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What Does My Dream Mean?

WHAT DOES MY DREAM MEAN? In the past dream experts have claimed that it is in fact possible to be dreaming every second while we are asleep. Seeing as it is possible for dreaming to take up so much of our time, we have provided you with the most popular dreams that people experience with their meanings. Read on to find out; what's causing your dreams or nightmares? : Fact :Meaning BEING NAKED Having a dream about being naked is the most common dream that people have. If in your dream you are naked in front of a crowd of people it often stems from a fear of being unprepared as you are caught off guard within your dream. BEING CHASED There are two situations that can occur in chasing dreams, you are either being pursued or you are the pursuer. If you find yourself being chased it can suggest that you are the type of person that runs away from your problems - rather than tackling issues head on. Whereas if you are the one doing the chasing it can often signify that you have a great drive and ambition to achieve something you want. MISSING THE PLANE Most of the time in this dream you experience many stumbles and obstacles that makes you miss the plane that you were meant to board. This could mean that you feel you have missed an opportunity in life and that it's too late to FLYING IN THE SKY Dreaming that you are flying is a popular dream that can leave the dreamer feeling positive. If you're flying downwards, it can signify that you're more aware of the fact that you're unconscious. Flying low down can represent the strength and determination in your waking life, whilst striving backwards can mean that you want to relive parts of your life again. LOSING TEETH This dream is very uncommon and links to a feeling of not being in control of our fears. This cringe-worthy dream stems from a build-up of anxieties and fears that we have kept within us for a long period of time. FALLING IN YOUR SLEEP Many people believe that if you don't wake up before hitting the ground that you will die in your waking life, however, this is one of many myths. This dream suggests you are feeling out of control and can also represent a sense of failure. Sharę your dreaming experiences with us on twitter with the hashtag #dreaming or tweet us directly @carpetright CptriGÁT BEDS | CARPET | LAMINATE | RUGS | VINYL sleep right beds feel right at home Sources:

What Does My Dream Mean?

shared by dani.gourlay on Mar 26
Dreams are mysterious yet immensely interesting, which is why Carpetright have researched some of the most popular dreams and provided the meaning of them.


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