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The World's Biggest Heists

THE WORLD'S ******* Ведеd. Heists THE WORLD'S LARGEST Diamond Heist (ANTWERP DIAMOND CENTER LOCATION: Antwerp, Belgium STOLEN ITEMS: Stolen items valued at: DATE: February 2003 $100 MILLION Loose diamonds Qutcome? Gold Jewelry Other spoils EXPLANATION: Vault was thought to be impenetrable. It was protected by 10 layers of security, including infrared heat detectors, Doppler radar, a magnetic field, a seismic sensor, a lock with 100 million possible combinations. Police still don't know exactly how it happened and the loot was never found... THE WORLD'S LARGEST Bank Heist IS UP FOR DEBATE.What do you think? KENT SECURITAS DEPOT LOCATION: DATE: Vale Road, Tonbridge, Kent February 2006 Outcome? After the heist ended, it took the staff members another hour to get unbound and raise the alarm. No one was physically harmed. LOCATION: Baghdad, Iraq DATE: March 2003 Stolen Items: Stolen items valued at: $92.5 MILLION CENTRAL BANK OF IRAO CASH Explanation: The manager of the Securitas Depot was pulled over by a police impostor who handcuffed him, took him to a bypass where he was bound Qutcome? Stolen Items: Stolen items valued at: further, and took him to a farm in an unknown location. The manager's wife and eight year old son were also captured by a police impostor and CASH $1 BILLION $650 million was later found hidden in walls in Saddam Explanation: General manager of the bank claimed it was done by professionals unconnected to Saddam. Later, a note was discovered signed by Saddam that ordered $920 million to be withdrawn and given to his Hussein's palace by US troops. The rest is still unaccounted for. taken to the same farm. The thieves held the family at gunpoint and took them to the depot, where they bound 14 members of staff. son Qusay. Qusay was eventually killed by US troops. When a dictator of a country takes all the money, is it really a robbery? THE WORLD'S LARGEST AM His, ISABELLA STEWART GARDNER MUSEUM IN BOSTON LOCATION: Bostona Massachusetts STOLEN ART WORKS INCLUDED: DATE: March 1990 Rembrandt Monet Stolen items valued at: Vermeer $300 MILLION Degas Govaert Flinck Outcome? EXPLANATION: Two thieves dressed in police unitorm walked in and claimed to be investigating a disturbance on the grounds. Museum guards let them in against museum policy and were quickly tied up and locked in a cellar. It took the thieves 81 minutes to take what they wanted. The stolen artworks have not yet been returned to the museum. It remains an open case. eStay Safe. PRESENTED BY HOMESECURITYSYSTEM.COM

The World's Biggest Heists

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A look at the biggest diamond, bank, and art heists of all time.


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