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Which Kind of Phone Talker are You?

WHICH KIND OF PHONE TALKER ARE YOU? Although talking on the phone may seem like an ordinary task, many people have creative ways of passing time while on the phone. Just for fun, we've put together a list of common ways that people behave (whether consciously or subconsciously) while they're on the phone. Take a look and find out what kind of Phone Talker you are! THE PACER: SS Despite your desk job, you are anything but sedentary. The majority of your daily calories are burned in the cozy confines of your 10'x10' office, as demonstrated by the fact that the carpet in front of your desk has been worn bare. THE MULTI - TASKER: That phone conversation isn't the only thing you're fully immersed in. Your most brilliant discussion topics can only be born when spelunking the depths of the World Wide Web, meticulously filing your fingernails into perfect half-moons, or crafting ballpoint-pen doodles that would make Van Gogh green with envy. THE LOUNGER Who says donut pillows are only meant for long flights? During those conference calls, comfort is key. Your office chair becomes a La-Z-Boy and your desk an ottoman while your clients are none the wiser. THE ATHLETE: It's surprising that your co-conversationalist on the other end isn't star-struck. After all, he is chatting with the world record holder for three-pointers scored with basketballs made of crumpled up documents into a garbage bin hoop. THE MUTER: Zzzz.. Are you on the call or not? The other person may never know - you seem to be unaware that nodding and shaking your head are not ample replacements for verbal conversation. The only time you remember to respond is when they say, “You still there?" OMG Did you hear about. THE MOCKING BIRD: Hello Gov'na! Your pointer finger vigilantly hovers over the mute button, waiting for the other party to begin a long-winded sentence so you can put them on mute and imitate their accent. THE COMMUTER: The world is your office. You've done some of your greatest business deals while spectating your son's baseball game, hiking in the woods, and standing in line at food trucks. You aspire to someday negotiate while skydiving. TALK HOW YOU WANT, WHERE YOU WANT Broadview NETWORKS WITH BROADVIEW OFFICESUITE © 2014 Broadview Networks.

Which Kind of Phone Talker are You?

shared by SimmonsOnToast on Jun 06
For fun, Broadview Networks has put together a list of common ways that people behave (whether consciously or subconsciously) while they’re on the phone. Find out what kind of Phone Talker you are!


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