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Wooden Toys are making a comeback

NOT ON THE HIGH STREET .com for a life less ardinary THE TOY EVOLUTION The birth, evolution and revolution of the classic, handmade toy 1693 THE RISE OF THE TOY INDUSTRY & THE INVENTION OF THE WOODEN BLOCK Wooden toys are largely manufactured in Germany, where timber is cheap and The wooden block emerges, encouraging small children to master new abilities through open-ended play. Toys still largely serve an educational purpose. the skills exist. 1767 THE JIGSAW FINDS ITS PLACE IN HISTORY The humble jigsaw is praised for its introduction of 'small victories' into children's lives. Easy-to-manipulate blocks of wood encourage shape recognition and fine motor skills development. 1804 The most popular internet search terms for dolls include 'doll's house', 'rag dolls' and 'doll's pram'. A GIRLS' BEST FRIEND The first dolls appeared in ancient Egypt and are one of the most popular toys throughout history. In 1804, dolls begin to be mass produced, playing a part in childrens' social development. "based on Google Keyword Planner Statistics 1891 SAL DEDICATED TOY SHOPS APPEAR TOYS TRAINS AND TRACKS TOYS ARE INTRODUCED 1902 TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC GEORGE'S bea This soft and cuddly character, named after President 'Teddy' Roosevelt, becomes one of the most iconic toys in history, giving comfort and a feeling of attachment to boys and girls worldwide. DID YOU KNOW? 50% of adults still have a teddy bear from their childhood. 1939 THE WORLD GOES TO WAR Toy production is halted during WWII. There is a return to knitted toys and toy planes become the most popular choice, as children imitate life through play. PLASTIC FANTASTIC Plastic and cloth begin to replace wood and clay in an age of industry and mass production. 1950 1958 1959 Barbie Lego, the world's no.1 tire manufacturer take the toy industry by storm with their plastic blocks, developing building skills and dexterity. In 1959, an icon is born when Elliot Hander and his wife Plastic cars and Hula Hoops appear and Play Doh is transformed from a cleaning product to a toy. create Barbara Millicent Roberts (named after their daughter) - or Barbie. 1983 2007 THE DIGITAL AGE ITOY BEGINS The iPhone brings the creation of apps that entertain children at the touch of a screen, however set outcomes can sometimes mean less open-ended play and emphasis on imagination. Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) takes toys to a new level, with play taking to the screen. 2013- THE REVIVAL OF THE HANDMADE TOY There is a growth in the popularity of handmade toys over mass-produced plastic ones. Searches for 'wooden toys' increase by over 400% year over year*, the most popular of these being baking and discovery kits and muSical instruments. "based on pageviews on QUALITY SAFETY CARE DESIGN Focus on quality, care and attention to detail Fewer sharp edges, removable pieces or Nostalgic, durable and ecologically friendly Unique and aesthetically pleasing harmful chemicals For parents, deciding which toy to purchase for their child is not only based on trends within the playground. In this digital day and age, we are moving against the grain and returning to basic toy structures that are strongly based on developmental needs. When selecting the perfect toy for your little tot, education and entertainment now go hand-in-hand. quirk Created by |brave curious minds

Wooden Toys are making a comeback

shared by Daw1263 on Dec 19
An infographic representing how wooden toys are coming back into popularity.


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