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Who Are The Millenials?

WHOEMILLENNIALS? DEMOGRAPHICS Top 5 things that make Millennials unique: Other names for Millennials: Generation Y: Refers to the generation to succeed Generation X. (according to Millennials) The Echo Boomers Refers to the fact that many Millennials are children of Baby Boomers. The Net Generation Refers to the internet being a part of their lives that they grew up with and take for granted. The Boomerang Generation: Refers to the tendency for many Millennials to move back in with their parents after going away to college. Technology use Music & Pop culture White Black Asian Other 60% Hispanic 20% 14% 5% 1% Millennials say the most important things in their lives will be: The Peter Pan Generation: Liberalism 6 Tolerance Refers to delaying the rites of passage into adulthood longer than most generations before them. Intelligence Marital status (Millennials ages 18-28) Clothes & Fashion 21% Married Educational attainment (% of Millennials ages 18-28) Being a good parent Having a successful marriage Helping others in need Owning a home Living a very religious life 15% Having a high-paying Having lots of free time Becoming famous 1% Males 15 75% 34 35 15 4% Separated/ divorced career 20% Single, never married 52% 30% 21% 15% Females 15 40 28 20 MILLENNIALSITECHNOLOGY Internet & phone behaviors: percent of Millennials who have... Attitudes about technology Social networking sites: how use has changed Created social networking profile 75% 75% New technology makes life. 71% Used wireless internet away from home 62% Posted video of themselves online 20% Use twitter 14% Easier 74% 51% Use a cell phone to text 88% Texted in the past 24 hours More complicated 18% 80% Texted while driving 64% No landline (cell phone only) 41% New technology makes people... MILLENNIALS{NEWS 7% Closer to friends and families 54% How Millennials get most of their news: More isolated 35% How often Millennials visit the social networking site they use most: New technology allows people to.. Television Internet Newspaper 24% Radio Other Once a week or less 25% Several times a day 29% 65% 59% 18% 4% Use their time more efficiently 56% Television source: Internet source: Every few days 20% Waste too much time 33% 43% 20% Once a day 26% 18% 24% 10% 18% 16% Flowtown. 9% 8% 7% 4% 4% 7% Sources: Pew Research | Wikipedia 1ov DENSW NSW ajãon | NNJ Vahoo! AL jeɔ07 ŘDANSW

Who Are The Millenials?

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First there were the Baby Boomers, than Generation X, now there are the “Millennials.” So who makes up these “Millennials?” Young adults who are between the ages of 18-35 are all a part of thi...



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