15 Ridiculous Laws Around The World

HENKING IM RIDICULOUS LAWS In Oklahoma BEAR WRESTLING is against the law. Punishment includes Jail time up to 1 year and a $2000 fine. Texas requires every new PC repair technician to obtain private investigator's license.* In Philadelphia bloggers must buy a $300 license. A blogger who had only earned $II from blogging was prosecuted for not having this license. In Lake Elmo, Minesotta, you can get fined $1,000 and put in jail for 90 days for selling pumpkins or Christmas trees grown outside city limits. In Florida, deadly force is justified even if you simply "believe" you're being threatened. Also it is now illegal for Doctors to ask patients if they own a gun. 70-year-old Betty Perry was handcuffed, violently arrested and prosecuted for not watering her lawn in Utah. California drivers' 18 and under cannot use LAPTOPS while driving Green, hybrid cars in the US are required by law to make an artificial noise when traveling at low speeds to alert pedestrians they're near since electrically powered vehicles don't produce noise. not for youl All electronic games including portable consoles, PC games and even mobile games are BANNED in Greece. In South Korea, it is unlawful for kids to play games online from midnight to 6am or for more than 4 hours a day. BINGO In the UK a charity raffle giving away £500+ in prizes needs a license from the Gambling Commission and in North Carolina you can't win more than $500.00 at a bingo game (5 27 Gambling is banned in Japan since 1882 and in Florida all Internet cafes offering slot machine like games and other casino-style gaming are banned To get wine shipped to you in Montana, you'll need a "connoisseur's license. No such luck in Alabama where importing wine is a Felony unless you have a special permission. In Tennessee, the 'don't say gay'bill bans teachers in public schools from saying the word "Gay". In the Soviet Union being gay was banned until 1993 and considered a mental disorder until 1999. The new anti-gay law in Russia makes it unlawful to talk about the subject to minors. Occupy movement protesters got in trouble in cities like NYC after violating a 150 year old law that bans masked gatherings (unless it is a masquerade ball) and in San Francisco thanks to the sit-lie law' that prohibits sitting or laying down on sidewalks from 7am to lpm. Fines go from $50+ and possible jail time. And finally, the MOST ridiculous law of all! According to the British, it is illegal to die in the House of Parliament but wait, there's a reason for this law: anyone who dies the Parliament would be technically entitled to a state funeral. This is obviously avoided. Ts law no longer exists as it was liter revisited and as such the repair or maintenance of a computer does not constitute an investigution L and does not require licencing Gnod for Texa Sources ww.b Presented by prism IIII CASINO THE LAW THOM

15 Ridiculous Laws Around The World

shared by mariasmith on May 11
Our most recent infographic brings you confirmed, real laws from around the world that are so silly you’ve probably never thought possible.


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