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When is A Car Not A Car

WHEN IS A CAR NOT A CAR ? When it's a boat These days, when drive down to the beach or the lake, BOA 4T you GB you don't have to stop driving! Companies like WaterCar create amphibious vehicles for the ultimate surf and turf experience. Their Python model broke the Guinness World Record for its speed and now the Panther model is available to the public. L It has water jet engines and over 900 litres of Styrofoam to keep it afloat. At over £100,000 it may seem a bit pricey, but you are getting two vehicles for the price of one. When it's a submarine Why travel on the water when you can travel under it? SUB 500R The Lotus Elise in The Spy Who Loved Me is one of the most GB memorable Bond cars.Billionaire Elon Musk, founder of Tesla (more on him later), bought the Bond car at auction and plans to create a fully functional version - although one assumes he'll forgo the torpedoes! Inspired by the Elise, there's also the Rinspeed sQuba. The interior is salt-resistant too, so that's a plus. Water jets allow it to travel like a submarine, though in being open top the driver and single passenger will need to be equipped with breathing apparatus. PPI 306R When it's a tank With personal safety becoming more of an issue these days, it's not only the military who are going for armoured cars, nor the rich, famous, and influential. TAN IK GB More and more companies will now customise vehicles ruzvan with toughened plating and bullet-proof glass for private owners. Some, like BMW, offer a Security Vehicle range with vehicles divided into categories to protect against street crime, organised crime, and attacks with explosive devices. Mercedes and Land Rover also cater for such violence; the Range Rover Sentinel, for example, promises to protect against armour-piercing rounds, TNT, and grenades! When it's a helicopter Nice way to beat traffic jams, eh? The Geneva International Motor Show saw the 50 FLY GB unveiling of the world's first privately available flying car, due for release in 2019 from PAL-V. It seats 2 people and has a top speed of around 100mph. Please note: to reach its 11,000 feet altitude pilot's licence. But don't worry, flying lessons are included in the price! These limited edition vehicles do not come with their own airstrip, though, and you'll need access to one for taking off and landing. The rotors can be packed away in about ten minutes so you can you will need a take to the road in a neat little car. When it's a plane 12 JET This is the Aeromobil Flying Car, and will set you back a cool £1 million. You can turn it from a car to a plane in about 3 minutes, the wings open and separate like GB petals while the rear propeller extends out from the back. There's retractable landing gear, too. When it's a spacecraft Elon Musk again. Not satisfied with building a functional version of Bond's Lotus Elise, Musk reached for the stars, UFO 4S GB turning his attention to that final frontier - space. At the beginning of 2018, his Tesla Roadster was launched into space at 18,000 mph as the payload for a Falcon Heavy rocket's test flight. Now it drifts through the Van Allen belt, a mannequin in a spacesuit sitting casually in the driver's seat. Playing in the stereo? Space Oddity of course. Prefer to talk? Whether your car flies or floats, plates4less are there for your private number plate needs! 01792 477316 PLATES4LESS

When is A Car Not A Car

shared by kentcharlie on Oct 11
You've probably heard this joke: “When is a door not a door? When it is ajar.” Similarly, “When is a car not a car? When it turns into the driveway.”


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