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The World's Most Shocking Security Breaches

The World's Most Shocking SECURITY BREACHES From close protection to airport security, these events highlighted the gaping holes in existing Security is something that we all take for granted. Throughout history, our world has been shaped by events that have shook the very core of humanity. security protocols. We take a step back in time to As technology has advanced, so too has the sophistication of threats to national security and civilian life pointing an even larger emphasis on our ability to spot and prevent such threats. experience some of the world's most shocking breaches of security that not only resulted in wars, terrorist attacks and unnecessary death, but also developed the security industry on every level. June 28, 1914 • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand Archduke Franz Gavrillo Princip Franz Joseph Street - - - - Appel Quay River Miljacka Arguably one of the most cataclysmic assassination attempts the world has ever seen. When six young Bosnian Serbs plotted to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand, little did they know they would spark a world conflict that would result in the deaths of Deciding to abandon his visit, the Archduke looked to return home. However, the driver was not informed of the route changed and turned onto Franz Josef Street route before realising his mistake. Gavrillo Princip was waiting and upon seeing the vehicle, fired two

The World's Most Shocking Security Breaches

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some of the world's shocking security breaches. assassination of franz ferdinand; great train robbery; JFK assassination; D.B. Cooper; 1972 Olympic - Munich Massacre; Murder of John Lennon; Millenniu...






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