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15 Things You Should Know About Marijuana

term LIFE 15 MARIJUANA Things you should know about Statistically speaking, you or somneone you know has probably used marijuana as a recreational drug at least once. Did you know there's more to the pot plant than a mellow high? The plant has actually been used in America since its founding. but not to get high. Read on to find more about this special weed. 1. Why do you get the munchies when HIGH? The active ingredient THC inhibits a cannabinoid receptor known as CB1. This receptor is also involved in signaling the appetite-supressing hormone Leptin. When CBI is blocked, Leptin doesn't get activated. 2. It's nearly impossible to overdose on pot. It takes more than 800 joints to kill a person and they would die from carbon monoxide poisoning. not THC. ANNUAL NUMBER OF DEATHS BY DRUG: Prescription Drugs Caffeine 5,800 Heroin 2,147 Alcohol Cocaine Marijuana Aspirin/ Ibuprofin 7,600 85,000 2,390 18,675 Paraguay is the largest producer of MARIJUANA in the world. Marijuana was first used as a medical treatment in China in 1737. It was used to ease the pain of rheumatism and gout, 5. The first law issued in America regarding marijuana required farmers to grow it for hemp. Colonies grew the hemp plant for clothing, sails and rope. 6. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both owned hemp farms. Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on HEMP paper. 7. In America, MARIJUANA is the #4 value crop and generates a $36 billion market. 8. American History of Marijuana 1600s – 1800s 1907 Production of hemp is encouraged. Pure Food and Drug Act requires that all products, like over-the-counter products containing cannabis be labeled. 1930s Because of the Great Depression, rising unemployment, and the association of marijuana with Mexican immigrants, the govemment begins to view marijuana as a problem. 29 states outlaw marijuana by 1939. 1940s Reports and studies show that marijuana is significantly less dangerous than previously suspected, proving no link between pot and violence, sexx crimes, insanity or addiction. 1970s In 1972, the Shafer Commission recommends that personal use of MARIJUANA be decriminalized. Nixon rejects this recommendation. In response, 11 states decriminalized marijuana and nearly all of the states reduced penalties associated with marijuana. 1990s California legalizes the use of MEDICAL MARIJUANA for patients suffering various diseases such as AIDS. 9. Where is marijuana legal? DECRIMINALIZED Australia Czech Republic Macedonia Canada (for medical use) Ecuador Mexico Chile Finland Netherlands Colombia Germany Portugal Venezuela LEGAL Argentine (for personal use in small amounts) Belgium India (government regulated) Iran (legal to grow, but illegal to consume as a drug. This is unregulated.) Pakistan Peru Uruguay 10. Cigarettes vs. Marijuana vs. Coffee Cigarettes -50 Carcinogenic Chemicals Marijuana -50 Carcinogenic Chemicals*+ Coffee 16 Carcinogenic Chemicals *Studies show that smoking MARIJUANA, even heavily, does not increase your risk for lung cancer. + Cigarettes have a 90% addiction rate, while marijuana is even less addictive than coffee. 11. You can only get HIGH off the dried leaves of the female plant. Male plants are only used for fertilizing a female plant. 1. WEED was used as a truth serum by the US government during WWII. It was spiked in cigarettes and given to detainees to have them release intelligence. 13. You should vaporize weed instead of smoking it. A vaporizer heats up weed to near boiling, releasing THC but not burning the weed, so you can get HIGH without inhaling harmful smoke. 14. The name "MARIJUANA" is of unknown Mexican Spanish etymology. It replaced "cannabis" and "hemp" in the 1930s. 15. The record for the world's largest joint had 100 grams of weed in it. itp://www.aecant http://www.mapiea.ongmco.01/ns7a/ala htil hp://tacts.candomhistony.coma0o9/0/a1_marijuana htmi htp//stadents.ot oda WEcla AWaliach-Lusesonempatm utp arw.hutipgronpoaticon/2010/04/20/420-meadng-the-truo-stor43e54 hem ttp://www.ab Apo//er os htm Fred/202skianje na record fails to light-up tittp:// aitact the brain/ http:/w.drugiatorg/sub/acytl htm hup in aigase ttas html htep/ pot-smokars-notat-aie tor lung enaer/hetp://,2633.190sre.0o.hml (elynalogyshttp:/mer.mntrod.k i riyaana is-legal aanciabisbyoantry https/ ttp//inodieal /drugwartan soce photnsourel TheMaveSite.Com

15 Things You Should Know About Marijuana

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Marijuana legalization was a huge subject this last midterm elections, arguably the most publicized and talked about proposition in the nation. Even though Prop 19 wasn’t passed I don’t feel that ...


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