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What you Need to know about Bitcoin

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BITCOIN WHAT IS BITCOIN? Bitcoin is the world's first ever digital currency which allows you to sign and send transactions in a peer to peer network. FACTS ABOUT BITCOIN: Bitcoin was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto whose identity remains undisclosed. There is a limited amount of Bitcoin in order to ensure Bitcoin can be used to make purchases anonymously. No name will be revealed during transactions, only the wallet ID. the increase in value over time. Bitcoins can be bought with real money or mined using a computer. Bitcoin has a hard cap of 21 Million which means only Unlike Money, each bitcoin has a detailed history, which makes it hard to fake or replicate. 21 Million Bitcoins will be ever mined HOW DOES BITCOIN WORK? Every Bitcoin is a digital file that is saved in your computer or smartphone. Bitcoin transactions are made on an open source code network. FEW TERMS TO BE AWARE OF: ఉeee PRIVATE AND BITCOIN WALLETS: BITCOIN MINING: Poople are rewarded in the form of bitcoins for their roatime BLOCKCHAIN: PUBLIC KEYS: Everyone who holds a bitcoin wallet will have two kays, a public key and a private kay that shall work together to To access your bitooins, you will noed a public and a privat koy. These kays should matah in ordar for you to maka Blockchain is a decontralized platform which records each tranggction as a block contirmation of transoctione through a poor to poar network using high speed supercomputers. using an opan source code. transactions. There are three enable the owner to process dighal transactions typos of bi wallets DESKTOP WALLETS: МOBILE WEB WALLETS: WALLETS: Dosktop watets oan be Mobilo wallets allow usars to Cryptocurrency exohanges allow you to occoss the blockchain through a browsor Interface without having to download the software. monitor thair account transoctions and make instant payments by scanning QRcodas. downloaded onto the usor's systom and aocessed Usors have ful control over their kays and hunds WHERE CANI BUY BITCOIN? Cryptocurrency Exchanges Peer to Peer Purchases: You can purchase bitcoins from other There are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges all ovor the world whore you can trade more than 100 crypto currencios also. bitcoin owners. There are many sites that facilitate these transactions. Bitcoin Mining Investment Brokerages Just like the stock market, By leveraging hardware there are Crypto brokerages which allows you to trade in crypto currencies. support to confirm transactions, users get rewarded in Bitcoins or the coin of their choice.

What you Need to know about Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency; essentially a computer file which can be kept in your digital wallet. It records all the transactions in a blockchain, a public ledger to which individuals h...





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