONGER A 27% 39% SINGLE GROUP GROUP STILL GOOD 55% SHARES 70% 34% 2$ COMMON EXPERIENCES 13% 63% DON'T KNOW 6% 3% NOT SO GOOD 1% ALL AMERICANS AFRICAN AMERICANS EXCELLENT GOOD NOT SO GOOD DISAPPROVAL BUT NO ALTERNATIVE If you disapprove, who can better handle the economy than President Obama? Impact of current economic crisis on black Americans? Threat to your job security: CURRENT RECESSION 1% A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT 6% ANOTHER DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT OUTSOURCING JOBS 20% A DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS 82% 14% JOB DISCRIMINATION 9% A PRESIDENT WHO IS NEITHER DEMOCRATIC NOR REPUBLICAN IMMIGRANT COMPETITION FOR JOBS 44% NONE OF THE ABOVE MORE THAN WHITE ABOUT THE SAME LESS THAN VERY CONCERNED WHITE SOMEWHAT CONCERNED I 17% UNSURE AMERICANS AMERICANS NOT CONCERNEDI BLAME GAME. NOT OBAMA PROTECTS BLACK INTERESTS FIRST BLACK SYNDROME Who is to blame for the US economic crisis? How often does race play a role in the criticism or praise Obama receives on the economy? How much does President Obama care about African American economic needs compared to: PRESIDENT OBAMA CRITICISM PRAISE 55% MORE 43% PRESIDENT BUSH CONGRESS 29% 40% 82% THE SAME 5% | 7% 58% WALL STREET LESS 11% UNSURE 10% I MOSTLY RESPONSIBLE SOMEWHAT RESPONSIBLE I NOT RESPONSIBLE PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS BILL CLINTON O ALWAYS • SOMETIMES • SELDOM NEVER UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS POLICY PRIORITIES Do the following groups hold President Obama to a higher standard than other presidents? Do's and Don'ts to fix black Unemployment: Do these groups hold President Obama to a higher standard because of his race? YESI YESI I FOCUS ON JOB GROWTH OVER DEFICIT I CUT BUSINESS TAXES I KEEP THE IMMIGRANTS OUT 87% 88% 87% NO I NO I 66% 34% 12% 13% 13% AFRICAN AMERICANS ALL AMERICANS AFRICAN AMERICANS ALL AMERICANS AGREE NEUTRAL DISAGREE URGENT NEEDS BLACK AGENDA? What is the more effective policy solution to meet challenges in Black America? Urgent financial concerns: How important is it for an economic recovery to occur in Black America that economic policies are targeted to help black Americans? 34% REDUCE CREDIT CARD DEBT 47% FIND BETTER EMPLOYMENT 21% 72% 7% 62% 31% 7% 67% SAVE FOR EMERGENCIES RACE FOCUSED ISSUE FOCUSED UNSURE MODERATELY IMPORTANT NOT VERY IMPORTANT SIGNIFICANTLY 15% REFINANCE MY MORTGAGE IMPORTANT IMMIGRANTS NOT THE BOOGIE MAN TAKING ACTION Tougher immigration enforcement is needed to create job opportunities for me? How concerned are you that your job security is being threatened by immigrant competition for US jobs? How far would you go to get a new job (or keep an old one)? AGREE NOT CONCERNED MOVE TO A NEW CITY SOMEWHAT CONCERNED VERY CONCERNED 26% COMMUTE 2 HOURS TO/FROM THE JOB 56% DISAGREE 53% 25% LIVE ABROAD 22% 18 % VERY WILLING NEUTRAL SOMEWHAT WILLING O VERY UNWILLING O IMMIGRANT COMPETITION FOR US JOBS African American Respondents = 1,457 Date of Data Collection: 7/9/2012 -7/27/2012

21 Insights: Black Approval For President Obama

shared by TheLoop21 on Aug 22
State of the Black Economy survey results show African Americans overwhelmingly support President Obama during tough economic times. Interesting figures included about experienced and perceived racial bias.


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