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2012 GOP Presidential Candidates: Key Issue Positions

BACHMANN HUCKABEE PALIN GIULIANI ROMNEY PAUL SANTORUM GINGRICH CAIN TRUMP pro-life; wants to prohibit federal funding of abortion providers pro-life; believes abortion to be a national (as opposed to state) issue anti-abortion; believes in choosing life even in cases of rape or teenage pregnancy pro-choice and does not support a ban on partial-birth abortions; personally does not approve of abortion personally pro-life, but will "protect and preserve" a woman's right to choose believes life begins at conception, doesn't believe in stem cell use anti-abortion; voted against partial-birth abortion and reducing teen pregnancy through education and contraceptives anti-abortion, but is not ready for a national ban on abortions pro-life; against Planned Parenthood and believes it to be racist legal only in cases of rape or incest believes in using American voted yes on enlarging NATO, capping foreign individualism ideals aid, and strengthening in dealing with other "policeman for the embargos against Cuba; "countries; need to wants trade sanctions if China sells weapons does not believe we should try to be US should encourage democracy through diplomacy; wants to strengthén military believes in American exceptionalism; supports intervention but not democracy-building US sovereignty; views Islamic extremists as a threat does not believe that reaching out to hostile regimes has worked in the past build defense to combat terrorism; develop diplomacy believes America should become more “humble" wants a strong military- calls himself "militaristic" world"; believes in defense spending use our weapons more effectively wants to prioritize national debt reduction below tax cuts; has the economy, return voted for workers to be given the choice between overtime and comp-time says cutting is a bad idea, wants to get money from outside sources; supports one-time tax on wealthy preserve current infrastructure; believes in fiscal supports tax cuts across income brackets; supported 2009 stimulus package proponent of eliminating wants to stop deficit federal income tax and spending and rein in implementing the Fair Tax Act; criticizes Obama's budget spending as a "first priority"; cut funding responsibility; reduce for "flüffery" like the government spending NPR and NEA supports tax cuts for all'Americans; focus wants to deregulate on constructive trade reform with China wants a balanced budget; in favor of limiting federal spending in order switching to the Fair to cap inflation wants to stimulate the economy before cutting; supports to the gold standard Tax System and cut taxes health care needs to wants to repeal health be reformed, needs to wants to see greater be more preventative; insurance credits to those leading healthy lifestyles when governor of MA signed a health care law similar to Obama's health care plan famous for "defeating" Clinton's healthcare plan on live television in 1994; against Obama's healthcare solution care reform; believes in free-market solutions competition, more choices, and less litigation health care should not be socialized; favors giving health care vouchers to the poor no mandated insurance and managed care against Obama's health care reform%3; does not want to give more funding to care industry to be Medicare/Medicade dislikes Obama's healthcare plan; wants the health thinks the latest health care amendment is unconstitutional a free market secure borders; end illegal immigration; wants to allow immigrants to run for president against amnesty; in favor of allowing illegals to legally become citizens after returning to their country of origin for Mexican border not for amnesty, but fence; does not believe in giving illegal immigrants access to Social Security or citizenship immigrants should learn American history and values; believes America is in no illegal immigrătion supports a path to for amnesty, but also supports Arizona's anti-immigration bill wants to secure the Mexican border; opposes amnesty; CO-sponsored a bill declaring English official US language supports deportation of illegal immigrants; citizenship, but does not believe in for the US-Mexican border fence amņesty for illegal immigrants supports a bilingual America and a border fence an "immigration crisis" voted against removing oil expresses an interest in alternative energy; wants US to become and gas subsidides, against enforcing CÓ, limits; against tax incentives for renewable energy wants to drill here and drill now; axe energy independent the cap-and-tax plan in favor of tapping into oil reserves; in favor of developing alternative energy for drilling in Arctic Nationaľ Wildlife Refuge; doesn't want to include oil or smokestacks in mercury regulations for domestic drilling; overwhelmingly for building new nuclear power plants wants energy independence; wants to pursue renewable fuel technologies overwhelmingly for domestič yes to drilling, leans more toward nuclear and coal power for the development of alternative oil drilling within the next 10 years energy sources budget & foreign abortion ecoñomy policy energy immigration health care

2012 GOP Presidential Candidates: Key Issue Positions

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The race to become the Republican nominee in the 2012 presidential election features its first debate on Thursday. Hosted in Greenville, South Carolina by Fox News, only five candidates met the str...


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