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What’s New, Buenos Aires?

IT'S TIME YOU ARGENTINA FINALLY KNEW SOMETHING ABOUT. Argentina is the largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world, and the eighth-largest country overall. Subtropical rainforests in the north, subarctic tundra Buenos Aires is known as in the south, towering mountains "the Paris of South America" in the west, & the flat plains of the because of strong European Pampas in the east give Argentina one cultural & architectural of the most varied landscapes in the world. influence, but the uniquely Argentinian TANGO was born there as well. Although the British won the short Falkland Islands War in 1982, the Argentinian government still claims Sovereignty over Argentina also claims a sizable portion of the the territory. The Antarctic continent. tallest mountain in the world outside of Asia The Andes are still shaped by is ACONCAGUA glaciers formed during the Ice Age. in the Argentine Andes. A BRIEF HISTORY OF ARGENTINA Argentina is sparsely populated The Spanish inevitably arrive in 1516. José de San Martín leads a for centuries until the Inca Empire Together with Italian immigrants & successful struggle against Spanish invades & conquers the few African slaves, they quickly rule in the 1820s. Argentina adopts native tribes in the 1480s. populate the region. the new US model of democracy. The labor-centric, authoritarian Argentina's susceptibility to military The Argentine economic crisis of government of Juan & Eva Perón coups is epitomized in the 1970s & 2001 leaves more than half the after WWII is immensely popular, 1980s, when the "Dirty War" sees population below poverty and creating a major political party. thousands of people "disappear." piqueteros rioting in the streets. Argentinians consume the most red meat of any nation, Argentina is world-reknowned for its contributions to cinema, typically in the form of asado barbecue. including the world's first animated film, El Apóstol, a satire wherein Argentina's president mistakenly destroys Buenos Aires with Zeus's thunderbolts. Yerba maté, the national beverage, is typically shared between friends fram a hollow gourd with a metal straw, often daily. Argentinian rock music is the most pervasive & music, with groups popu among Latin Amer from '70s soft-rock balladeers Serú Girán through new wave celebrities Soda Stereo to all-girl indie rockers No Lo Soporto garnering international recognition. Literature plays an especially "WRITING IS NOTHING praminent role in Argentinian culture. MORE THAN A The name of the country itself came from Martin del barco Centera's epic poem La Argentina, GUIDED DREAM." and modernist authors such as Jorge Luis Borges are revered worldwide. © Geoff Bartlett, 2011 - Sources: BBC, Wikipedia, Prefix Magazine

What’s New, Buenos Aires?

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
Here is an infographic that illustrates the history of Argentina, it's culture and traditions, it's geography, education and it's people.


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