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Workers Compensation and the Most Dangerous Industries in the US

WORKERS COMPENSATION AND THE MOST DANGEROUS INDUSTRIES IN THE U.S. Over THREE MILLION non-fatal workplace illnesses and injuries in 2013 ·about one every 10 seconds 917,100 4,405 Workplace injuries and illnesses have declined of these required days away from work fatal workplace injuries from 4.2 million in 2005 MOST COMMON INJURIES Non-Fatal 34% 3 Over-exertion led to 400,090 injuries 25% 23% 6.5% * Falls, slips and trips caused 296,130 injuries Contact with objects or equipment 268,380 Violence by other persons or animals; Transportation 5% 59,380 Total 1,162,210n 2013 Fatal Sure to harmf es or ed 330 injuries A 7% Total 4,405 in 2013 , slips or trips caused 699 injuries with objects or equipment caused 717 injuries Violence by persons or animals caused 753 injuries environments 16% 16% E 17% 39.5% Transportation incidents caused 1,740 injuries TOP STATES FOR INJURIES Vermont 5.2 per Maine 5.3 per 100 FTE 100 FTE Montana Washington \4.8 per 100 FTE 4.7 per 100 FTE lowa 4.5 per 100 FTE INJURIES AND ACCIDENTS BY INDUSTRIES ШI 15% Local government Top five injury and illness-prone industries 128,800 Retail trade Manufacturing * 14% 曾 11 % (accounting for 51% of all non-fatal illnesses m 10% 167,150 Health care and social assistance and injuries in private sector and state and local governments) A 8% Leisure and hospitality 7% km 10% 10% * Top five fatal injury and illness-prone industries appened in governmer 304 in the manufacturing industry happened in the transportation and warehou: 796 of all fatal injuries and accidents happened in Const happened in the agriculture, 479 15.5% 476 4,405 total 18% forestry, fishing and hunting indust 687 OSHA REGULATIONS AND VIOLATIONS Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that tens of thousands of workplace injuries have gone unreported OSHA Starting 01/01/2015, OSHA is requiring employers to report workplace injuries within 24 hours • Replaces regulations requiring companies to report only incidents that result in three or more hospitalizations-"catastrophes" • There were 67 fatalities, 1 catastrophe reported to OSHA in the month of December 2014 • That's more than 2 fatalities daily The new regulations should begin to illustrate a bigger picture of workplace injuries in the next few months Most frequently cited OSHA violations (2014) • Fall protection, construction industry • Hazard communication standards, general industry • Scaffolding, general requirements, construction industry • Respiratory protection, general industry • Powered industrial trucks, general industry • Control of hazardous energy, general industry • Ladders, construction industry • Electrical, wiring methods, components and equipment, general industry Machinery and machine guarding, general requirements • Electrical systems design, general requirements, general industry WORKERS' COMPENSATION CLAIMS AND COSTS 264,796 workers' compensation claims were filed in 2014 by 104,919 unique individual workers – multiple claims per applicant Compensation paid: $8,958,690,805 Medical bills paid: $2,189,068,127 Total: $11,147,758,932 35 states have seen total workers' 16 states have seen decreases compensation benefits paid rise in the past two years WORKERS' COMPENSATION CLAIMS AND COSTS Direct cost: $37,389 > Indirect cost: $41,127 Total: $78,516 BURN Direct cost: $60,770 Indirect cost: $66,847 Total: $127,617 CONCUSSION Direct cost: $27,042 Indirect cost: $29,746 Total: $56,788 CONTUSION Direct cost: $48,492 > Indirect cost: $53,341 Total: $101,833 FRACTURE Direct cost: $28,809 > Indirect cost: $32,789 Total: $62,598 MENTAL STRESS Direct cost: $27,684 > Indirect cost: $30,452 Total: $58,136 RESPIRATORY DISORDERS Direct cost: $28,866 > Indirect cost: $31,752 Total: $60,618 SPRAIN Indirect costs include lost time, lost productivity, legal fees, decreased morale, hiring and training, equipment repair or replacement, etc. EKU Sources used: Number of workplace accidents annually Online Injuries and accidents by industry put-workplace-safety-data-online-as-nudge-to-employers pdf OSHA regulations and violations Workers' Compensation claims and costs Contact 180,130 120,110 94,730 , %24

Workers Compensation and the Most Dangerous Industries in the US

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Getting injured or sick in the workplace is a more significant problem than most people might realize. While it is true that the number of reported non-fatal illnesses or injuries dropped from 4.2 mil...


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