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making your essay PERSUASIVE Present the reader with a logically reasoned Be consistent in your argumentation – stay on the topic – do not wonder around. Analyze your audience. argument. Back up your opinions with facts, not Do not expect to persuade by one sentence, you have the whole essay to do it – use various techniques. Confront the reader with a problem and then offer a solution. assumptions. Refer to the common objections associated with your argument and confront all of them. Statistics are always good and they impress 87.6% of the instructors 94.8% of the time. (Statistics from "Bogus Statistics for All Occasions" 2011. Yes, we made those up. Betcha didn't check! Just make sure you cite your source) Make use of metaphors, analogies and similarities - all the comparison techniques you can think of. Use associations – link your idea or opinion to an already liked or popular one. Stay on topic-this is no time to let your ADD or ADHD get out of-Look! A squirrel! Use repetition – but not just simply repeat the same statement - state your point in several different ways. Tell the reader why you're right - other than that you're always right! Ask rhetorical Cite expert opinions to back up your arguments - other experts, that is. questions. Proofread, format and edit your essay a couple of times. Just as on a date, appearances make a big Use humor when appropriate. difference. what definitively NOT NOT ΤO DO Dishing up tapioca instead of double-dark chocolate mousse *** If you're persuading someone, don't be bland about it. Make your argument rich and chewy. Do not trust the spell-checker and THEY LIE! grammar-checker on your Word processor. People pay more attention to the mistakes than to what you have to say. Don't serve bananas when you're asked for pork chops. bananas Make sure you understand what your reader will be looking for from you. Don't be pushy. If you've written it well, the reader will get it. Really. Being passive aggressive. The butler did it. V Don't be blah. Passion It was done by a butler. X Passion is the order of the day if you're persuading someone to your opinion. SPOILER ALERT: Now you know who the murderer was. Sorry. But active voice is always better. © 2011 created by

Writing Persuasive Essay |

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