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Weapon Selection Infographic

WEAPON SELECTION TIPS BANG MELEE WEAPONS RANGED WEAPONS LIGHT WEAPONS Knives, brass knuckles, short clubs, wrenches, tire irons, etc. Should be your last resort. You don't want to be this close. PISTOLS Revolvers, semi-automatics, machine pistols, etc. Good for short range fire & tight spaces. Avoid "pray & spray" automatic pistols & make each shot count, MEDIUM WEAPONS Baseball bats, machetes, hatchets, hammers, etc. Great all-purpose weapons, easy-to-use, cause a good deal of damage. LONGARMS Rifles & shotguns - shotguns do heavy damage up close, but lose power at range. Rifles are accurate & deadly at range, but clumsy to use up close. HEAVY WEAPONS Chainsaws, sledge hammers, fire axes, swords, etc. Deal massive damage & make for quick kills, but only in skilled, strong hands. ASSAULT RIFLES M16s, AK 47s, AR-15s, MP5S, etc. Great for clean kills at mid range, but can eat through ammo - use single fire or burst setting. Can be high-maintenance. SURVIVAL MASTERY Source:

Weapon Selection Infographic

shared by samuelsamuel on Feb 14
Best weapon selection for each individual


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