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What Makes You The Best Hire

HIRE' EDUCATION 4 Reasons Your Career-Specific Training Makes You the Best Hire It's time for the big job interview, and you've come prepared: your vocational training and/or certificate has ensured you're prepared for this specific job, and it's sure to make you stand out in a world flooded with bachelor's degrees. Here's what you can tell your interviewer to prove you're the best fit for the job. #1 You've Got More Practical Skills Than the Average Grad Vocational, trade, and certificate schools prepare you for an actual career. 9 in 10 employees worldwide say colleges aren't fully preparing grads for the workforce L.T. managers rate the skill of their team as the #1 most And most employes agre: 530% important factor in the success of critical I.T. functions say it's difficult or very difficult to find qualified college grads for job openings 7 in 10 91 이 0 employers would hire a candidate without a bachelor's degree, so long as that candidate is a good fit or has great credentials About of managers say that I.T. certifications are a good way to judge a candidate's value 420% of workers need an occupational certification, license, or registration for their careers Among these managers, more than 80% A QuickBooks certification would qualify you to work at the 94% say certified I.T. professionals are: I Helpful in boosting their team's performance V More efficient of small retail businesses that use the program #2 You Need Less On-the-Job Training Because you already have the job-specific training, you'll cost the company less money - and you'll be prepared to impress them instantly. 51% $1,182 – U.S. companies' expenditure per employee on development and learning, 2011 of jobs today have specific technical requirements 60% of companies expect even more technical requirements 3-5 years from now Many jobs with high demand, such as medical assistant positions, are showing explosive growth 310 Projected medical assistant employment growth, 2010-2020 $40,810 Job-specific training can improve your salary Average salary of the top 10% of medical assistants AND Hyou need training 90 DAYS before you can do your job well, you'll have less time to impress them: The time it takes to prove your value in a new job xxx x xx x #3 You Have Career-Specific Experience Experience and training with career-specific skills ensure you're more prepared than the rest. 63% of employers say recent graduates need to "research the industry more thoroughly" in order to improve their job candidacy Employers generally value experience more than academic record: Science/ Medial communications technology Business -----------¯ 50% 19% 48% 20% 40% 23% Experience Academics Experience Academics Experience Academics # 4 You're Equipped to Advance 67% 43% 27% of I.T. professionals say that job-specific training has helped them get a pay raise or promotion of people with licenses or certifications earn more than people with associate degrees of people with licenses or certifications earn more than bachelor's degree holders Job-specific training is key in helping the advancement of: 56% of low-skilled workers 610% of skilled workers 69% of workers in administrative positions Men with computer/information technology certificates earn an average of 72% CERTIFICATE ASSOCIATE DEGREE more than men with associate degrees If you're ready to kick off a successful career, find out how the Computer Systems Institute can help. Sources: college graduates employable.htmi?pagewanted=all http:/ Employment-Mismatch/137625/Hid=overview http://www.quickbooks-training.netlinvestin-yourselfrci-for-employee-training-quickbooks/ hiring certified it employees skills-mismatch/ http://www.right.comthought-leadership/research/shrm-foundations-sffectivepractice- guidelines seies onboarding-new employees maximizing successsponsored byright-management.pdf the job-leaming and correctingthe skills mismatch http:/degreecoundil.orgitachelors-degree-associatesdegree-or-vocational-certificatel COMPUTER SYSTEMS INSTITUTE

What Makes You The Best Hire

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If you’ve been studying up on ways to standout in interviews, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the usual advice: sit up straight, smile, do your research, and send a follow-up letter. Not that this...




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