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What is Cannabis used for?

What is CANNABIS used for? Cannabis is a psychoactive drug that comes from the hemp plant, a herb, and has an intoxicating effect. Need to identify it! 01 Uses of Cannabis Recreational Uses Cannabis can be used to reduce anxiety and as a relaxation aid. Medicinal Uses Cannabis has been used for medical purposes throughout history, often in the form of a tincture. Industrial Uses The hemp plant has many agricultural and industrial uses, and could be used in an estimated 25,000 products. Religious Uses Hindus, Buddhists, Rastifarians, and members of a few other religions have been known to use cannabis during religious ceremonies. What is Medical Use? 02 Studies are confirming that medical cannabis has potential applications to many ailments. World-wide currently use medical cannabis to treat the following ailments: Survey of patients using medical cannabis in UK 36% 3% Severe Arthritis Epilepsy 16% 6% Spinal Cord Injury Cancer 15% 10% AIDS/HIU Infection Spinal Cord 14% Multiple Sclerosis New research and technologies are being developed that could lead to even more uses for medical cannabis. 03 Benefits of Cannabis 85% Currently 85% of the general public approves of the medical benefits of cannabis while the most of the governments of the world continues it's prohibition. Cancer Seizures Migraines Glaucoma Multiple Sclerosis OCD ADD Crohns ADD 10 PMS The days of Reefer Madness are pretty far gone, but the public is still vastly uninformed about cannabis, particularly concerning its myriad of amazing health benefits. Here are 10(out of countless) health benefits that cannabis possesses. With that said, it's simply baffling that medical cannabis is not legal in most of the countries and still there retains such a negative reputation. World Cannabis Laws 04 Here is a look at some Cannabis legislation around the world. Switzerland Netherland Home grown cannabis is legal, up to four plants Cannabis is illegal but no action is taken on possession of small amounts. Ban on sale to tourists proposed per person Denmark Germany Cannabis trade s illegal but generally tolerated Cannabis is illegal but no fine is imposed on possession of small amounts Canada Cannabis is illegal except for medical use, but generally tolerated England Japan Cannabis was declared illegal in 1928 Belgium Japan has severe penal- ties for possession Cannabis use has been decriminalized France France has strict laws against cannabis Costa Rica Illegal but not arrest- worthy unless for distribution Israel Cannabis is illegal but personal use is not severely punished Hong Kong South Africa Criminal offence despite Rastafari campaign for legalization Possession, cultivation & trafficking are illegal, and severely punished Peru Use and possession of upto 8 grams is acceptable India Illegal to grow, con- sume, or traffic hemp but usage is fairly Spain Australia Possession & use is clas- sified as a misdemeanor; trafficking is a crime Illegal to use, posses, grow, and sell cannabis common Italy Cannabis is illegal, Pun- ishments for personal use are low in severity Designed for The info-graphic is prepared after collecting data from various reliable sources and believed to be true. The Date/logo/marks of certain Organization are used here merely for reference and used in good faith with no intention to infringe the intellectual property rights of the Organizations.

What is Cannabis used for?

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The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store have put together a great infographic that highlights some of the various uses for cannabis and the different cannabis laws around the world.




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