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Work Habits of the New Millennium

WORK HABITS Of THE NEW MILLENNIUM THE FIRST WAVE OF MILLENNIALS HAS ENTERED THE WORKFORCE, AND ALREADY THE TRADITIONAL WORK ENVIRONMENT IS BEING TRANSFORMED. WORKERS ARE NO LONGER BOUND TO ONE OFFICE, ONE DEVICE, OR EVEN ONE JOB. THE HOMEBODY Currently only 2.6% of US employees consider their home as their primary place of work. But of Gen-Y workers, 3 OUT OF 5 expect to work remotely. Remote working is all the rage with all age groups, though, and for good reason. ШЕЛ REMOTE WORKFORCE GROWTH SINCE 2005 2008-2012 16% 80% According to IBM, their teleworkers are 50% more productive than their office-bound counterparts. When overall employment dropped after the 2008 recession, the telecommuting workforce actually grew! THE NIGHT OWL "9 to 5" no longer applies when modern technology allows people to work not only where, but when they feel most productive. A recent study by the University of Adelaide shows OUR BRAINS ACTUALLY LEARN BETTER AT NIGHT. FAMOUS The rise in freelancing NIGHT also means more people working unconventional hours. PRESIDENT OWLS OBAMA WINSTON KEITH CHURCHILL RICHARDS DARWIN PRESLEY When asked to describe their work habits, 18.8% of both men and women described themselves as night owls. THE MULTI(MEDIA)-T/ MULTITASKING HAS BEEN AROUND FOR AGES, BUT THE RISE OF THE INTERNET AND CONNECTED DEVICES BROUGHT IT TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL Studies have shown that due to growing up hyperexposed to multimedia, millennials are better suited to multitasking than any other generation before them. 89% of smartphone The lines between personal and professional are blurring, especially when 24% employees use a smartphone or owners use tablet as their primary work-related device. them while at: work. 24% Of Gen-Y job seekers, 66% care more It's estimated that only 2% of people can truly multitask effectively.. about social media freedom over salary when looking for a new job. yet recent studies show that employees who are give some freedom to surf the web at work are 9% more productive than those who don't! THE HOBBY-LOBBYIST For most millennials, their parent's and grandparent's experience of a single salaried career will never come. And in today's economy, one job isn't enough. 35% of employed millennials have started their own business on the side to supplement their income. THIS INCLUDES. Blogging and freelancing Selling handmade products on sites like Etsy and Cafepress sate YEARS 46% of millennials want to start a business within the next 5 YEARS. fiverr' craigslist Reselling specialty & collectible items on eBay. Completing small skill-related jobs on sites like Fiverr and Craigslist. THE NOMAD With such a changing work environment, most millennials DON'T PLAN TO STAY IN ONE JOB FOR MORE THAN 3 YEARS AT A TIME. 63% of millennials know someone who has had to move because of the economy. So many millennials prefer to stay on-the-go. 38% of millennials who are currently working said they were actively looking for a different job. More than a quarter of millennials are self-employed. 69% believe office attendance is unnecessary on a regular basis. 61% prefer video meetings with advisors. While 43% said they were not actively looking, but were open to offers. Millennials account for 30% of U.S. business travelers. SOURCES: BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Tø gyffin. html

Work Habits of the New Millennium

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Every job in this new millennium brings at least ONE of these work habits to table! Which one are you?




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