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Youth Employement Issues

YOUTH EMPLOYMENT ISSUES By 2020 in Bulgaria is expected a dramatic 35% drop of the number of job positions for non- or low qualified citizens, compared to 2010. YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IS EXPECTED TO DROP 20134 17,5% | 2017 4 15,6% 12,5% Unemployment rate before crisis Young people 22,8% below the age of 29 represent 22.8% of the labor force in Bulgaria КАУЗИ ФОНДАЦИЯ YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP DO YOU WANT YOUR OWN BUSINESS ? 43 13 57,23 18,50 NO 44 24,27 VES YES NO YES YES but-sometimes later but sometimes later Bulgaria Serbia What prevents you from starting your own business? 10% Ihave no entrepreneurship ideas 13,3% 8% Ihave no entrepreneurship skills 7,8% 24% I have no primary management knowledge 9,3% 40% I have no startup capital 36,7% 13% I have no clients 4,8% 17% Ihave no network of partners 42% 10% I do not know any professional consultants 4,5% 10% Thave no team to work with 16,9% 13% I fear failure 5,1% 3% I do not have my family's support 1,8% 5% Other 0% 7% Neither of the above 3,6% DO YOU HAVE AN ENTREPRENEURSHIP IDEA ! YES, I HAVE THE IDER IT IS BEING DEVELOPED NO, I DON'T. ALMOST 74% 16% 7% 3% Фондация ENCOURAGING YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP THROUGH TRANSBOUNDARY COLLABORATION Setting up of joint (with Bulgarian /Serbian participation) information services for the development of youth employ- ment and Pushing on the Setting up of an experts network in the transboundary region in order to Stimulation of the employment of young people with disabilities as Stimulating intra-institutional More effective use of European dialogue with the funds in order to provide employment and support for youth entrepre- neurship relations in business in order to develop a youth employ- transboundary a premise for an independent and worthy living region find solutions for ment stimulation youth unemploy- ment and program entrepreneurship entrepreneurship КАУЗИ DOHAALIH SA PROBLEM OF YOUNG PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES /0/ A great part of The triangle family-young people-society is crucial for the They do not have enough labor and cial skills and They have poor information and them are half-ed- ucated, which leads to 90% unemployment rate of people with interest for state have a rather professional, social and personal realization of politics and European programs for encouragement of youth employ- ment and consumerist attitude as a result disabilities of the operating young people educational system entrepreneurship КАУЗИ ФОНДАЦИЯ WHAT WOULD HELP PREVENT YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT ?: Encourage and support the participation in lifelong learning programs 2, Promote mobility at all levels of education through internships, apprenticeships and career counseling 3/ 41 5/ Promote entrepreneurship by promoting good practices Complete modernization and improvement of the access to professional and entrepreneurship education Establish appropriate funding mechanisms and systems for assessment of quality professional and entrepreneurial· knowledge and skills 6. Establish infrastructure that encourages pan-European cooperation and access to foreign markets КАУЗИ} ФОНДАЦИЯ

Youth Employement Issues

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Youth unemployment is major issue in Europe this infographic suggests ways of approaching the problem. It is part of a cross-border EU funded project for Bulgaria and Serbia and received extensive me...




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