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2012 US elections party sources of funding and spending

REPUBLICANS E DEMOCRATS Vote 2012 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS Romney O Obama FUNDING & SPENDING TOTAL ELECTION SPENDING CONSERVATI IN GREASED GHT BECREASED MILLTA KANS RE COMMUNITY, FD SOCIAL RESPONS $1.1 BILLION $1.2 BILLION INCREASE IN SPENDING OVER TIME 66 Total cost of US elections (1998-2012) And one key factor likely to push spending up is the rise of the relatively new - but already infamous - Super PACS, which are making their presidential election debut, and can spend as much as they like on political advertising, as long as they do not co-ordinate directly with the campaigns. (BBC, 2012) 2012 2008 Congreesional Races Presidential Race 2004 2000 $1 $3 $5 Total spent (in billions) "Note: A differentiation ahould be observed between cost and spending figures CANDIDATE SPENDING $433 MILLION 683 MILLION EXPENDITURES TV ADVERTISING ONLINE PLATFORMS NEWSPAPERS FUNDRAISERS Media MEDIA CONSULTANTS RESEARCH POLLING MAIL $763.6 million CNN Transfers $24 million The US does have a govemment-run public finance system designed to keep a lid on campaign spending. But both candidates have opted out of it this year, giving them free rein to spend as much as they like (BBC, 2012) All other $40.4 million Admin $247.8 million Fundraising $115.4 million Campaign expenses $144.9 million VISUALIZING THE NUMB3RS United States of America 01/01/13 Tax rate of 10-35% Medium annual inoome for a family (of four) in poverty $33,050 The total eleotion apending of both parties can oupport 104,713 Families For an entire year $ $$ $ $4 $ $ $ | $ $ $ $ -1,000 familieo How did we do? Text 7448 or viait to let us know! DONATIONS $446 MILLION $715 MILLION $1,000,000 Inferences can already be made about the types of ideologies, companies, $500,000 and PACa that contribute to the individual partiee. $100,000 5 Major international banks Universities, communications, politics TOP 4 DONATIONS BY SECTOR FINANCE & REAL ESTATE LAWYERS & LOBBYISTS $57.7 MILLION $27.6 MILLION 2 ENERGY & NATURAL RESOURCES COMMUNICATIONS & ELECTRONICS $9.6 MILLION $20.4 MILLION 3 BELIEFS VALUES IDEOLOGICAL CONSTRUCTION $17 MILLION $9.5 MILLION 4 AGRIBUSINESS LABOR $0.45 MILLION $7.3 MILLION US VS UK ELECTION PARTY SPENDING CONSERVATIVES LABOUR LIBERAL DEMOCRATS £26,223,800 £12,590, 102 £7,525,618 How many times bigger is the Democratic party's expenditure compared to the UK's political parties? DEMOCRATS REPUBLICANS 1.2X 50X 103X 172X WHAT NOW? HOW ELSE CAN ELECTION MONEY BE SPENT OR CONTROLLED? · Regulate political interests and interest groups • Increase transparency of funding • Public funding · Contribution limita Donating surplus campaign funda to worthy causee INSPIRED BY WHAT YOU'VE SEEN? Take action by visiting: GUNDS GTTS EQUALITY GAY MARRIAGE RADIO TRAVEL DEREGULATIOM EQUAL TAXES., OPPASEAL

2012 US elections party sources of funding and spending

shared by neets88 on Apr 01
The infographic's aim is to bring to light the pattern of US election expenditures, and the sources of political funding to identify which institutions and what types of companies support each party.


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