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Whats in a Name

WHAT'S IN A Wame? These days we recognise many car makes and brands but do you ever give any thought to the names? Many are eponyms, typically derived from the names of the company founders, but here are a few that are a little more interesting... JAPANESE Toyota The Toyota Motor Corporation was found- ed by the Toyoda family. So why not call it Toyoda? Well, the word Toyoda requires ten strokes to write in Japanese whereas Toyota only uses eight and eight is consid- ered a lucky number in Japan. TOYOTA As for the logo of overlapping ellipses, these represent the relationship between customer and product, united together. ΤΟΥ 1 Nissan Nissan is also derived from a name, though it's not quite as straight forward as that sounds. Yoshisuke Aikawa founded a holding company called Nihon Sangyo (Japan Industries) which was abbreviated for use on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, NISSAN using the Ni and the San. It's not simply an abbreviation, though. The Japanese character 'ni' means 'sun' while 'ssan' means 'product' or 'birth', making Nissan a product of Japan, land of the rising sun. N21SAN Mitsubishi The name Mitsubishi is made up of 'mitsu', which means three', and 'hishi", which means water caltrop or water chestnut, Due to the process of rendaku, which changes the pronun- ciation of Japanese words depending on where they are positioned with others, 'hishi' becomes 'bishi'. Hence, Mitsubishi. Yataro Iwasaki, the founder, chose the three di- amond emblem as the company logo by com- MITSUBISHI МОTORS bining two family crests. The Yamauchi family, Lords of Tosa (which is where Yataro lwasaki MBII SHE was born) uses a crest of three oak leaves, whereas the lwasaki family crest uses a three-tiered water chestnut. Subaru The first automobile brand to take its name from a Japanese word, Subaru means unite', It also refers to a cluster of six stars known as Pleiades appear- ing in the Taurus constellation. The six stars feature in the Subaru badge design, which alludes to the companies that merged to create the corporation. SUBARU S003 ARU KOREA Hyundai Hyundai (pronounced Hyun-day), trans- lates as imodernity", suggesting cutting edge design and technology, It's ported by their slogan: "New thinking, new possibilities. SONATA Turbo sup- While the logo looks like it's simply an italic H, it is in fact the stylization of a picture of two people shaking hands. One is a company representative and the other a satisfied customer, the HYUNDAI HYD I handshake symbolic of trust. The H also slants forward to the right, a more active design than if it were to slope backwards to the left. Kia This name uses Sino-Korean characters for Ki and A. Ki means to rise, or come out of whereas the A represents Asia. So Kia is to rise out of Asia. The company has two logos, the text-based one used internationally and the stylised K logo used in Korea. KIA OAS ΚΙΑ 770 ITALY Fiat Fiat is an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, or Italian automobile factory of Turin', However, the word was also chosen because of its meaning. taken from the Latin for let it be done' In English the word came to refer to an FIAT authoritative decree. FIO ATT GERMANY Audi This one is based on a name, but a Latinised version of it. Company found- er August Horch was not entitled to use his name as it was considered a reg- istered trademark for his previous com- pany (which he'd left due to a dispute). Audi is the Latin version of Horch. Audi The Audi logo of four linked rings rep- AUD IIIE resents the banding together of the companies that formed Audi's prede- cessor, Auto Union. Volkswagen Volkswagen means people's car", It came about because Adolf Hitler wanted an affordable car for German workers, and Ferdinand Porsche had just the design. Sturdy and cheap to run, more Volkswa- gen Beetles have been sold than any other car - 21 million of them! The "Beetle' was a nickname due to how the car looked, and wasn't used officially by Volkswagen until the late 1960s. Volkswagen VW14 GEN CZECH REPUBLIC Škoda Škoda began in 1895 as Laurin & Klement. Václav Laurin and Václav Klement started VetiXtreme with a bicycle repair shop, before moving on to manufacturing motor cycles and then au- tomobiles. They found a new partner in Škoda Works, an arms manufacturer found- ed by Emil Ritter von Škoda who was looking to expand his business interests. Unfortunately, the word Škoda, with a capital S, translates as too bad' in English! Swapping the capital S for a lowercase one grants it a variety of other meanings but none of those SK61 ODA a very positive either - meanings such as "damage', 'harm', 'disadvantage', 'detriment', injury', 'loss', and 'pity', amongst other equally less-favourable words, none of which you'd want to associate with a new car! UNITED KINGDOM Vauxhall Founded by Scottish engineer Alexan- der Wilson, Vauxhall takes its name DE5I RED from the area of London in which it was originally based. Vauxhall the place is thought to take its name from the home of Falkes de Breauté, Falkes Hall, also known as Fox Hall. VAUXHALL VX04 ALL So there you are, some names to consider; while we tend to associate the names of makes and models with certain designs and standards of quality, now you know there's a little more to it than that! And if you want a number plate to match your vehicle type, simply visit - we have a vast range of registrations available! 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Whats in a Name

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These days we recognize many car brands and makes but have you given any thought to the names? Many are eponyms, derived from the names of company founders, but here are a few that are a little more i...




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