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Visualizing Flatland

Piand. A romanee of many dimensinns: Be patient, fure warld i timatl and wide"I eall our world PNtland, not beeaus we eall it , but to maku it- mature elearerto you, my happyaders, wihu are prisilaed to liv in Spa magine avast ahaf paper on whichtraight L Triungle Sua Pan H n ami intir pla mfreelfabout.nor in thurfiaev, buwithou the power rising ahy inking belw y mch l hadw-only hard and with lumsge-and you will thun havwa pr correettinn of my cuuntry and countryni Alas, few years ago. I should have said "my univers but my mind has been opened to highur viows of thing Inuch a country. vou will perceivo at once that it is mpusible that there should be ything of what vou call a eolid kink but I dure say vou will uppose kaut we coud at lunst diatinguin, by aighl the Trinneles. Squar. and birer ovim boulns IhaVedbed h Onthauntrary, We coutde-nhntehekind not lenst o Re to distinguisli on figure from another. Nothing w ible, nor could be viaible, to uxcept Straicht Lines and the neity of this I will peedily idemonstrate lace a penny on the middle of one of vour taes in Space, und leaning over it, look down upun it. lywill anpear irele. But now, drawing back to the edge of the tableeradually lower yvour ye (thua bringine vour lf more and mure intu the condition of e inhabitunta of Flatland), and vou ill find the pinny bocumine morand moru yal to vuir view, and ut last when you hn nlued vonvexnatle on the udge e tmblet-thar vau e, ir w, etunil Finan he puiny will hn haveed tuunear aval at all and will have becume, so far as voean su a trainht line. The samything would hanpen if vou wier to tyat in the same way Triangle, nE Squng, ur any other figure cut out of pastebourd. Aun as you luok at it with your eve un the elite (n th tuble you will fi that it ceases to appear to you u figure, and that ilemmes in appearance a straight line. Take oxumple an oquilateral Triangie - whoyepresents with ds a Trademan of respectable class Eig I roprente the Tdesman as you would een him.white srwbening arhim iram aha fiek 2and 3 repremsLhe Tradsman, as ould sen him if yous ee were cliEe tr thlel, asi bn g the level of the tahle: and if your eve wereuito on the level of the tablo (any that is how we ree him in Flatlandy wiuld see nothing but a straight lin When I was in Spaceland I heard that youailara have very aimilar experiencos while thuy trayree vour and disen som distant island or cnast lying on the horizonThe far-aff Land may have hays. forelanda, alas in and aut to any number and xten yet at a distance vou so nane of N (unles indeed vour Aun ahin lright uon tham ravealine ptend retiremene by means aelt and han mthine tit a ro ne theWater. Welt al W WHwin nf our trinni rer amuaintancea comes taward us in Flutland A there in nuithr sun with us, nor any light of aulya kind as to make shadows, we have na of the helpa to the sight that you have in Sareland. If ur friend cumen cloner 1to us we e his Ano beroms laruar. If h lon us it become imaller: but atill ho looki like in stNght line: b he n Trinnlo. Souare. PentugA Hoxngon Cirele, what voi will -a atrieht Line ho looks and nothing elseYou mav perhapa ak how undetheeu dinaantagrircumtance we nre able todistingnh our friende frim-eneameter tur heRnawor to tla N tion wil more fitly and canilv givavien lene todesri n iihibinniaof Flatland. For tho reaent lot m defer this subiet and nay a word or two about the eliate and houses in uur country. An witl/vou. o aled with un. there are four pointa he compa North, South. Elnst, und West. There byan no sun nor other heavenly boe it impaanible for us to determine the North inthe usual way: but we have a method uf our ywn By a Law of Nature with us, therea conatunt attractinn to the Southe and, althuugh in tempurate elihats thin ers snght - thậ E D Woman in ruunabla man journey BEVralurlonge rthward-withet muek dilty vottlu hmpenn tiretheuthward uttrantion quiul t Rmpaas in mot parte of our warth. Mareover, thu THin (which falls at atated interv) coming alwaya from the North, is ap additional intun and in the townE we iv the guidance of the housus, which of course hay ther side walla running for Th mosart North and South, that t ma p ain fram the North. In the cuuntry. whre there ae n hus the trunks if Nie trees arve as om sort of guida Alhagother, we have nit so mu ditneulty t e expocted ur determini uur-tierin Yt n oue more tem regions n hich the sodthward.ntatinis hardlult. walking sopietime Ti tectls.desalate plain wher t ti S, naha nf trees ta guide ne, I ave bevn feensionally compelled to remain attionary for hours tagther, waiting ulh tain came befaru eontinuing my journeyOn the wak and aged, and especinlly on delicate Pamales, the faree of attraetion tells much mde hưavily than on the robust he Male Sex so that it inn point of breeding. if vou meeta Lady in the street. alwuys to givo her the Mth aide of thie way - by no meana vany thing to do alwaya hol notice wh vou are in ride ealth and In a elimate wherit i dillieul tectill your Noith from yatir South. Windows there aronein our ho for the light cotmei to u ulike in ouranheud out them. by dnyand by nielitnlly at all times and in all placya. whence we know not. It wai in i days, with our learned men, un interyating and oft-inveatigatod question. "What the origin of light"and thesolution of it has beor fopeatedly attempted. with no uther result than Nerowd our lunatic asylums h thu would-be saler. Hence, after fruitless attempte to auppresn uch mvestigations indirontly by aking them liable to a heuvy tax. he Legualature, in amrativoly recerit Limbarlare prolubited them. 1-ala:1 ulone n Elatand lnuw unly too wit thtruatutn or Th myntermue problemut mv innkedge cannot be made intlligiblo to aiugly one ot my cmis un and 1m nkedat-1 the sole posseaur of the truthu of Space and of t theury of the introduction of Light fym the world of three Dimonstane- ifT wre the maddoat of the mad! But a trure to thes painful digresions: let me returm tn our houses Th at enmman form for the u tion nt a hous i sided ar pontagunal as in the anne fino The two Ninthorn ides ROF. mastitute the ront and for thmost part be orsonl t lhr futhe man an W h me for the Men, hepathsdem fiour is udoorle Squrend triaular houses are nitallowe nan iarhis teasn. The alea Sauary fand stilt mote thoe o an eaiLatoral Triande,) being much more pointed tharhose of a Pentagon, and the linee of animate ohjects (euch as hotines being dipmer than the lines of Mon and Women. it follows hat thero is no little danger lest the pointe of a qur tgulur house residence migld nerious injury tn inconsiderute or perhiaps abHent-minden traveller suddenly therefore, runninagainat them: and early ns theleventh peritury of our ora, rian ular ouu wen niverany forbidden by Law. the nl eseeptions beine fortifiet uns, powder- nagazine. Uaneks, und othor stise bufldinga, which it is not deinhle that the general pubilie fnould appraewithout thspection. At this quny houses weru still everywhere perfaitted though discouruged by a specid tux. But, about three centurien afterwar the Law decided that in all towna contuining a population above ton thousand the anele of a Pentagon wa the allust huueeangle that cau bo allowed consiNuly with the public safoty. The good sunof the community has seconded the urts uf the Lati latur und anwenin the cuntry the pontnatcontrion fn superded every other. It is only nhe and then in somoury rimote and hackward atrienltural distriet uniunrian may still dincover n houseT at th or lirudth in wn nhahitan or Flast be tinataat atom eleven our inches Twol inches may be rded nximum Cur Women an seh Linu, Our Soldiors and Lawt Clen dorkcmen Trnemi with twa al ides vach abmut levnchNon und u bae or third urt ofte noteding half un meh tat thuy lurm at thur vrtive vary sharp anil furmul anele Indend whun thecaturo of the derrd pnt mor t he hth an innu th hailly utinuhadum Straicht Linen uWutiun: trumely pintet thr ye W Tranleu distineuished from oth allad larules and me lahull rvferto thunin the tollwing pageu Our Middle a comta of Eauilateral or Equalsidedraneleu Our Pruhnmal Man und Gontlemen Sauu to whichlane i mysulf helong) and Five-Sided Figure Pentgone. Next above thee co the Nohility, of whn thenare averal degr, beginning asix-Sided Figuruk, r Hexagona, andNrum thenc riaing in the ndmbur hor sler till they recevee hanouradutla al Palegit or many-sided. Finally hen the nuurfier dthe andes tcam n numerue, nd the sides the l anall. at the f anet be ditingedf h ineluded in thCul d h nght elaof all I Law of Nature with ua that a mal child alall lve one more side than his Jalher, that sach gunuration phall ri aa rule ane step in the ale of development and nobility. Thun the non of n uro ia entngon: the son of a Pegon. a Haxagun: o on But thin rule hpplies not alwav.N the Tradeaneh. und atill lea ofteno the Salal. hnd to dha Woren who indoed ean hardily hirirt toderer the tme of lumin 1ures. Hino they lave not afl their sides oqual. With thom thirefdre the Law of Nature doea not holil: hud the on of an lioceles (G.. a Trinele wih to sides equal Fommins Ldole itill. Neverthelessall hoe is not khut out even frani the anceles that hin poaterity miv ultinately rise above his degraded conditifon. Por. aftor a Jang ari of millarv auncesnes, or deligent und akillul labours. is gonerally fount that the more intelligent amg the ANisan and Soldier clasaseuntest u aligbt mereane of their third sido ar bane, and a shrakage af the two other sides Intermrria arranget y ihn Prust tetwen the em and daughera orthesorn intellect members uf the-laveer elaes penuralleresuliin an piapring approximtingill-more ta the tipu of the Equal ided Triangle Rarsly -in proport an to the fas numbera of Isoecole hirfhe T genuin and rhilialye Kqual STdrd Triane uodure from luoHceles parents 2 Such a buh requirus, an ite antecedents not onlv eries of carefully arranged intermarriagus, hy aisan long, continued exerciae uf frugality home ar sa mueh aa to look upatn his retiona aak for fear lest the frestideveloped urganism aay, by foree of uncoriacious imitation. NI back again into his hereditur . The uetsinulmrence of An Equllateral from tho rank hik u-b estor veloumed not only by the por suris themelv leum of light and hupalhed upon the munutono ualoor ther existendo, but ulso by th Aristocrev at turge allthu highe classes are well aweu that ese rire plinomena, while th đ little or nothing to vulearize thyr own privileges, serve sa mont uaelularrier against tevolution from below. Had thy aeute-angled rabble been all. without exception. abaolutely destitute of hope and uf ambi they mixht have found loadern otmo uf their many ditinus nutbroaks, su able as ta render uir superiat numburnaRtre ud nueh uvet for the windom f the Cirles Rut awiserordikance of Nati hasdeeroed that. in pronortion athe wuriing-claksus incrnine In intellince, kniwled and all virtue, in that ume pruurtion their acu ungle (which makes thef physically torrible) aall erense alan and ampioxientea the comnnuvaty harmlus le asthe Equilateral Teiangle Ts in the maet brutal and furmidable ohe molidier eliss - eaturos almout on a levelith womun in their lackif intelligence - it is found ent, as they wax in the mantal ability necary to emloy their tremendons Netrating power to nyantage so do they wane in the power penetration itsod Hew admat i this Law of Compensatient Aad hm perteet aonf of the natural fitne and. Iimyimnst say, the diyine orin of the ariatocratic cunstitution of the Stutes in Elatland Bya iudeots e of thi Law of Noture,the Polygune and Cireles eatmost alwaya ahie stile sedition in itveruradN/taking advantare he iprysihle and bendiess hopetulness f the human mind. Art also comos to thy aid f Law and Order. It is generally found pssihle - by a little artificial.compression or expansion an e part of the State physctan- to makeme f the re intellient leadara rebellian parfeetNtenlar, and ta admit them at onc in the privilei hss muc-lier number. wha are still balowthe standaud allurvhy theyronHet af hene ultinmately annehlsdninturet tunta the Statu Hurpital whare they are kept in hanourable ennliremen or He a or twa alont the an akaite Ah, and hopeleanly irre an lud ution. Then he writeined rabkle of the baee plinie and llerse. are ur tanalixed withnut resiatance by small hody of their bruthren whom the ChiCirele kerps in pav for emergencis of this kind, or e more en. hy meana of ienlouiin and kupiciokilfully foentid umone thenitho Cireulur partv, ty are atirred to mutual warfare. and rish l on innlbea glos. No than one handred and twenty rolulioni nre regarded in dur annaia- beidos minor outlirvak nuniberad at wdhudrod and thirty fiviand thev lve ll ondedhu. IFOUR highly pented Trngles if the Sior ein aro forhidable. At mav he readile inforred hat Ie maro formidable are far Woman. Furia Saldier in due il Woman ia nedi: beiny to speak. all point, at leant at the o xtremitiea. Add to this the nower of mikue heraolf practically invisible at will, and vou will peive that a Foale, in Flatland, isn cruature by na n to be trild with, But her papa, sume of my youner Rouders may aak how n woman in Nimlat can muku henal invesifil This ought, 1 Hhink, to bu appent withuut a spinnati. Howeyer, ew wurds will make r cluar to the mat unrelloerm Placua eedlo on a tubly T vour eu on he leultiele toak at it pde-ways, and yoye thewhole length of it; but looatat endayE and vou sfiothina but anomt, it has becymeurintally invisihle lut t with one of our Women. When her de i turned towards un, we e her an a stryht line, when the end contuining her aye or mouthr with us the twrana re idantical- ithe part that ta our uve un we see nothing t hshly lustrmus poit but when the hack i presuntd ur i. then - leitig anly sub-l us, and, inded almost demas an imanimate ubjeet k hinder temitv Herve er kind if Invisilil Cap The dangurs to wihieh we are xp A Womsn mutnow b manit to the muantaparity in Sueland/ Heyen the angle of a ratahle Trinee in the misde elaas t without its danys, f (a rijn gin Working Mon nvalves a ash, if colliainn with an icar of the military elns neAsitates aous wound, if a n touch from the vertes of a Priite Saldier brings with it aNnger of diuth: - what can it be to runinat a Wonn excopt abiolute d immediute destrutn? And when a Woman is incisblor iblily a dini uh-luit rou point. howdiffinuls nust it l even for the niast cautiouulwiaya tn avod enllisiun! Matiy are the onacimentmado at difforent limain thu difforunt S a Nand in arilu toinimize his peril: and in the Southern an i loss tmperato eliniates Wher e force of prnvitabun in rter. and human boinga more able to casal nndinvnluntary mtions the Latwa concerning Women uy naturally much nore wtringent. But a gonal view of the Code ay be olitained from the followng aumimary: ivery hous shhave one entrance in the Eastern for the Femnles oniy: ly Nuch al femaies shall ter "in a becoming and respeorarCmner and not by the Alen's ar Wtern door No Pimuilshall alk in any puhlie place without continualuETang u her PeERETV, Inder pnaliy uf deuth. Any Fenale, duly cernti ba Ng from St, Vitul Dane ts, chronic aupanted nlet heing or any dieeusgcessitating involuninev hotinpe shall beinstanity denyed in me of the States is an additional Law forbidding Forle, under penalty of death, from walkingtandıng in any publie place without moving thetacks constantly from right to let ap to indiento thuir presence to thoehind them: ot oblige a Womi when travolling, to ballowed hy ong of her onir, ur rvans or by her huabenit othore confine Wemon altogether to the housế ciopt durine the ratizinns festivyle Butit hasibun-found hy the witest of aur Cireles or Statemen that ultieliion rstrictions en Femals tends not only to the dehilitatfon and diminitian af thiemee atalso to the inerense of doie murder to uch an extnt that atate lores mary thenine haa too pentibitive Code Forwhenever the tumper of the Women is thuxasperated by confinement at home or hamperingogulations abroad, they are apt to vent the ploen upon thuir husbunds and ldeen, und in Ne lea Lemperate Niinates the whole male opulutionla viilar la been omimdestroved in onsr two hur olimultuneous female ak. Htence the Three Lws, mentioneaboe, suce fot the better regulhted States, and may belareepted as /h e icon of our Female Coce Allar all on pirincipal ulegrd in found, not in Legialature, but in the interest-ulthe Wambo hemuelves Fe, althygh theyen inflit instantanooy uth bya retrotramovement. yet unless thuy can at oce disunguge their linging uxtremity from the atruggling body ofrther vietim. thelr own frail hodiee ure liahle to be ahatieed. The powir of Fnshion is alson ur ido. I poltrd uut that in len civilized Stuten ho funinti is ered to stand inarny uhlie place without witye heiekL frum zieht to lat. Thir ractice hsboon univerialamong ladies ány prothnsiana to brveding in all well-governed States mr back memor ru can reah It is cotidered a diskracr tu any Statthat 1rislatiun should havo to nforce what queist to be, hd i Tn nectabh fenyale, anatural instinet. The rhyridal nd. if Fmay s0 nu dl- moddilated undulation of the back in our ladigof Circular rank is envied and imitated by the wi ofa comman Emilateral, who man achueve nothing beyona mere munutonous swing. likahe tieking of andulum and thuular tick of the Equieral inr lua udmirrd and copiedy the wife of the progres i uspirine lsoscelen in the Amalon of whone tamily no back motionany kind hus beeame as vetu neteanity of lii. Hunco, inlevary fnlyposition onsiratiun. "hack moton ue pruvlent us time it und he huabands und sona ithes housholde enjov inmunity at le from nvinikaitacks Not that it must be fa momunt posed thit uur Wnuh ure dustitute nf utfoction. But unfortunelv the passion of the mment prvdominatis in e Frail Sex aver ery other consideration. This is, of courn ecusnity arising from their untunate conformatiun. For as the have no pritansiond u being infurior in this esp ta the very luweRta rfe is n. they are consquently Wholly devoid of brain-pow nd hay nher rifletan jdement narwhoupht, and hardly ny men Hne in heit af urtheymembno elaima and rerpgnie dinctins. Lhave actually knawn ease where a Wonan lyxterminated her whole uthola and half an huur ateyvarda, when her Th wan over ani fragmentA Awept away, has aked wat has hecom ofher hushand ad her children. viausly then a Wonan is not to be irritated as long n ahe li in a pon where he ean turn roun When vou havo Nm in their atmente- which Are cNrtil with a view to denving the that power vour tan sav andn what vou like for ihey a then wholly impatuni for mch mill nol eniember a few minute bence the incident. for whicl/ihe hay be t thị ment teithing vouith denth, nhr th prontine wlah you mav lve Tound itnynesuty to imake in order o pacify their furv. Onthinl we gut on protty smouthlyn aur domestie relatin ot ipthe lowr atrata of the Milltarv Classe iere the want of tael iand diseretion on the parof the husbanda produces ut timen indescritiable disnstera Reiving tou muk un the oflensrve weapons huir urute angle tend of the unsive ran of enuNe And sousonahle simaintionsIN e reekleseatures too ofteaneghethe preerribulonruSmn of the women's nartnente, ortate ther wivey illadvieed pxpresniuns out of doore, whh the rufuse immeintiv to ret Marenvea blunt andatalid regard for reriVtruth indisposes them make those lavistr promyes by which the mate uhaus Cheele can in a moment pa he consort. The result i ma not however, without ite advantagg, n it eliminaten the mur tirutal and troublesg of the 1soeceles: and by many of our Cireles the destructivune th Thinnersiregarded an on amonany providentialranimunte uppresatig rdandu pioyulatiun anil nipping Revolun in the bud Yut even in ourbt intan ost.appinataly Cireular fumilicannot say at the kiaal of family life s vo high awith in S nd T E the f-rister my called by that ame/hut thure ie neusarils/little harmans of tstes pursuit tha cautiousilam A th Circlew has enayd sfity at th tof damfiedart Invary Ciceular or Palvganal hsuhold it has been a hahit fum time immemo- and now has beeume a kind of instinet among the woumen of our hieher elans - that Ne mothers und daughtereould constantly kp their even d muoulh tuwards theiNusband and his mule frienda; und For a ludy in a famils or distitlon to turn hy bk uuaer hushand would be yarded us a kin of portent, involvine losa of stutus. But, a I shall sshew. eustom thoehha the auntage aafetv. is nht without ita dis vna In the house of the Working Man or renpekable Pradesman- where the wite alluwed to turn her back upon her hushond whle ursine hr hobechaldavobations-thure aat least Intervals of quiet, when the wite is nether seen nor hoard, coupt for the hummine und of the continuous Peace-try, but in the hong of the unper clnsses thir too often nu peN Then thut uble mouth and britht ehutratig eve ure ver directiud warda the Mastur of th hoahold: and light itaelf is parsistent than th vtreum of femine dicourse. The taet and llwhichuffiee la aart Wunisatingate h f stoing a Womn'a mouth; and a thi wife hus absalutels niing ta sav, and absotute na cunstrnint uf wit, sun or constieoch to prevnt tieyfrom saving it. not a few eynice h n faund toralvur at thuv prafer io danger of the denth-dealing but inaudible ng to the safe sunaroumess of a Woman's other md. To my readere in Spaciland the condition of ouWomen may seem trulyplorable, and o ineedt, X h tuweet type of e leneceles may look fored to me improvement of his angl and to thefultimate elevnlion of thwinie afhis dradedcnsle b Wman ran entertain h hopes for her ses/Once a oman, alwhysa Vomni a Drof Nture ani the veryLaw of Efolunn pended in hor disfave Fnt at lea we can admire the wise rearrangementhich-hns oryinn-thnt as they have no hope o they nhn e do memun to reca and no forothought to anticipate, the miseri and humiliations which are at oner a necvity of heir existenc and the basie of the constitution of Flathnd You, Who ars bles with shade as wells llit. yowh are gifted with two e endawet with a kanwlades operapectivi and eharmed whh the enfoyment of varinal v n amaiv.aan le and contemplatu the coalete cireumfere fa Cir in the happy rion ath Thr D ons - how hall I make cleara u the exthame diileny wen wrin Elatland perience in recoenizing oe another eonfietiatian! Rall what I tola yeabave. Airmes in Flatland, amimate inanimat no matter what their form, prusunt to aur v the aame or nariy the name, apparance, via. that traight Line. How then can onu be distinguinhod fronenother. where all appr the ime? THe nhềr thu ld. The first meana nleition in the ytine of hearing: Nhich with us in har more hirhly diullanet than wilh vou and whiclkenablen unot only to distitahb thu voico our persanal frienda, but vento disiminate boteen dferen clanne at leo far n cohcorna the thee ordere thi Euilaterl. the Square. and the yentaton foral he lo I tuke nraoaunt Bia e cend in the social senlu thdrocuss of dineriminuting hd oing drininated by bearing increnses in difficulty artly becauo voicea are anaimilated. partly boentuse he facultel voire-trimination s a plebeiun virtue not much aveloped among the Astoeraey. And whurer thytn y danger of impastury w cunine tru to this mothod, Abanget our luwest arder thvocal orgunn ure davelopd to a degr moru thanporruspondent h thà of hearing th lanecelne e faA thu voice of a Polson, wit ang thatntreto lims ecund mathod in ther/fore more commmonly rurted to, Feeling in umoryr Wamen and lower dnyasubout our upper elassel il sponk preently - the firineip tegoecopnitian, ut all eventa between strangy und whun the question in, not aa to the individual. us to the el What thenfure "intraduetion is among the highura in Spaceland, at th ro orlehs with Pnit m to sk vau feel d te felt by my friend N Sd--k till. am .more old- fashiunedfouruntry gentlem in districts retie en tawna, the custorhury formulara Fla ntruduetion Hut te to and umangen of bu , the words et by are amithed an the untunee is abbreyuted to, "Lat me usk yana zo feel Mr So-uni-alihadeht is uumd, of cure thay hie eling" i to he reciprocal Ang oor ll moe modern and dashing younenilumn- who ara etremely avere to superfluous ort and supremoly insiITerent to the purity of their native language - the foroula in still furtherurfaild by the use of ll" intochnienl mse. menning"ricomibend fer-the purpo-of feeling-und- being-felt"nd at thiie mument the "and" of polite or fast adty in the upp laes aunetion uch a barbariamME Sthrmit me to el Mr.lana Lt dut my Reh howeyor supposHe that ng" is with s thutedfous process that it would be with you or thut wyfind it nicessary to feel rigly aundall the sidosef overy indvidual bifore we detormnie the elaa whith t blon Long practice and trang. begun in the nehools and contimued in the experiie of daily life enable us tosriminate nt ance by the Hune of taurh. bot ween the angles of an eg udUTriangle. Sirand P un and I need not aythe the tirninhes yertex of an ato angled feneceles a abyius to the dullest touch therefore not necesary rule o more than fesnsingleangle of individlnd thun oneoertanpd, tellus the clanethperagn wiom we ure fasinuniesind he belonga to the higheetiuns of the nobility hure the diiculitvis mucireaor. Evan MatoL Artsn aur Univeraity of Wntindge ha been known toconisu ten- sided with aalvesided Palygun: and there is iardlya Doctor of ince in or aut of that famoue Univity who coild pretend to decide promptly and unhitatinglv hela twenteged and a hnty-faded memher tn Ariseracy. Those of mradere wiy recall tho extracte I favebove from the Lagialyf codo oomeernine Women, will readily ercarve that the process of intmtion by odnat. reauiressonte care ad diner othare aeles might inflict nithe unwary Feeler irrenambleinjury Hiential for the safety of he Fouler that the Felt shyld stahd perfechly stil A starybdgatv shifting of theponition. ven violont annha h heen knnwn dorn now to prove fatal to the incautious, and to nin the hud many a proniisine friendahip. Ecially in this true among the lower elasen of the angle. Wih ih the dye situaled sor fronhebsertex thut they can urcelv take cognicance Lwhagous on at that extrémitN thar frame. Theyate, oreover, of a rough curse nature, notnaitive to the delicate louch/ the highly aanized Polygon What woder the an involatary tof the heat l now deprived ihe Stateol valuable lifel I ave heard tht my escdant Geandfather- one of t teast rAgular of he unhapp leoaceles lah Lalierd obtain d, shortly befory hia dec, t out of en votes from the Sunitary and Social Board for ping him into the cluss of the Equal-ided- uften depored, with a tuur n his venerable eyo. a miscarrin this kind, ch ktd oceurrd to his t-rent Grindfather, a reectahle Working Man with manaler ar brain of 69"10 Aording to his usuunt. Ay unfortunate Anceslur, being affintedwith rhenmatiem, and in act uf baing ly a Palvzon, by une uden startifiental tranafis tha Grent Man iruugh the diagunal; andthureby, partly in dieqitence uf his long iiprinunment n deuradan and parniy huause the ural shock which pervadd thc whale of my Ancestora relalfonus irew backr family a degree and a half in theiz asount towan better thing The reault Wae that in the next generution N lamily brain was Fgateroed at unly 58. unl nON the lunse ve generatione wie the ot und rueovervd. the full 60Nnined, und the Amt from e liOsel finally uchied. And all the suries okcalamities trom one little nceident n t prucess of Fouling. At point Lthink / heur some of my better udnted rder uxelim"How cld you in Flatind know anything aljout anen und degrv or minutes? We can syan unele, becausw, inhe reen of Sace, can eystraight line inelined to one anterut you why can u nathuns but optrnight line at a time, or at all eventa only nuber of bita af atrainht linus all in une atraight line - how ean you disurn any angle, and muich leas registerneof dilerunt "anwer that thoughwe et ele we can inta tni, and this with preat pinn. Ourn f tuetinulatdl by nicneiyand idevelaped by log training wmah to diatinguiah an tr more a teb than vnur sunRe of sit, when nailed rule mur of angl Nor muat Imit toaplain that we have eat matural hulps It iywith ustawi Nature iat the brain of the fanscules nhall hegin al hall a degrie, thirty minatesnd alhall inereait enut all) by hall n dagre in very generati, until the gual of 60s reached when the condition of serfdom is quilte and the freemin enters the cluss f Heculari. Ciequhllature beielf aupplien unvitl scending ele or Alphabt of angles for half'a degree p to 60. Specimie of which aryplaced in eversElementurv School througlhout thu la Owing ta decionl rotrogreiona till more froquet moral ad intell ul atanatioi Tnd ta Nexiraoriary founditv f the Criminal And Varalnd Clase. there in loeva vit upfluity ofndividuala of tho hilt degreyand amgle desroe class. and il fa abundance of Spciiens up to 10 Th nbolutely destitute of civie rights nnd n at numbir of them, not having even intelligence enugh for the purpoHs of waure, are devoted by the Statedo the ervick of eeaon Fered immovably sa as to ryovt ibility.of dinger thearo nlaced in the class room af our Infant Schools, a ther the s liz tr th Banrd of Edication for the purou of impartingothe off-pring of Miidle Classs that turt an intellit of which them wretehd ereatus themsdlven aru uttorly duvnd Inmsitates the Sprmen pccanionnlly fod and red to exist for everal ve hut in th more temmaerate undtter regulated ceiiung, it i fond in e long n nurudvantagenus fur the vducatiopa interenta ofthe vening, to despense with fond, and to raew the Specimens very minth which is abiout the avy duration ofefogNuxisteof the Criminal elustn NuapT schools, what ain by the langar sistence Ne Spcimen s lost jart tle expunditure T toand rtly in the diminished arary of the e, which are impirad fter u lew wek of constnt "fielin" Nur ust wa farget to Nd. in umerating the udv ntagu of the muerpnsive yam, thstunds though slightly ypreoptibly, to the dimibuan t the redundant Inaceles plation - inobjest which every statesn in Vlannd unstantly keeps in view On thehale therefore - although 1 an not gnorant that, in many popularly elected Sahool Banrda, hee isa reaction in brur af "the chepvm"Nn eal 1 um mvell dbosed to hinthat this s ane of the munys in which expense the trtteonomy But 1Aust not allow question of School Bord pofitice to diert me Aom ny Hubit. Enuugh has beuns, trut, to shew that Rocuition Bv Felinei not tedious r lenive procussminht lave beun supiposd, und it is obvinusly hore trustworthvthan Hognitlon by heuring. Still ere remains, e ha been puintet out abote thobection that this meodis not withoandanger Pur this rason many the Middle and Lower classes und all without xceptiun in th Polvgonal and Circular orders. prefor third mthed, tho deecrintion uf whilh shall breerv for the next etion. I AM n u appoar very inconsistont. e prvious Eentiuns I lave id that all irures FIland present the apkarunen of aatraitht line and it wa nd a nled that it is eonuntly jmposilile ta distinguish thes u betwn indivitual terent ulasa vot now I am tbaut to olain ta mv Spaceland crities how we are able do reconi une anuther byheenie of aight. If howverE thy Rouder will taki the troublo ta refer the pate in which Rcurhitina by Feolinetated to be univeral. he will find this qualification among the lower classes" It is only among the higher ses andin qurempurato elimais that SighNterngan is prtised That this pi ists in any regionend oany clanse r-the result NFog whiich pruvils dung the greater part okthe year in all parta save the torrid zes Th which is with you u Spacaliind an unmixed evil. blattig u the ndape, deprossing the api und enfeebling the health, is by us reognized as a blessin scarcely inferior to air el, and as the Nurut ofrta-an Parent of sciences But i me explain my meaning, withant ther eulogies on this hennticant Element. If E were non-existent, all lins wiuld appear equally and stinetiahably clear and thisis actually the cnse in thos eliutnycountries in which Ahe atuSThere i f dry and transpareat. But wh the a rich aupply oug objecta that arealnesav d taru fat,Are appreciahly idinmr than thi ata diatanse of two tvanches and thu rHAult that b carelul and constunt exphimenalob tion cf camparative dim and elearnes/weare unailod to inler With great xactnia the configuration of y att abaurvid. An instce will to marrthan a volum generaln to maka my maning ar Suppose 1 two individda pprehit whose rank I wish to arain They are, we will supp Mernnt and a Physician, or in other wards, an Eyuilateral Tangle und a Pentagany baw um to distingu heit will he otivious tory in Spacaland who hur tuutod the threshold af Goomriat Studfes tint, if an hring my ya u tuat its glanee may biset an angie CAr upproaching atran my vilw will l a it were evenly twien hia wides hm next to m CAnd ah that Laimil.contymulate tho twu impoftially, and both wittapear of the same kize Now i the cane (1) the Marchantat Nial Tee? I shall see a straighe lin dae, in Whieh the middlo poin A Will vury bright beenue it ia nearest to me, hut on either sidethe line will asde way rapudly into dimnu, bocnuee the nidow uni ecedi rapatinto the for and whut upp me ne the Mrelant' xtrumiti viz. Dand E, will be vury din indeed. On the other hai in thy ca nf (hthe Nhyscian thm tuhall hera alsn n hine D'A El with Vreht centre A yet will shude away las rupidly into dimbus been he sides ACABI rugke s rapidly inio the fag: und what upprastu me the Pen xtrumitiun D'and E will not be ng so dim ue theextrumities of e Mechan The Reuder will prubabk understanit tram the twa inatunces kow er very lang training supplemented by cunstant ex unce- it i possihle for bhwell-educated elas among us to discritafiute with apeuracy fetween the iddleund lowst y the suns of sight If my Seland Patrons have erusnethis general copiption Aas to unceve thepasitirenfitund Aut ta rvjnet my aunt altogth dilile -ahal haveattained llean raanalily axpet. ! to attat further details Ishon onlspl Yot far the wake of the yane ht nuxpeyfenc whyma telya infer - fram the two mple stanes 1have given ve, of the miuner in whnh Labou ruognizny Father and my Sathay henifionsight is an asy alfnir, it muy be needful tnt out that in actual life mont dhe problema of Sight Hiceenition atfar more aubtie ad ecomplox.If for exiample, whon myFather Triangle, approaches me, he pona to presont hin side to e instani-nf fals anglo. th, until I have anked m to rotnte or until IhnVE edged inverOund him. um Vur thu munentdoulful whether he may not be Straiglit ng or, in oti worda a Woman An. whenm n the enmpany of in of my two Bexagondl Grandaon, contemplating one of hin ides (AB full front, it will La evident om the ncompanving dingram th shall o Gne whole lino (AB) in cumpar britne (hhuding off hardly at all at the onda) antwo simaller lines (CA and BD) dim thruusut und shnding away into atur dimnuse towarda htremitien Cund D. But I mtienot givey to the temptation of eniargin these topes The meanest Nuthenmatician in Sparylbnd will readily beliuvime when Laert that thu probleme of liu, which ent meeive to le llducatad- when they arethumeelsenimolian angdvnneme rrutatine unt thu same time attentpting to disrtimunny by the Hne of mghutween a number nf Fayonel hirh rank moving n ditierent directiunu, a hr exumplea bail- pom or convereazione - munt be natiro tunik tbe aunalarity o the mut intelloctuk and umply justity the rich endowmenta of the Leaed Professars of Goomet, hath Sratie and Kinetie ANhe illustrenus Universit of Wentkridghere the Science and Art of SiNtenenition are Vgularly taght to large elasees/of the Zlite of the States ie only a fow of the cions of our nohlast and wthis whn arể ale to give the time and mony neossary r the thero nhanution of this able and valhle Art Even to m, a Mathematinàn no mean standing, And the Grandfather of yo most hondmland perfactlyregular Hexagons to find ihyael the midst of a crowd of rotating Palvgope the higher aheses, ik ncsionally very perplexingAnd of course to a common Trudesman, or Surf, such a sighulmost us unintaligibl a it would be to you Any lder. were you suddenly transported intor untry. In such-rerowd vould see un all uides ol you naluin but a Lineappardotly atraight, but of ich the parts wunld vary irregularly und perfetually inihtness or dune Even i vou hud cumpl ted your thirtyearin the Putagonul und Hexafunl classe in Ne Univeraity, und were perfeut in th theory of the subjec vou would still ind thathare was need of many veurs repesienee, belore you coula ove in a lashiunalble erowd without jet lig ayint vour bettars, Nhoh it ugainat utiquette sk to "Teel." and who, by their suporiar eulture and hrieding. kniw abuut voutmovrinenta, while you knowveny lntle nothing abont thairs In a wird. to tonalf with perfect prop n Palygonal society, ine ht to be Palvgon onlf Such at lonst in the páintul touking af my experience.ltianihine howymuth theATY ar I may almpat call it imatinct of Sight Rcognition ytoped by the ha i petice of ind by the avoidance of the custun ar"FoelingJust ng with yout the dear and dumb, if once allowed to gesiealate and to use the bad alph will.nevor acquire the more diffiulsut in man valuablo artof lik peech ud lip-ruadin so it in with us an regards Seving and "Feeling None whu in urlv life reto "yeline will vver lourn "Spem in perfeetion. Fer this penson, among pur Hisber Cla Fenling ie dinouraged o dutaly forhiddun. From th kradle thu chldren mtoad of going to the PuiliErmantary chools (whern the aof Feeling in taeht.) ure to hieher Suminaries of an oxelumve charaterand ourlustrious Univer y, to "leel" i ruded as mástmeri fult inéolviug Hustientinn f the tirat offence. and pulaion for the econd. By amohe the lower clansen the ar Sigh Recounition is regurded us un ynattainahle luxury, A common Tradeeman ciunot ard to lat his son anend u third of his life in abstrart studi. The childrun ol the poor antefure allowed to f fra their earlisteard they gain thereiy precocity a ariy vivarity which contt first mast lavourably withhe int undevalapet nd lat hehavi of the hall-inatricted youths of thelvunal cla uwhen th r have at last completed their Univeraity ourse. aurpared to put r theory inta prast t cháng that cunes oyer them may nm udekeritud as a new bith, and in vory art, aien and sotial purnuit ihey rapidlyvertake and aistuace their Triangularomputitars. Only a few othe poly anal lasiLp the Fimal Test or Laviing Examination at the Universitv. The condition of the uniue inority in lely pitiuble/ Reioctod from the huhlaa they are als despiacd by thluw They hau neither the td and uvatematicillvtetowers of the P'alygoual Bachelora nnd Mstors of Artnor Vet the native ecity and mreurinverantilof the vouthfiul Tradesman. The profemionsthe publ seviere closed inat them: and thounin modt States thuy ne not Hetunhy debarrtram marringE Vet thy luve the greatest dillicul In forming titableatince xperienee ahewa that the offapring uchrunfortunute and ill-endowed pnents in itself unfortunate. if not positively Irregular Iti from these specimens of the relus of nut Mobility Nt the troat Tumuia and Seditione of punt DREH DAVA enerally derived their lenda great The mischiehenaris that an iereasi minority of aur morn orogressive Statenien are of opinion thnt true me wuld dictat thuir ir resn. hy enarting that all whu fail to pan t Final Exainiian afihe Un/vernity ahonld be esther untisoned for life, artingushed by pinle denth. Bat I ind myself digressinsnta tiy subjoct of Irrdnchirition, a maer of auch vital interaet that it demanda eparute section Throughuut the peevia n 1 haheen aeaumine what perhans ahould have been laid dawn al the beginning ana distuet ad funleme propositiun- thatvery huanin bfing m Fatnd in Regular Figure, that retular cunstetion thismeun thata Wbman hu not only be a line, ba straiaht lin, that un Artisa or Saldier mus/huvewa of his silevqu th Tradesmun muHt have three sles qual Lawy tot wiety elaum a himt mumlier, tour aides qu andHrally, that in vry Palsru ull the sides must bygual The siz of the side wiuld ufurse depend upan Age af the individual. AVemale iwauld beut un inch lang while atall ulet Wanun night extend t, fsot. As to the Males of evry Juse, it may be rouehly said that the lengn ot n odult's siden, naddel tagther. Is two leeror a little more Sut the size of our aidos ls notdurtderation. Iam epea or N equality of sides/ und doen not need much lection to see thitthe whole uf the ocial liin Flatland ruste upun tlhe nmental taet thit Nature wills all Figures to haveeir aes bqual ur aidea ere unequal our anglen migbe unequal. Instoad drits beina atieient to feel, ur estiate by sieht, a sinele ange inarder to determne the forn of an individual. it would be huce to uscertain ench angte by the experiment ofoline. But le wuld be tou short for such a tedious crouping. The hale sciunce and art of Sight Rocounition yould at once periak. eelinu: o fur ns it i aryart would not long auri intercours watit beci purilo or impasible: theruuld ben vad all fonfideneall foruthoueht: na ox wuuld be afe in making tho mast vimpucial aranizements in a worivilisation wattld alancinto barbarismAm Lgui toot ta curmy Ruider with ma fo these nliviaus eunesia Surofy a momente rufition, and a sinule ingance from connien li dunt cunvince verv one that gdr whol neialavatem is bused unon kularity, or Equality of Anglos. Tou meet, fnumale, two ar thr Teadeemen in the stroet. whom you recoga at onee Tradesmen by a glance attheir ane and rapidly hodimmeles, and you ngk them to atep into vour hi talmth, This you do ntesent wh perfect confidencebocnu ryone knowe toran ikh ur two the area oupisd hy an adult Triangle but imag/ hat your Tradesman drage behid hie regular and redpectable vertx a parallelogram of tulve ur thteen inch in diagtal what are you to with ugh a munster sticking tast in your house ar at Tam insulting e intelligento of my Readar by accumulating detailwhteh main patent to evervone who enjays the advant of a Residenck an Spatund, Obviously the measurementa ingle hakward in secontse thuir efortalerogularity of Firure means with us the a r more thùn, cuebination of maral obiquity and eriminalitith you, d is trented accoely. Th ny nat wantingitrue, sone promuleaorsef paradoxen who maintaint thure is no necessry conniytin Eween geomerial pad mural leegularity,Tl re they ay fromhis liirtly sooutod by hiswn parentarided by lis lnthyre und ters, HEgtepfeit by the domestics, ened and suspocted by socigey. and exeluded from all posti of sansibility. trusiand useful activity. Hin movement in joniqualy watehed by hi plice till he comof ag nd presents himsell for inspuction: thine is uither destroyed, if be in found to excfed the fixed mar f devantion, or ele ummured in a Govermgent Office asderthe seventk eluss prevntedm mNhge forced to derudge un uninturusting dcupution for u mieraiteatipdblinedto live und haard at the ie und tà take ven hi vuation under elone upervton:hat wonder t hunan nuturu, vven in th bust nd pur embittered and perverted by Huoh uroundinga" All tha vor plauniblu rensoning doesot convine me st tias not conyancod the wisest uf ol Statuamen, thut our aators urred in laying it down an axiom a polie that tluolerution of Irregularity incompatible with the sufety h State, Dubete th life ot an firgular is hard tut interests of the Graatar Number requirat it lall be har man wiar trinsrular ftund yeunal buck wur alld to ist nd to honagate a still mora Innuular psteritv, what would hecom th d ifr Ar thehote und dour and lin atlant t he un arler to necommodte such monstuya our ticke ollectars to he renyd to musure everyan's perimeter ufre theyllow him enter n theatre, or nk his place in a leetuke rorm Lan lzlur to be umpted from thi milita And il not ow is luto be pvented fnm carrying desolation into the runks of his dim Agaii, what inroiatibla tuuptations to fraidulent inslures must neda beset such a creatureNiow onAy for himentelaslopvith his polygol fafnt foemost, and to order goda to ny tent fran a coniding trailesm Let thadvocate of alscly enlleThilanropy plend nH thiy may for thabrogation of h Iular Penal LAwa, Ior mvjart have nevy" kiown an Irrygulayho wni nd ala what Naturvidenily intended hine to be-a hypocrite. n minhropist d. up to the limita otkin power. a perpotrator of nll manner of michief Not that I hould be dispased t6 recdminend (at ri) the extreme meantures adopted in some States, where an infant whoe ingdevintes by hulta degre trom the rorrict angularity Numarily destroyed at hirth Some of au khest and abl men, men of tnne ha during the tarliest days labouri uniler vintionaae grent as, or eereater than forty-ive minuten. and loss of in precu liv would hav beon an freparteiury to the St e art bt hunling absohnachievad nme nf itnost glorimus triumphs ihe cumpresstons, extnians, trepannings, collignn, and ather surgiral or diaglie uperatinna by whirh trreguiarity lansn partly or wholls srd, Advocating ahuretore Vin N wutd lay down no fixrdor ahsoluto ine of demareation: but at the poriod when the e is just beindin to t, and when the Medical Bad ha ported that recvr 1a imprabaN Iwauld sut that the Ilar olpria painlosy and morrihully readehe have fallowerd ku with any athmtinn un to thie point hy will.nbelurnrird.te hear that somehatdu ELatland I de n otird, mean that thent are not battle an-aci tumulta. factionund all those ither hanomena.rhh are supned to make History interestia nan worls Ldeny that the strangernire of the prahleme of life and the problem of Mathenatic contifualy aduring coniecture and tiving the opportunity of immediat ritieatian, imparts to b xistenceest which you in Spaceland ean hardly nprehend Tepeak now from the authee und artistpoint of view whee Lauy e with us iull aesthetically an artiicully, very dull indeed aweiit be uthukwie, wun a one's ppaut. all onlandscup torieal piluces portraits, lowertill lite, ar not buta single line, th itide ekeubt degreof brightness andotucurity? It was nulalways thi Colour. i Tedition speaks the truth, unce the pace of halta doen-nt uries or ore, truw a transient splendour uver the i E our slure in the fensoteat ges. Sonie private individual a Pentagon whnse name i varióualy renorted - having cally disoved thy canitituenta uf thu simplecielound a rudntary method of pnintime said to vo herun deentatig fiit hinuse, then hlaver Thun his Enhert Sons, and Grandau lantly himaelf Thà cunveniunceE w the bnutythi reulta fommended themsalve to all VHeraver Chrutistfor hv thit nam the moat trutworthv nuthogti mmur inalne him turned hisariegated frame. there at uneu excited attentian, nttructed respect. No one now neededTust hin: no one mistook his front for his backi aikis movennt wjte enddy curtained ly his neighbour without the slightest atruin ne their poware of culcatition, no onastled himor failed to make war for him; his voica HVed th laiuur of that exhaustingterance which we colour Squarnd PentmN re uften forved to oeliim ondiidunli whun wemuve nmiderowd uf ihora Isondu, Thu hin sprundllike wildfit Buforu alweek wa r, every squure Thinngle in thy diatrict had onped the BOampla af rmatisto und onlya w of ar consurvative Peatagana till held out. A month two found yen the Dudocagone infi with the inmvation A vear had not olared hethu hihit ad apread to all bu the ry hithust uf the Nohility Naadless to aay, the cueln an made ite way trom the diatriet Chattt surrunding regionsrand within two rations no une Inall FLatland was urleseept the Women d h Pte. Her Nale herallapPpenr raet a harrirnta pleud anat tandine the innovatio ta thera two elas Many- adedne wa almust auntial tretext fo the Inatara."Ditinetianal -ldns 1à itunited by Nafuru tu ply diinetint lcalaur ch was the uplitamwch in than da ya lew trom peuth to manth, sanvertine whalu tow ta time to the newultue But manifest to rienta and Wamen d lage did not arply The latter had only one and thererife plurailv und pedantioallpuiking no ide The formes ill thev would asert iheir laim ti be Ny and truly Circlon. nnd nat mure hi ch Polveons with an insitely Ne number of teliniteninully amauids - were in habit of boiting (what Wamen donfd anil deplartht aln hng no idea being bieat withrimtor ofan lin in other wofds. n Citcumlerinee. 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The Arsofsight ecognition, being na longer hded, wile Jonger ratised: and the studies Gieomotry, Statins. Kineties, other kindred subjoer uun tu be considd upelunu hod into diaspand nlent vinat our Uvertv. The inlerior Art doeling pundily eKnoriencol the sum nt our Elimenarvsinole Then the Lles tlus serting that Ahe Specinene no lant used nor deedrd and refusing tpthe customary trilhute ftom the Cminal classes tu the aicu of Edution wa ailv more numeratis and mure imolent on the strensth of their iunit frum the old burden whirh had formeriyoeryined the twld wholosome effect of tncefaming thoir brutal nature and thinsn their eessive numbers Year hy vonr h Soldiers and Artisans began m vehemently to assert th inrensing thath th thơ W no groat dileence hetween them and the ve highest clas of Palygans yw that they were raised th an equnvith the làtter, hd enied to grapple with all the dilteulti ndmntyeall the probiiof lifnwhether Statial or Kinntiral hy the sipmlo prarese of Colorur Rorognitiop Not content with the natural nerlen into whih Sight Recognition was falling, they bogin baldis to demand the alprahibation uf all "monopolizing and aristocratic AfA" and the eunkequent afon of all endwmenta fur the atudis of Sight Resnenition. matica and feeling Soon, they bugan tosint that inasmueli as Cale ich wan a econd Natu nt dentenved the ed aristo distinetions Xhe Law shotld follow in thame ph, und that henaart ull individuals and all duss hi beredognied aabaulutlyanl and ititled to eqal riehL Findine the highor Or wavaring and iated, the laders of tRevolutin advaneed atillL lurtber in thair requirementa und ut tast demandeihatall classe alike. the Priests and U Women not eept ould da homage Calaur bv aubmitting to bo puinted. Wbất was nbjoted thut Prista Women hud uo sides they retarted that Natune and Expodiemsconurred in diating that the front halvery human heing tha n the lialf containina ye and muth) shld btingishable from hus hinder half They thehore hroukht beforea enerallandxtraurlinnry Ansembly of all th Sttes hf Flatlana Bill priosing that, in overy Woutan the half ortaining the ey andth should bcolounid ret and teer half green. The Priesta wo to ho painted in the sue way. red being alied to that somievilà in which the oya und mouth formod themiddle point while the athe hinder Humicirele wae to be coloured treen Thery was no little cunning in sroyaal. which mderd emanated not from any lsoncoles boing su dugrnded wauld have had anlarity unugh tappre ch lese to dovise, su model of state-cra burom an baegular Circlwhu. inatena uf berngtroved imhis childhoud, was ruved by a foolish intuleenee to brenointion un countrynd dantrution on myriuds of lue followers. On th ope han proponiin was aleulated to hr the Wonniall classs o to the Hide of the ehrimatic Innovating Por by asugning to the Waman ihesae typo toloura wereined to thu Phist, the Revolutuita thereby ensured that, in certain et ions, vrv Waman woul nppar like a Pi Nd trentcd with currespanding repet und defurenc rORpeet that culd not litastact t female Sek in a maBut bome of my Reader paililitv if thetieal appanee af Pristand Women, under Hw Lilation. muv t ber di if sa ward de two wal akit/olvious. agine uvan duk dacarated ucarding to u new Code with the unt Nr the lal containing and mouth) red and with inalar halerin Laok at her from onide Obviual vou will ve trainh line ialfvd half g Now imagine a Prie, whoge mouth is And whoen front umitirele (AME) in konauqutitly coloured red. whilo hia hindey umrchreen: o that thi diimeter AB divides the green from rl. In contemplato the Gat M o u to have voue in Iamo stiraight line dividing diner AB). what uu will ae will bi a strnit linCBD) of whilh one hilCB) wil aand th other (BD) go The ole ine (CWill ral Arler pirliap thiin thht o tull-sized Wonin andwill a ff mori apidly towpr it extremitivn but the idatil afthi colourawould give vou nn janediate impresnion of identily of Clinn, niating vuu negal of other detalla. Bear in mind the decay of Siglt Reognition which threntened soty atthe time of the Colour Rovalt add togttn certainty that nen would spesdily learn to shade olf their uxtraitio BE to imitate th Circles; it munt Ins beurly oivioe to vou, duar Reader, t the Colour Hiplasd us undar a at dangar onfuunding ariesttwith a voung Wamun. Howlattrad thin prospet imist hute pen the Frl ex mng readi imatinud, Thuy anticipatud with delipht the cantuan ti Nauld ens At h they might hour paltan d ereloniasticat secrete intended n them hut for their hushands and brothera anhmighteun iue commande in thw name of a priestly Cirele: ouy o daire the striing comhination di ned and green without addition of any othe hloins would be stin ta he comman people into endlemr mintakos, and the on would gain whatever the C ost. in the d d the sers by. A theeanda would befall the Circular Class k the fivalduand unkeomlycotdust of e Wom wermputeta the and a te the nnogunnt abyerion of thConstitution. the Female Sex cuuld not ho expected sia hnht to tho nideratios von in the baurehnida of the Cirlos, the Women all in favourofthe Universal Colour kill The neceahject aimed at by the Bill was the gnadual damonalization of she Cirelae themselves In the onerl intellectuul decay they still preured their pristine cleurness und atrength ol nderstanding. Fre their earliest childhood, fumiliarb in their Cireular houieholda with tbtal abace of Catu he Nables ale preser e Saeres Art l Sinht Recognition. with all thefdvantnga thit rell fram that adiirabitrainin of thejintelleef. Hnce, p to thếde Ahe intrudaetion of th Uhiveral Colour Bill, the Circles had n anly held the wnt ven inerensed tlheir leol the other classes by abatinenee b the popular fashion.Now therslarithe aritul Irreerr whon I deneribed above as the real nuthor ol thin dinbolieal Bill, doteriined at ulo to lower the of the Hierurchy by foruinie them to sulimit to the pollution of Calour, and at the time to dustroktheir domestic opportunities osining in the Arl of Siuht Recuenon, HỌ efeeble the tellaut teprie tm of their wure and eulaozless home Once scted to the chronhatio taini evervinunntand ery childigh Chr weld domaral chuthor in discurminig beten the Father and the Mathwoult tE Cireintint find prublems for xercise of ita unduratandint - ptileme toa oiten likely ta he corrupted by matenslempostures with khe result of nhaking tho child's faithrin all laien cunclusfona. Th degrees the intellectuul luptrv of thktly Ordur would wun, and the road wauld then lie upen for-a total deatructionall Aristocratie teuslature and for the subverto of our Privilfeed Classes, The eatianthe Univeraaolour Billoninuer three vearund up to thu last mumiut of nt uriod it eemed thouch Anarehe waru tinal to triumdA wole frm ufPolvgong, who turhd at tofight ue prvateatterWIEutturly anutiilnd by uperir at les Trang the Squares and Pentaguna nwile remaining neutral Wor than all somnghe ahlesteareles lell avurev to conjugal barv Inturiated by politil anmonity wivn uny u noble hninchald waried their lonls w vers to giva up the oppoition ta the Colour till and amw. finding their entie fruitles fell an and slaughtered their inint chilarenant hunband. priah msulvon in the al rarny lirgrded that durtut that trienhal agitation n thun twenrehrairel purinhn ton diAro Gr Ind w mad thu He Priest bád no chei atwoun aubmian d extermingan, whn auldenly theur ofata wan completely ghed by one of those pictque incilents whigh aralamen aught nver ta neyde ofen to anticipute, and sometimen perhan oamate, because of he abaurdly ilinproportiotato power with whiTNI they nup to thi ayinpathien if the popilac, It happened that an loncelen of a low t with a brnin little iatallabove four derrekeridentally dabliling in the of Home Tradesminu w hop h had plhindored- banted him OF cauhimaIMo b palated (for thetary varwith the twalvircalo odecap Goi nto the Marlkut Po ho accoded in a folged voice a maiden. theorphan duhter of n nble Palygor. whoan ufection in formi dnyt hud sourht in vainnid by n seriea f duespona- aididL on the one aide, be'a string r iucky atcidenta tod long to telite nton the her. by an almond itonceivabla fatuity auri nagieet of ordinary pryintions an the p the rulatan of the brideh auereerded in comsummating the marriage unhappy zarl.commilted miside on dining the fraud to which ahe h n subjected Whethe wa ulthie ctnatrephe npiad from State to Stache minie of the Woman Crn Vialunily n oppurtuty, the Cirelu hastily eunvene an extraordinur bly of the State, and beidas the usual guard or Convicts, they cure endance of a large number ofreatiy Womn.Amidet an umpreented ronrourathe Chi Cule of tho day - by a Pantucyelus - to fini himseli hisped aud houted by u an IsulBit eurod silence fy laring tat hungsturih the Cides woulder pna policy of Cancessi elding to the wisheu of t maja they would ccupt thie Calur Bill uproar being at once converted to applaus, berinvite Chromatist Tender of the Soditati into the centre of the aLL o raive in the nme of me lllower the aubmision f the Hiefaty, Then folo peuch. a masterpisep of rhetorie, which oruuniod nerly a dav in thed livery, and ti which no humimary cun iusticu With a grave up e of imptiality h rud that they were no inall cammine el ta Rehtm or Iunovakion N N houl udstew of the erimter of whole subijt. ils de lets well as ita antiges Cradually jatroduc the mention oL d urs to the Trudesmen, the Professionles ndhu.Centlemen. he silenced the risnr filrmurs of th es y remindine them thin spite ul all thene hdeety hew willing to uecept the Bi t was approved by the majortv. But was manifest that al t the Lusceler wery movad by a wirds anid were either neutraavorse ta the Rill Turning now to therkmen finatednt thir nereats must no neglected, nd that, If they intendeiaep tie Cntrur Hill hay ough nt ti từ he fqune Mny nf hum hy aid werd an the punt of being nimitted ta the ela f the Hegular Tpanglen; otheunticijnted rtheir children a distinetion thuy pould iope for themeelver That honaurable amhitjun wuuld now hiave uerificed With the univeral adiption of Calour, all ilistineuons wpunl cease Regulafity worild he confused with Imegularily devlopment would give place to Tytrogrstthe Workman would in a few generations be degraded to the t the Mlitary, or even the Convit S palitinal pow woulin tha hands of matat number. that ito ay the minal Clasas whn werh alrnady mor ntn in an wouk o t-nuibyr all dhe other s put tmgether when the dalCampsativeLa ure were viol Ahdind murmur of assent ran through theanks of the Artinans, and Chmmatintes inaturin attemptodtop forward nd address them. But he iini himself eneumpaad witir hardsun fomod to rimliin silen whih the Chiel Cirela in n frw impassinnsd worda mada a tinal appeal to the Wamenelaimine that, the Colour Bill pat o marring whuld h arth be ale no wanan' huna ure raud an lyoorriay would de nvert lahold: domtie bl wuld ahahe the lata af te Constitution n. "oner/than hi heevind. Came deathAtbeae words, hich war theann d simat rt the Laaele vista lell on and transfised the wretd Chrimatiatas the Regular Clas, opening their vanka made wa for a band of Women who, under dirsetin af the Cindes, moved. hack forumoat nblvand unerritely upon the uneunscious eldiers the AFtifans, imitating the exumple uftheir lettere, ulsu opened thenke. Meantime bunde af Convieta necupied every ontrance an impenetrablu phalen The le, or ra carnuge wa of shurt tioa Undr the killl genoNip of the Cirelee lmat uvary Wattan'a ch U TALHT ny eet the g Aminjiliéd, rmde for d laurht But no Hongrd bluw w beedot he rubblo of the Larar tinha test of the business for theelvs. Burpriaed, lunderloE attacked in front hy invisible und finding egresa cut eff by thà Convicta bohind them, thoy at oncealter their manner - loat hIA pHU Hne of m nd ruisud the creorechery." Thie ealed their fate. Evney iauels now aw and felt u fou un every othier Irlan hour not ane hat vuat multitode waalivingant e trngments of seven corn th d ofCriminal Clalain y ananaura anglea ntlented htriumpha Order The theel dilayedaat to pu n/uttamast The wne Men siey pd but decited. Thi Militia of e Equilatera was at oncu called out; andury Triun Husperted af fregulit on ryasonable guunds wan destaured by Court Mt without the formality of uxurt masurement by the Souual Board The humen of the Muitary and Artiaan pla ins in uur itauns xtuling thrnugh upwards of a vuar ul durine that purind varv tawn, villa, and hamlet lematically purnthatco of the Inwer ind ieh had heen lirouglit about egleet to pav thetbuteCriminal-to the Stheols d Baiversik and bis the violation of thy uthàr auralaaw tiot tiaThus hu balanc af cladies eain storlNeudless to sav at huneforth th is Colour was abalid and its p iun prohited Even the ueranen ofEany ward ng Caloue cept lhy the Cireles or by qualified nionti teachers, was punished by a very nn Onlatur Unisevity in Him the very higlt and mant rid elanés - whith I myelf huve never besi privileged tointtend it in underatood that the aparing of Colour still aanetioned for the purpuse of illtrsing ome of tho deep/ probl f muthomatic.t of tNIen only aponk frogearaayEON latNE, C H nt Thị i Knowt'ank one living pirin, the eE Cirele fopthe time boinganhy hin it in handt down on his dealhied to n t hin Sucriasor. One manufattary atone pruduc and, lont the ecret ahould be betruyed. the Workmen are anunlly consumed and freah ones introdut reati the terrir with which ven now aur Arisióruey looks bark to the inr t da f the ngitatinn for the Universal Coleonur Bill. IT IS high time that Ihnuld from th et and discurtive notes ahout hings in Flatlanahe rentral ent of thio my initintion into khetri Spane. Ths my suO alyhat ha punk tufate uy proturel For thii reon et omit manmatrera of whuch the explanai wuuld pol. IflatteE myeti be fathout interaet tor my Readeraan for exumet, ur method of prepetting and atapping our l mugh destitute of feet: the means hy whinh we give fixity torstructures o wond, stome, ar buek amgh of courso we have nu hande horen we lay foundatiunsis you can, nor avail ouelveglof the latral p al the carth: the manner in which the rain oariginatinthi intervals hetwen our variouLesthat the northern reginn donot inter theaisture fraomlineen the anhern: lhature of our hilled nes, ou rens and vegetahleur kea and harvest nur Alph /metld af e adanted to nur linea tabltheeand a hundrii othon taila ofair nhysical existence I mus ver, nđa I mention them now excent icate to my roadirs that thuir smission procesde not frum forgltilness on the nart ofthettir, bit from his rogaat for the time of the Rhaderot hefury 1 proteed to m legitimate subje some fow t remarka will no doubt be eperteiv my Reader upon thosu piliars und maimatagv of the Constitution of Flatland h llers of our conduet anil shapers af uur iu the nheutsunivasthnnage and ula daatine d tha n uor CireleT WhenTel tHum Prituta eT bự hder alngtio mure than the m dunate with ut With u our Pri ta are Administrat ulI Burlnos, Artnd Seience: Director alo, Comnierce, Generalahip. Architucture, Engineerng, Educatiun, Siateumanshin lare, Morality, Theology doing nothing themselver they te the Cauen of verythine worth doing, that is dono be ather hugh alarly vorvom called aC mi h yor amang tho bottirvduntd Clasi knoyn that nu C lly a Cireto Liut nly a P n ry In emimi A thu nun f the e rs,apalvtòa aphrmate tola Chrl nhd. when th n i ry u loed y für eximple tlune fuur hundrod. It RUremdimenit fir the moseiente touch to fodl any nolvanl angl m ay rather, it wald bo diffimlt for n Ihave shawn above Rachenition Ferting i uniinown amung the highest Hotiotwand to feel Circle wiuld he considered mast audarioui insult Thin habit of abstentian from Frelin he bent society anables a Circle she mure muly uin thevl of mvatery in which.from hin carliest ars he is want to enw e uet natura Primuter ar Cirsumteneu Thr eing therase Pecutarit fullaw t inu polvenn th lưndrid ideskach de wille hbrhan th uredth part uf foat in lenrth. urel nor than the ieth fart afan inch: and lohvronulsix or Beven hundrod the siden are litle lurger than the dinmeter of a spaceland pin buat it um by courtesy, that the Chief Circl for the time being hư ten thuuund sidus The atent ehe pterty of the Circles in the sntial sale is hot restrieted. is amang the lawer Reular elasses, by the Law o Nature wiiehmita the inerens of sides to one ach generatian Ifit wara e Theumber ul/des in a Cirele wvauld he e questan of pelisre ritlin and the four hdrt and nikety th de lant atan kaqulatral T le ild rily bea lvn with ive hun aiden. Hut tii s at ne Natur Law presurib two antagonist E Necting Cireular prupagation: firat, that an the race climbe h mthe aleof develapmunt, A devalapmunt shall propeed at nicelerated pare necn. that in the sime proparhion, the raehall becomo lesa fortil Consuquently in the home of a Porn of four of five hundred aidea it in rur to find n son more than one i er n. On the othe hand thaenoFIT five-hundied ided Palv ni been known to posens fivndand fity oreveix hudrudes. Aalso in t hielp brora dt ihe hậnhậ Hvaution/ Or eli dsured tlud thr anll and tder of tlint Polvgonfol the hipher elasa dan be Iractured aulhrs whale frum re- with uch exactness that a Polvgon of twe ar thre hundred aide omotimes - by no meana alwayi, forsku procues attinided wilh serisul risk - but omu im overleaps two okten hundred generations, pnd an if were doubles at u stroke, the numberi progeniturs and the nobility of his descent Many a prnmining child in oaerintns way Sraroelv on out of ten urvives. Yet sounr is Tharentalambition amu tho lvgone whin are ore, on tku fringenf t Ceeular thần itle vy vare findia Natlenhan of ur puioin ty who ha negloong to plare rar born in the Cirar Noo-Therapeutie Gymnusteture he has attained the aneta month One venristermilemce ar tailure. At thu ent of that time the child has, in all probahilitv. alded aiemore to the tombatones that crowd the Noo-Theraputir Cumterv: l on rare eeiopea glad prvcion hers bak the litele oeto is v it urenis, no lonma Palygon, but a Circle, at least by courtegndanel insta da resull induce multitudes /Palyeanal parent auhmit to eimildanutie arrifis whi a dissimisz liO TO Nutrin of Ni Nileit y nf bi sfmne ya or Attenl to vuur Contiguratidn Whather politnl, elesiastial or muralTheir teaching has for ita object the impremontof indi tad collctive Configuration - with pecial reference of cuurse to the Configurution uthe Cirile to which all other objucte ureaubordinated ti the merit he Cireles that they f fluly Suupressed those unt here sian which lean tu waste eneriey and svmpathy in the vain beliuf that conduct depends upon will, elfurt, trainim u ent. praise anything else hut Configuratio It wuaoevelus the lustri Circle mentionedabov thueller of hhe Colour Revolt who lit convinoe nelind Coduration mukes the mun that if eumple, vou are orn an luele with two uneven aiden, vou will ssurediy to wumes yu have them male even for which purpuse ou must go to the lausteles Hospital similarly, it vou are a Trianuteor Square, or uven Polveon bu th any regalaiv. you mushhe Jalken to une of the Regular Hopimi d vaur disinee cured; ot h ym will end your days in the Stute Prison ar by the angle of the Stata Executinner, All faulte or defoct teet misconduct to th most flagitimus T Pantoryeluk attrilute ume devration from pctegthrityn he badly ture, kaused perhan- fit n ypre collisiin in nerwd: by negl iako rise, or takm ton much of it: or ven by a sulden changd aitemperature, relting in a hrinkage orixpanaion in eome too us ptikile part of the frume. Therefora-concluded that illustrious 'hilosaphur heRUod contluct nor bad condurt is afuubjret. in any sobor catimation. for either praise be lame. For why shuuli yoti prnis, fr the integrity alaSemre who faithfully defends the intereats of his chunt, when you maght. in reality rathr to amite the precisienf hie right nngle? Or iwhyhlame a lyr, thvis toscelen when v gitathr to deplore the ineurable innqualityt ide Taraly thti doctrineieunguestunible hit ha pratientrawlincks In dealing withan tsrel il pheads that he cannot p stealing becaue of his unovenness. yoi reply that for that verreason bernie he cann bel mma nnsano to his neighboues jti the Magistrate, canat help dentencing Him to by consnmed - and ther an undl the inatter But in litle domstie dilfiultina, whth prniy mution, or out of the nueation, this theurv of Canfiguration umulimek omein awkwardlv, and Imuanfo that eemslinai n antot mo HeEal Grasd-ons pha na ini he lihe disokedinhethalaladdenca mper haa huen too much tor his perimatnd tht Lautatav thiblame notn-m hut on his Canfieuratidn, which can only he engthuned hy abundanee of the cholcest swetmate Insithu W Iogically to rut, nor practically to ierspt, his conelusin For hy own part I lind it besto au tat a food sound scolding ar castigition han sume larent and strungthuning infliuence on my t un'a Confizuration, thaugh TDwin thnH no krounds for thinking ao. At all eventel am rnt aloin my wayr of extricating mywell from this dilemma find that m of Lhe hust tirele- duges inlaw courta bee irainnd hlámy tawids Re ind tular Firur id in thuir haur 1uw by xperie that whon stilding thuir chiltren thuy penk ahout "right" or "wrung us hemintly und pasionatoly i inved hat these names rupresanted real existences, and that a human Figurie i ruilly capable nechoosing between them. Constani chrryfng out thir liev of making Confiruration the leading inde in eyery mind tihe Cireles revure ature uf that Canmandmentwhich in Spaceland rugulatO thelatins tuiweun panent children. With vou, childrun aru taught ta hanour thr pnts: with xt tu th len, whantchtl obhjetf univeDu mat mn augh to Hunoyt Granon fhe han on reif nat hi Son. y haneurhwver, in by no mean meant inlulgence but u rverent ruuard for their hiu ter nd the Cirels teach that the dufy of fathers is tu subordinate ther ownnteresta to tho of poterity thuryby advancing the wellare of the while State a will Ahat of their own inmetiate decalintaTh wvak point n the vatemthe Circles - if a huble Squmay venture to puak of anything Csular as conthining nylementol wunknnp to he found in their relations with Women Ati utmeinnetanca fSociutut Irreur ille hould beditreced lws hduwanarien laas Ngularities in her unstry r etner fir e who desireA that his posterity should rise by ulat d in the slalaleNaw the Ireglarity of a Maira matter af masuremant, but us all Womenare straight d therefore vinbly Regular so to Ha. ohe has t devisu home other mudns Artaining what I maall their invilible Irregularily, tlut i to sas Hheir potential IrregularitiA HE regardssible ollapring. This i ellocted by earetnty iat padigreen, which are presurved/hd upervised b the Stato ant withaun cortifid pediur no Wan iallowed to Now/ might laven auppsaed thia Cirlevruud hin any dnd tul for rity whih mipht pussiblv isue erantter ia Chier Cirelewauld b r T han iny ather to thooD n wite who had no b on her cutehoon. But i l not o. The care in chooring a Regular wife appeirs to dimininh war risus In the social ieale: Nothing would induce an aspiring ladacfe who had hopes of generating on Equilateral Son. to tuke a wie who rockond naingle Irregularity among her An Squaru ar Pentagan wtio 1s contident thnt hi milv Hteudily on thee, dons not inquure above the five-hundredth generntionHesauaur padecagon is even myaralens the Viospdigree A Cirrte hn bun lauwniherutel torka wi t lud an Irraguiar tirant- Grdtathermit all bucaun Df ome alight superiority of lustre, or because of the charms of law -which, with even more than vou is thought an excellent thing in Woman. Such ill-ntged marrings are, ae might be expected, barien, they do nat reult n positive Irrerulartitv or in diminbtion of sides bit nono of iheso evils have hitherta proved aulficiently deternint. The lo a few nides in a highly develnpod Palvgon in not easily noticed nlametimes compenauted by a nucesful operation in the No Therpuvmnasium. as hny nhed ahoveathe Ci re tho mich dirpoud to gue-in infuuiry asa ef thesuterur divelopment Yot.this e he nat arrestod, the gradualiliminution of the Circular elass may -em terome more ra and the time may bo nit lar distant when, the race heine na longer able to produce a CChief Cirele, the Constitution of Flatland must falLOne othec word of warnine Auggeste itael to me, though leannoto eunily muntion a remedy, and this alao refers to our relations with Women About th hundred years ugo it was decled by the Chief Circle that, sinwimen are detieietin Reason but abundunt in Emotion. they pughtU nu lor to bu trented ation nor a alduntion The cueone wins Ehey en U to reud, nor evin to mster Arithnetieugh lo enable thom to tount the angles of their husband of childron, and hunce they sensly dochned during uach goneration n intellectual power. And this svstom of fumale non-aducation or ydietism atall prevails. Mlear that, with the hest intention T otiny ehen rt r muut un th Muto S. Ftiuu thr, tme w, wiui v to tentimtur inut, mt tmvutm n XTEt Wii Wimen, we s uf tave "itutyihtwomg iTope ndar imntit ant u nat oontinE which ve nxitune tion or ytich huniet upt to rontrat timnimimebur tut mmung TUEetv und iur toot, w hv ntiray tint vontutury mtytt ny. to Love then o ti utiat teeittuty t y t uther wrte unrUontin t mut Moreaver, mong Women, we u langange inplyine the utmost deterunce for thuir Sex: and they fully belivve that-thu Chef Circle self in not mun devolatly adored by us thun thuy but bchind their back they ueboth rHETrded und spoalen of vexTmptiu vungbeing Itle nnnule arean Om Thev atean wos chnm uralliferunt from uur Theologvul Now my humblerethat thus double truining, in langunkv uu well un in thought. impones mwhat too huavy a burden upon the voung, especiily when, at tihe ae of thrue v old, they ar taken from the sterhal care and taught to unlehrn the old länguage - pt far the purpae upating it in the presee of their Matheraand Nursndto learn the vocahulary and idium of acle Already methinka Ldisurna weakns in th eraspf mathumtinat irath at the presunt time an pared with e more hut inlent ranentor mdretra u a tthg le r tld Hurrimsy lemtoreritanduny her Sex the rault of hur peruofa ailge popalar volume nor of the passihility that the indiseion ar dinobediene of aume infant Mak micht reveal to a Mithar the necrite of the logical dialentOn the simple ground the enfeebling of the Male intella Preavihis humblemeal to the hich at Authoritis to rinider the regulations af Female educition. "O lirave new worlda. that hnve uch p in them! the lnit day hut one oC the9S vaFor our ern, and the Tirst day of Lhe Long Vialin Having muud avalf till /hour with frvo ratioLGeamet Thnd to mesl p in y mnd be nht Illdr E mulde inall Stralht Linel (whih Ihraml unied to I Wamen od with olr Beinestillaller anl af the nature al lutrot piatall nivine to and fro nd the im Siratet Line and rlvae thue with the Hamlout A none of contused. multitudinue chirning ar twittoring kaued trum them at intervaln as long as thuy wer mnvin omtimes the ernaed from muin, and then all was laneA thin oni of the largost of what I tughnt o be Wamen/rc fir but ruserve no new seoand thind nea aet womunliv im t Lasing aat what appalured to my intolerable ruden, I brought/mv mh mt uaitinn full in trunt of her moutn to ntercepr motion anl Toudly repeated my question, Woman, what siunifies this concrunie, and thutinge and contud chirning. nd this manotonoue motion ta ahi fro in unie and the ae Straight Line?" "I am no Wornnn 1rephathe emall Line Tum the Monarch of the warld. But thou, whenee intrudest tho y reHlm of Lineland H thisnbrupt reply. 1 beMged pardan il ad in any way slartled ur ol in Rovali nd leribing my t ro t ty ka nn int of hie da Bur I e test posihr diA in obtaining any information paints that reully intervated me tlutah could not reaindm tunstuntly asauming that whatever was familiar to lum must ulso be knewn tomnd thatwa simulating innarane in jesbliowever. by arsevne eationa I elicited ihe folliwing facte emad that ETenorunt Msauch he alled himael- was p ded that the Straeht Line Kungomnd h lu p d itee, unstituted the whole of the wurl d whale uf e el ta strin N tnn Though hd he my volce wi listaddecsed him, the sods had come to linm in a manner o cuntrary to his.aperience that h na an wer, "seine no man." a he eauressed it, and hearing u voice aa it were fig my wn intestines Lntil the monont when I placed my ma n hu World hu id neither en, m, nor rd anything xcept confused wound benting againet - what I ealled hin side h witto led is inuido or stima ur had he even ow thie Tet abeption of the pegion from whirhI had eonu. Outide his Wolld, waa blanto tum nay, hut ven aNank lanlWinnti t om he n w en and the PainA Wan mall alika continnl in mutinn ae h to thatL ingl Strig Linn Nirh wa t wrt ly t aided that the whole thetr hrizun wan limitidh Paint nir wnulh uny ner hything hut Pan an wuman, iita, thmg h w laint t ata Lanlander. Only hy the sound t id stinguished Morever ach knidividun nid thehol f the naw path,npren tituted hi Uai ndin tahauhe n p Alod tha N nur the eu hli t withthem a like rin w rehtmurmamd noiehbio till death did them act Such life, with all vision a Point, and all mtn Simight Lane, semed to me inixprsihly dreary and twas surprised to note the vivacity d cheriulhees of the King. Wondering wheahr i mist umstanens o unfavourable todomeatie relatione, to eniov the plenauri of conjugal unioan Ihe d r me time to quain hi-tevalT Highness on slalicat azubi it ar nnte i beairuptly inuiting as tarthe hualth lyM wived Nehildrt repl well ands hap Staggd atanwE for ininkediate prasimitvaf thu Mmareh (as Lhad nten dram before lentered Lineland) there ere nan h Men -1 ventured to roply. "Parin-uu but Leninat imagine how vour Itovali tanyim either se or approach their Majext when there aru leuEt half a dozen int i in unhom vou nan neither o through, nor pas by? I it poserile that in Lineland proximity in not nuceary for murring for the gunt yon nt o nlaurd tionupliee onar. IiE were mda Vad huteurt th tA aniadAnun b litl N hbobyh nd the union or h nd thà butar to ImEtiint a attee ta have buun allowed to dependrupmsuch an acident as proximity You cannt b tenurunt of this Yet since vou re pleuied to affvet ignorance. I will matruct you if vou wur er al in Linelund. Knoy, then, thật he mrable vetim il anticipations nhillar doeintiana for atiomselven, thir aaters. nd then dauchters, mad now regant the Colour Hill jn entirely nuw aspENL Not u few openly avowed themselves prnverted to antagoniam: the res Treded only a slutht au to make a undlar avowal Sezang th tuvourable summatad by meunol the farulty of st and the nenae of hearing. re of oure awur that Alan hn twn moutie ar vnfon- well an be t e ntmt theathur tineumtilahoul muntiun t that I have beun unuhla distingtiah yau or coturst of oar nationepli ihat Thad one voi und hat had n ware ants NHighneas hud two That antiema my impreenand the King. that yor not a Man, irut u feminin Monstrusity with aha vaice, und an utturly unedicated ear. But to cuntinun "Nanturu having herll rdained that eyury Min imiet w "Why twi kid 1. "You parry vaur affected einm far he cried "How ther be a completely harmonious union wiht the cumhina un taur in ie the and Tenur al the Mam and the Suo und C ta of the twa W "But supping atd ha an sluuld eran a Vhree" ible a.sakincou tthnt twnd uld urththa an ve shud Sht Line I would haveinturuntiim: but he protinda allow "Onru the mietale l ch week Law of Nature compele i to mve to and fe with a rhvilinie motin of mur than usal violete which cuntin fhể time vuu woild takke to ount a hundrod and one, In the m of this etoral dance, he ity firit pulantion, the inhubitanta of tho Uni in full career ch individuanda forth hi richua ferttet WItel . It I in thi đorikiveAnt thet all our marrlages are ti Sir squiE tlanor Bat T or Caalta. Chat ofton tho LVeI Ones theh twin auandague g Ener the repoive note of their leutinad Lover: ant penutrating the paltronitadof distance. Love unites thi three. The marringe in that intnt consuimatod Fulta in a threefpld Male and Femnie oipiring which tuke it lace in Lineland." What Alwaya threufold" said L "Must un n ulwaya lhave twie" "Bae-voiced Munstroaityl vesptthe King How lienie-the hunce of the Sexes he ain d twa iria were nat r very be Wauld you th very Alphabet of Nature He ed phh the fu ad sotmetelasp betrelald mduce him ta resume arrata You not of four pn tiat ever ur amang un fnde lus mate the first wooing in this universal Martinge thorue On thetrany hpoCee is by mant of us many timee repented. Few artke hiurta whoe huppy lot it at anee to renrgriza in each others voies thu partner intended far them hy Pirovidence, and to fly into acinrocald periectly harmoni embrace. With ma-t the courtshin-ttong duration. The Wooer/ vo maurhans r une of the future but natith both or not. at ith eitherihe So and oritral lt mute ichnvod. There cones a duy at hnt, when. while the wonted Marrige Choraoen farthfrum u tin land, the three far-ofr Lovers suddenly find themselven in aet harmony nd tefure they r ke heded TriLE Is Fapt voeally into eatembrand Natujoter notind by the Henke of sinht, beford Fentered your Kinedom. that of yu la Linad itiur Pointsndfut m of th Lin a lars Yau sp of uniosaihility interrupted the ou mahuva Hon a Visin: for odal dim elween in andaint bytheX but he continuud curnfully. "Sincelvou ur impervious ta urum ku-tt arh vour eure w he n my bwo voiere I reveal my shape to my Wives w at thin moment aix thaunand m ve arda two fnt anht meh war on to North the nr to theth Li inehes Bit von will of cur understand that my t make this caleulan everv Lim they h my Lwo vaicee. Thay nade it, unce for all e ww married But they cauld any time n the same can ntate ap any atunid quoutiun. Tor fouline could not baa the purpolie/but hankod with the vin ritatinthe Monareh, and Tacerded perfeetly aaried he horrar. Wxplain vour muani HeEl. touch, come into etIrenlied. "I vaymon foulingahe nar Waman shall beanpronchertoclonly ne to destruy theinteval between the upprximatord the urosimutod. "And indeed wh hl arpo would rVed by thin tllgl ural exc ot approximation h yuu call tou whn all th the a nd dit orearh by the wne f feeling: how much in and ene wauld be wasted his emay and inaecurn mthud! Wheras nwun nt ofaudition. L t WH he censs and statistip Tocal, cor l m nd spiitual tet Tlnt Nut even to be sblu to duntemplatea Straight Lin Nay. mmt proimity on sh lo, ai ght Men and twe Wom NT Vur ght It th correct It Haid the King. " far as the numbers and /es are co d. Tugh Lknow not what you me hy right and left Bu to meir please, this motiun fria luft to right 1. Nav, thcannot de unlese you conld step vaur nitogether. King Out of my Line Do vouean the world? Out of Space Well t of yaur Warld. Ouvo Alas How ahall I make it elear Wien vnu move atraisht onloes it not hetimes Tu that you entuld ame other way. lurnine vour eve soa le loak in the dirsetion tawardelch vn sde nwtr Ihur to you Arthekord I began to muvejmy body ut or Linelan/A lunie an an part al me remained in lus dominion m hin viaw, the KKing kept g g I Hee vat, La yo till: vou art muving But whin I hidet lant md descrihingheir der, their niz and the intoralbatweunach" Whentn done this at gruat leauth Leried truhy. Doe that at la invou And with that Tonce moninred Linelund-taking u Line of elh you k. Initaal of ovia. vou merely me marie urt of vanshing and.riturning to slahtd ind f T inof vour nw Warld, vou s ul tmumler d lsone for my but a PalatiYau plume spurel on ihlerring the enel aBtralght Line lutr Ican see Straiglt Linen, atid nlor ti t Triang Squnroa Pntaga Heagon and even Cireles. Whete muru word/Sui there aron Nom myrinde os ha aubf ulitudinouwar-cry, in ing in vithemence till at last methnught it th an army of/ huntred thouunl len, and the artiliery.ofa thand Pentago. S pmepoots he coming vent uming century, the oine Millonnium Mfaur Sone and two ornhan Girandchden h tired to th veranartments, andaF wife alane remmained with me e the ald Millenniu and the now a that I hud ben induet to reward hin by givving him w hinta u Arithmetic. us pgliud tu GeometryPing n ua, each an inv way. Ihad ut them together su as to muku uarge Suuare, wi tonching aise number to the ihini pownsluose 83 mnt mean sumethug in Goometry ut does min "Nating t all,repli "not ant in Geumetiv for Geametry has anly Twa on thun 1 bouan to s erer, mak Line uf three inches repenenet bv und ifu atrauht Lane oftlrde inch ving pa to ituelfmakes auuare of thruincvry wav. repremented by 32: il m bet uare af thriyes uvery Mng onhow paallal to itau year 2000, bit nht thit able to ahake pit the thalsk gatad by the praittle of aytright little n. nlfewands reniaine the haour glans. RoUNing nyl reverie turnud the ward for e last timen thy l illenni an t Txela THie lion ll cold whinper tàmy aga 1tarted up. What l ttettar nid mv Wif,ere AVo dr whit aro v lookin foPThurn " There wa ing: andI r my at, aih exeln o in fool Iay33 can have /o aning in Geo on ma distine dibleplv. shewed me thi l tatremite paRod into dimnetoo raprilly to nepent one ok t mule Sex: and Lahuuld lave thuuglht itirdnly thatIEmi e in mn mble u Cirye ar for any reular Figury of wii lad had n Wife hadhot my uxrienc he coofnes ness to nate the nretoristich With the uua tine ud n ng enlou her SeN He at unce conclusion thet a Wonmad unted th thenugll gome anl aperture "How co thie purn he xelaimed "vou pind mo, my dear, that there uld bo Tio ventilators in our new house""Nan an thure any" d : but what makes v think that the stritngeri a Woman? 1 y my pwer of S etagnition- ""Oh, I kuve mi patineith yu ht Recomit li ahuving and AStieht Linta the tauch wortls a Circle tu f veommun with the Fril Sex in F Vll said. fo was afraofritating her uit mut te and un trducti Asumina mt anner wadvand tod Stranger. melum, toteland t by M'I an Indod.Etn Cide nlle nd t CA Flaland l onece ly The third Milleintuiad hegum. AS SCON nund of the Penyt my itopating Wite bhad divd away, tigan to approagh an inintinn of ing rnArer viw ohiddinyhim lie e but hig c me duy and n/tioniwith astoniahment Wthout thelirhtM A rantai he ndvheleariedyery in hint withaditinne ERe nd ightnuse oly puesib anyigure w the cop myperien The thought hed a that I mighhi berare me a burgir rot- thrut, eome trous Iular Isencele wip, by feigning tHe vorce of e, hưd obtained admissi amelhow into the house, and was now ring to stah m h hiaute angle iteing-mom, the abebre of Fog (and theeanan hap to ahly dryi. man itililinult for mtrust to Siht Recopnitiospocial o atich 1 was anding ate ith feay Trushed foward witlyan uncenhinian us permit me land m aly Wle was ri There wmthe thece af an ane not the esruughnen al nevir in e had Limetwith a perf le. He remained otinnlaE Whlelwalk und him heg rom hi tid returning to it again. Cienaliar he was thrntitha parfoetlesatidialtory Circie; thure cauld not be dunbt ar enalldaldiale whiehil sndenvour to sel dawn as hear as Tocolle only profu nalogin - for I was coveritame and huniti hould haven uiltethe mingre of eling Cinle. It anmmel hv thestang h patien the lenethiner my inradnetors , Sin Hav felt meauh this Are vau t d te AMast illistrinlia Sir. ex mv awkrdnuss which aris qut Teum ienorantf usa oalite o L oma little urDrine and narvinisnu consitient on thi ewhat Tnizneetid visit. And 1 hesrech you tu ravaul my tion to no une peially not to my Wife But hefore yuur Ld is irtlier comanirationwi he deien tu atsty the curinsit m who wou hent l Viity came frnrer fom Sp roa Spuce. Sir unr elsei Pardon sfa my Lird. butu vour Lohip alrein Sphr your Larhip nhd his hum survan n at thiuoment er/Pooli dn you kw uaout DalinSpuce. ace, my Lard, in Beighi sud brendindefinitely prolunge Stranger, Exmtly y de nat ven k hat Spuce You think it saf Two Dimensiuns unly: but i ha te announee to you Third - heiht. breaeh. and len Yout ip pleared to ie merry. We alio pun neth aat tnh or linedi d thek alentin Twaimenn mean not nly thryy numes. b Throyimena Laald vuur tip ntie rxpilan to me in whiruton a nawh to m Anr Icurum t d N L Larnemne in Nat Northwandad Southward. Sirunger. incan nothinthe kind Imean gutinn in which vati l look. becau vo no eye in vour ande LPardan m, my Lord, a mument's in ll convinee vour Lordship tharhavepe lanina theunetur of two if my sides. Stranger ta t ir mwan losed on four vidhaI, y ous churche, vour very eheata aafen ve vet vuur insides and tomadia Iyi opin antaed ta my view. LS nlare eanmak, my Lord Strangen ut not asily ovd. Vou men Buy menn to proymine. Whey 1 descended heri, yur four S the ntagona. chn hil apartmu nd vou wo Grand the eons: Ianw our vaun/Yon remiinwlile Vith u then rotire to hii roo loaving vou nd your WifeNTan Iaw N TceleTvanthre in nyitr, in the hên uppeina ttd Page in Ahe eallory Then I came lhir how do you think I ca Through thu root, Laupposeanger. Not ool, an you know versll has been recentl repaired, and hns no aper by which even a man c Tall yau I come tm S Are vou nat ennvind by what I hald vou od yir chlren and houyeid LYouy Lurdahip mat wunthat such aete touching the belonga of h humblervant miht be easicertanedy any oue nthe neighy od poas to her LYour Lardsh ula treat me as were one vulgho, heine liennnant of Mathomatics, unp that faman ie really a Straigh v of One Dinenaion Noov Lorwe Squares ary hettur advieed, aare an wellars vour Lordsho tht a Wom/in, thouch n rly.callda Straish Linein etally arulaentifin y thin Paralleloam panre Tw iensionit like Nao rest Xus. vi lengand bre or think ranger. But the very fht that a imnliNhat it poesavet another Dimen LMy Lurd Ihave iuknowled thata la bruad n well he lo e ee her Intth. we infer her hreadth: which, though licht chpable of meement. Strang da not understand me I mean that whien vou s Noman. vuu uug lert her breadth-to see her lt and Lo te t we her ight, althouhat lust meykion is inlinitennal our odntry. were mer length without "leicht" w tapy Spacelund wouldrome inv Sretyeruit A NI m deed cont do not the ut understant yi Lo ip. Whun we in Flatland s Line, we egth nnd irig th- brightnes disappe thee ju ting ud, as yo enses to oceup Spuce. But am l to auppose that vuur hip cives t briutns thiitla of a Bimion, and th ww.cnll "heicht" voLr l hinch Stan No, inde ich I timnn like your i onlwitE Va e ey l LMLard. ur ufurtion lv nut lo th test. You svIhavehird Dime h you ball ight." No Dimensiunipli dirvetion and measrent n b ur he or mereindnte to me the dirction in ich my height extends, nnd will liecome vaunvert therwise ur Lordahine own unde is roust hald me ranger (To himalfitan do neither. How shall 1 HRererv woek hor iig the throinto ci armonv. Each voite, ench froih discnverv of discoalnast impurptity indurs the le perfect to mod his or her vol tere o a to approxiniato to the ma nurfeet. And after manv trials and many approxinitions, the reult i at last rap the livel or on sunse, diter endeavour to open un hin poe p es of the truth, that is to say of thhe naturotthiatu in Flatland SaI beenn thiHuw does voti Rtoyal Highnes dlisting dh the nhape and positinns of his subjecta! I for pay rt Eand by th n hupa c tlrascortnined Bah mo Tn lunkat in Linuland over i in f San aL Length, I ventured to sugtet Hanl nid he. Sunte i Lnst Interfupt mg gnin, and I luve dane" Iuyologifed. at lo y the other, percei thut latten reaches them aiter un intirlin which und cun traH 57 inche teshat e my mutheot7 inch r frum thm tn te gchirnd urdinly kn myue be nnot hu the hH e Nurtn May nht sch ileceptins caua treat inenn nce And have vono meuns uf chekin frant--f this kind by eummanding r naihha ubiect feel ane another?" Thin of courar was yery the rn illobvi Th form of a Wom lnb br shattered by uch an apruxi on. must erved bho State: hot nince Women cannot distingulshed bye sense of lght frum Mer Th ordaini universally ihat neither Man h V, ting neH of ons Cannot b ug utanged nt will But cumuppose that I had th paasing through nolid things H that tuld penstite uy subjects ode aftor unother, veg to t ber ofa billion, verifving mumble multitude opp "Truly"ep our sen rng serve vetr in good stead, an up many of vour deficiuncies. But permit-o point ont thil yur life in Laneland muebhe deploray ami king PiAmd let me rove it t bilore L Lat nedan. T Vuu dincine fron unght nd thel rum re t l, W, Snafen and WomlLẤ menn bhne words left lauppos yo way nfnayinrthward and Southrd Not, H repli besilen yaur alion of Nurthward andaufhward, there is anpther ngtion which I eall fpatinvight to left." King hibit you t he t to me ord L ca telrright om vour le fear thno word mine en make my meaing slear to you. But reuu cammintn ignonant of so mple distinetion. King I der not in th least undersind you. I Hlow.c an'inside "ran anydirecttion aw man nu dinctimof his in Well then. ince wordsnt exalain the matter will t and will move gradunlNout of Lineland iarthe dirvction which I daisie to inditata Spict, tre Space, why an seo thine hv And at t ment Lean ur Lin ide - or inside s wiu n plensed to onll it: and I can se thln and Women on thNarth nd South of you, whom will pow enymerate. vou w liat on Youk abeliexe that th anatnine t e that wch my munse intin und anather moti besades that of which I um dly vanioua un. ask you tu deseribe in words or indicate ba motiun that other In suc arri butcant Male King s twito ur chirpine Bu leun discer La Line Tros indi t e o a li urant Iretated i m nt no tu the Flatland ble nd, whimee I com tevilit the hope ing your ignoraneT Hearing the rda theing advanced towarde witha menacing cry aif to pierce eroug the diagonal and in that aame miument reame I procend to .li wte lasy ol th th v ur ura The patterine of the rnin hnsiagn announced niall: and1 wan nittine m the conpany of my wifo, mg on the evente of the past and the nd peri alarity His yele ad heen givine hinusual practirialun in sightecounnturning ourelven upon our centre pidlv. now are slowlv. andtestioning him a o our positions: and his a had been latisfuetory piequrnhe ber of chen in and thus." sa know thn upresent numorquare inchus in a Square whoidN incl long The itle Henin meditated on this a while and thenid to e t uu have been Lino thre en, mov taell tliruu tor rN makes n Sqngrthrer in v y wch paw be r nted tiv Unon my Grindaan. again ruturnin hin for sugedstion. took mun rathhr suldinly and exclaimed. Well, than, if a Point Hy f three Verytavndechin be paHunt 3 "Gb little rum r vou would tailess me, vou would mbur more en my Granidi hadNanpuared in lisgence and thLey mv 'e Hide, unduvuurnas to far a atrospectat thu veur 1999 and of the possibilitiee f tim- ra Penee i the and allin rth tllhugh ery bing toi ingrind y Wie and king th mmandmenta in thus dialiuring your ran BitItok nin natehLking mund isry direction Teoufd 2NL nothing, yet atill I folt a Preence and sivered as the aicat m e MAWi wll meseNund th d althgh N đi undernd their meaninac Foth ng forward Ishe direction of the nd. What wa ewhn we aw bafor Flgure At the first ps it appared to ic Woman. een sidewnya: lhut momente observation at Gra kthrso ch hich Ethre d hv and on't ho ming lne th don' ubvi Lhun, sldarecoding. Oh N Womannil Nu a angles ither, mat trav ne. Can it h ut I huve mestehavid topurfort Cirele" Then he added more mildt Thavemusa duat Mdiam, to vu nd Vnust n deliy in vour nyaunce. ant il vou wold sulta to reli fur fey minute But my Wiwuald nut ltenthe propo that auuat Visibuuld unimode bn d uaurine therele thit the r of h own re ment had lne ndith many ruiteraapologies for her indietionhe at last retteuted urher apartmeát. Taad nt the halfhour tlass, The luands had fallen a tm iur Parimeter t wull nhuba ll virdetw dhonld wareAnve in v inside eve in tomch Your Lor an lam in ting huour. I u that Teon fm Sp vou wiut tand Spata mnR. Frum Ne Lani H Thre Dimenaiwhunee lately looked dawn e vour Plune w llSar farsit that pusition of adeantage Idisterned all that your ap dtha valid oich vou Laipuulmans ofobtaining inlomaan. Sitrungor To him What mundo Stayone more sumt auggostaitnelf t When vae u Lim vour. Wife, forexamplu h any Dinnaion do you nturihute him? Surely a plain taemunt oactfolled by peulur den unstration ou Hulficu -Naw, Sitan tm nure livine Plap Vu vi Flatland. t livaluriaar Ế wh y e lmt the iun vuu nnd vcmirnauwat ouE anabnye lling be a ulane Fiu You PHaliy Lumnot u ven u pher- which k mu my wn cour il he manifst him atiant thd mt nle man hm iroh Da you n munbur- farl wha ege all thi dianeannight thehaydnamal vison oranstand wifan y ain - de vouut rumemr. sny. hoy when youentereid the alm of Lihelan e mpellaIanifat ail te in a re hut Lin t Linsar Nunlm had fot Dimensionsaugh ta reprent the whale v, ut unly artion of yau eanly the same heine o Thrie but ean onlv b chon of me whch at u all Cirel The iihi n of vour eve indiaton Iodulity. Buow propare to re prdol positivaof the tydth of m a Vo cant lndd mure than one myctioh Cirels. at ima fur volh pow to l v venurothplinr FmttandE r voun N r In Apace m ns b once or twice to make pure tht nieuming But itwas no dreum For Irom the depths nowimr Cumu h yoieu clot my haar it seedAn I qu on Are you convin naw" Well nuw I w uduly rutui toflatland and vowahull oe m un becume Iger und lurr Ev der in Spaciand will wahily unaleratnd that mylmrious quest was sp lang trunovunimpliy But to me poti thoug wax In FNtlind MathenE E way no mvane siple matiur Th ru dingrun alhov ke it eur to any Spasei chlld thit the Sphere, ascing in threr ponitiuns indieated there, must nds havw manifested niaall or y Flatlanider as a Cirele, ut itstaf fulta, an smaland last very Hmal in ding to P Bur alliough I aaw the fae elore me. the c urk AlIl that I cauld fampral a nt the Cirek had made hielf malnd vanishd, und that e had now appuaredi was rapiily making hi Narger tales Were true. and thater ul ulavere such heole us Enchanters and Magici Ater long pau uLlered to himaelfOne resourte nlonean L / tu resurt ta action I rdt try the muthod of Aalogy owdastill luncur silene, uwhicl heontinuod Jur dilo saetTll Mathentiinn Paint move Nortrdd loa minul Wal. t nameou he keLA ght Linu, Sere X eht Line K uw manv exteumitie Spho Now oturtraicht Lin ving puralte to ite t and WNo that ever point in it leaven eind it the u of a straight Line Whut namo will yive to the Fice tihb formed We will suppose that it pvs through a aintanne equ to the ariginalraight Line Whnt name, Iay S nd ioy many sides has a Squny How ma E Four sidus andur Sph sr ima fation l nd for you are uar and will srve the pulpore illustintion-every Point in vou that ia to say in whata call your eide, s to pass upwarda through Spaco ch a way that no Poi shall pan th st ion irou upret byany oth nt: Iat ench Point shall deserihe n itraigh Line ofita on Thie is allin accordane with Analod urelyit mist beclear toyou Rstraini i eh vou ar aed to denute by the wurd wad I prehum it i duseribte in the language of Flatland, her O ainly ri all plain and aimple, in st erardance with Aalogy - only, by the way muntnt m FiuN but aa Solid. But Iill deeiba it vnu. Or rather nat L halory. We biuan with a Paint which a course heine itanlfin onlne turminal Pal wa ainta Onu Linraducus Squars with faur Neminal Painta Aw vu can ve li the answer to n questha.1L idntly n Gemtrical Praervesion. What is the next numer 1. . Sphere Exactly. The ana Squan produca Samutning which Vou di-not-as-yat-know-a-ame-forBut-whinb wnllaCue with eight terminal aini. N/ you convinoed And has this Crenturides, well aAy or what carminal rainta eple ULcou a i Dimension behind the thing Consequentie as here is ny Dimy behind n Paint a Point hus 0 aides Line nav ny, hun idan ur Pointyf u linty belled by cuuy ita ertuiEn Squure las ades: 0. 2 4hu'rogrusnion d eall that? L Arithuetical SphureAnd what s the next numbor Si Sphure Exnetly. The you youttuve anawuri vour uwn qutinn The Cubh u will Aenerute will be bounded by six aides hat isaay, aix of yo u se it ull no, eh? "Monater," shrieked. thugelir enchanter, dream, u vil no more wfl len thy mnceries Ethhou or I muet pist And saving these worde 1 prvcipitated in r in lunt duinof thun inum nalamutar, unth tui atur When I eut Suoush vour plane iow do ku inr ne tion wheh vu. very rightly, call u Circle. AHO unu toprroint m amNlor. Seu tiow. Ii and effe n Vony will bo that mCieelo will bicbme maller and allertilldwintiln point and finala ry wan risinE that I could se he dnihedind finally vianiahed. I winked ined rali, e heved a dei he pived by myilane that I had altogeti lailed to umprehund him And e ing to the beliaf thare futel buno sla it all Et ome xtpeely t ur elan ihat the old wive Harull iter uprd WWhat N rt out t Fla al movyi Nortward, the Southern p Squnre would hav/ move the the pasition viusty ocund by tNortherpoints. But ut i not tay meaning. I mean that y Paint in you- Iwas nom t tation toah hln t m ipitnte him nto Space, or ut of Flatiand, anherv, sn that d get ridaf him lind:Awhat ms be thnatupr al the Fle which in to shape out hy this mion whinh Lutoo An how manyHulida or sidea will apperin to th Bong eherito by Ni motiun af my ininil in anwan" dtion. and whn you Cah Splere. Hay yuu askAnd ana hematmian! The sidy of inything is ulwav if I may O Hay, Dh know not how to convince you. Stay. I lnve il. Dl uot warili, ahall psim the truth Liten iond havtold vou I can see lrom poition iSpatE the all things that you consid clonod For exam ee In voer cupburd ne whieh vu nre tunding. veral of wiat u call boxeu (at like vervthing elee in Flaland, thev haye no topa nor pottom) lull ofymoney Iwohleta of enduntki I am abodt to denend into th euoard and to bil van of thone tablers r IE the cupbourd h bour ago and I know vou have y in vour puesdesion. descend fron e N dạorou oo. remain uhmaved. Now I am in the cupboard and am takking the tablet. Now I leve ow Iantendwith it, Erunhed to the clanut and aud the door open One of thu tableta w one. Withmking laugh. Stranger appeared in thy other cornur of th n andhe same me the tah ppared upon thela teroleat up here could be to doubt - wat the minning thlat. Lgroun with horrar, ounting whuther mAnaes tuty he Stranger contiuued Suruly vou mt nw Hee that ny exputon, and neother Huith p ena. What caNolid things are ronlly auperlinial yuu rall See r thing bur at Pian im in Space, and fook thown upan the insndes of the things af which vou only seo the mutai Yau nould leve this Plane voureelf, if v uli summan un the neceary volitinn hght upwnnor dowhward moonnuld enable vou to that Lenn e kuchemunt. and n turthor Fm vur Plano, the more I can sae, hough of cours it on a ealler scale Forexample. I an ascending now 1 can see voueigaur te Alexag and his emile in thoir seveal apartments now the insidofthe The ten doors off. from Nth the audien vust deetine and on the other sitna Cirelo is ativ sittineat hia h Now Lllcomhek to vou. And, ae a crowning proof, what do you say to my ivine you a touch. just thenLOleh, vounutomach will not seriousls intu nd the slight pan ou muy a ceniot be Ampared vith the entalenefit you will recrve Before l couldy d utreonstrau, I lelt a shootin in my inai und a demonieal laugh seumud to sue fronwithin me. Aoment alterwrds the nharp ony had e ving noin but aull uche uhind, und the Strengu bogan torapp ayin, he gradlereaned in sne, "Ther I have not hurtou m II vou are not convinced nw. din w what wil convinet voWhat aaAly resiutiun was takun. It seemed intolerable that Lahnuld endure exintenci ubi tuthe aitrniy vitition of Maricinn who cpttlhu/ay tico with ono's vry stoar nnly Lmtld iany way munug te pin bim minst the wullll heln enme On e nshod my hardey anEto meainstlimt thi tim alarming the whple husehold bymy ries for aid I believe, nt e mumunt of ay onsut, the Stinger hu low aur Pinund relly found imoultv in rim any cae he remsin motinles, whil I hng, us I thoutht, the sound of sone b uporouching prost t kim with ruduiblod virour bd cuntinhoal-to shout for usine onvulsive shder ran through the Sphere. "This must not be" 1 thought Ihearim say "aither h miat lsten y reason, orI mist Ji roenue to the last rycoume of tivilizaten Then nidreing me in a lod tone, he hurrdly exelaimd. "Liston no strang witnees what yhave witnessed. Sofd your Wi rkatan beforefeterthe anaktmentThe Gindnal of Three Tmunsions mustinat he thus frateNhAmtunt thetritane thand yoAs of waiting he thiwn away. T hear heruminu Backl bafk! Awa m me, or vou must go wN me -ither vou know notinthe Land imensione" "Fool dint Irregular Iexcni ver will Lrelense he: thou shalt pay the panalty of thine impustunia"Hal eome to this?" thunderdHe Strahrer: "then meuur Fat of your Plane vau n. One, e thrice "Ti d T Annaeable horrar seized Thureaa darknensi then ev firkaning snantin of aielit that was fut like weing Line that waÁ no Lina Space that was nat Spce I was myal and not my When I couldVi ked aloud go "Est this iA kadns or it iA HelN It a nitheralmplial the vitte of theNeru, "t i Knowledge itThĐimunsionatopen vour y ugain andt dil knd hehold, a newwield tond bela me inerpante all that I hd befare nferrod eturel droumed of nurf Ciula Whatmed the core f the Stranger forfi layn huy view: v could see no nor lung, nor ies/onlya beautiful h nu Smething for wi I had no words: Kut vou. my Rende aceland wuld ellit the rnce of the Spheru. Prostratingmvaelf montaly before mv C riedlw iO divino ideAl of conmato velinesn and windo that Isee thy insidXnd vot eundot diseern LNrt, thy lunga thenrtri thy liver"What vou thinkc tuu e, vou sey not" he repira vnN you, nor jo any othe Beinta behold my internal na Tam of a differant order of Beings fr thoe in Flatland. Were I n CirclhyocuulN dlenern intatines, Iamn a Baine compased utold you belura uny Cireles, e Muny thr One ciite di cuuntry a Sph nd, th utanaube Squuyo the uutaute na Beh nt Bewhidared though Twan by my Tehersm eanLan lngur chafengaint it, bulworahippad him in silent udorhtion He continuedwh muru milines in hus Dtr not yourel u cunnat ut first undaratand the des myateries of Spaceland, By der walt dawn upodvou. Let begin by ranting back a p at the rugion whenre you ne Return with me a while to the plaini hatlad, ill how youhut which you liave ofhrnensaned and thuchabuut. t nrn Wah the unse of Hig visihlo ang Impable" erind, but, th phereading the way Lfallewert iraa drum. n mura lis voio rrested me "Lk yundar, and hold yaur ownPentan ou anll itinmuta Ilonid bniywndw with ny pysial eve all tht domestie indiydaliN whid hat Ttherto mly inlerred with thndarlinAnd huw pr und hadow he inferrad conjecture in compaisan which I n beheld! My fuur Sons calmiy glap in the North Wtern rouna, my twa orphan Grandaona to the Sau. thehatita, thi Butle my Daughter all in theeveral apartmenta. uly my affeete Wife. alarmed by my continuabun ad quittd her roand was roying up at down in he Hall, aixioualy waiting my rutur Also the Page. aoused by my crif had left his reom, and under rete scertanwhether I d fallen iewho in a fa ws pyme into the cahinet my atudy AltuINuld How see, not nierely er, and a we ta ur u neirer. I could discerpoveri the coental my cabiniet. and the tweraiềeta of rond ihe ta w the sphere had made muntian. ouched by Wife's distrese, I would have sprung downward to renesuc harat I founl myrineapahle of mutinn ouble not yurselrnbtur Wil id my Gid che will not ty long lenxiety, mearyimu let u takea urvy of FinmndOnco are I foli mynelf rishe through upuce ven as thi Sphere had snidThe further we ceded from th wn beheld larger bicam the fieldf vTHin My nuti city, wi the interineoverlinur undfeveryrent therein, lay open to m w in minatur We muunted igher, and lo, the erate othe oar thn denthe ol mineanl intormoet cuvern the hills, wert hn me. Awestruck at the sight he aterios of the earth, thus unveiled hefore my unworthy oy ni to y Campani Behald am beene as a God. For the wismen in vur untry say that to s all thnar as thapresa it, omnidone he attrihutyof God alane. There frar something of nem in the vit Tan na he hade answer "is io indoed Thenthe very piel and ut-thnts of my untrarto tromtiby vour i men heing Gods: for there is notmlem thdoes not see as murh a now. But trust me, yotur men are wrung LThen is omnivien the attihu of others besidos Gids yhe I da not know ifa p a rut-throat of our countrv can se evarvthine that is in your country, surethat no rswhy the ck-pockel o eut t ahould he accepted b a G this amnividene ou vall- it is wtn Spacelan-doea it my vau mare just\my mercifal. less alfi, marv loving? Noy in the leahehow det mak vou mare divine Mare m mare lavine t thea are the ulities ofromen And we kn that a Nirele is a higher Beind thanya StraiehLine far s kwlaanddam are mora to hrtemvd than mere affection, Sphere Itin not fN-to classy human faeulti accyfdlng to mit. Yt many af at and winvet land think mon of the affeetions than of the understandine mo of vaur dềuised Straight nes thu of yourntrled Circles But enou af this Look under. Du you know thut tding aake and at w an nn Punnl tructurs IAich Tritonized thyeralAmblyilal of the StarFLland, urrndid by den lin f P l luidi ri nulto hur whic L inw ut nd Iuivid thnt Iwan up lint th M al Haw dencend ny Gunde. It was niw murnin thi rat hunur of the first day uf the t thu andth vear al ot or Aring. an wie thie woni, in set aecordance with precedent Highest Citelanf thu Tulm wun mtin n sol unelave u thy lut tirurhour a lirat day uHLYr and ulaathe fi hour uf thefint da h r mtes th vion uw il ty one whuunytat one eceed my liruther, untl S te Tt Th r lerikor the eh tr Toundeded un ehaaon ut: "Whroar the utes had en troubed by divera ill-intentiud poraons dding o huve rEvedvalat um anather Wurld, und proferg to proe demonstentions whereby y nd instigated to fntay both themsulves nothurs it d been for this enue ununioualy olved hy the Grand Council that on th firdav of euch millenur l nctine be s the Prifects in thveristricts Flatland h make strict sarr sich nisguided pursons ndwitiuut larality at imutiralmino, to destroyall. W TRolas anv degren, to pur mprisa any rgular Triungl u uny Sauare Pentan t be snt to theitr yinak to arINt y one of ghur anh, ndine nan trniehtw he Cal to be exuminehinddd by the Council.""You heur voth fate"akthe Suhur to me, while th Conual wa nusing tor the third time the formealuti "Thath or imprisonmunt await the Apoitle of tho Gospel of Thre Dimenona.Not o." replied 1, "the biutt howa clr to me, the nature of real aen o paiahle, that methint I coull nikya alild undirstand it. Permy me but to dontd at thy moment and nlighfAlàn "Nat vet. nafd my Guido, tke tie will come for tht Meant I mult pirform my mis Slay thou thre in y place Saying thome worda, Vhe lap with gre dextir the sd i may no callát of Wiattind, rintin the milt of the ring of Counsel come.erivd he, "to proclaim th hero is a land of Three Dimensinu uld mee an of the vuunger Counellors atarck inanifent horror. an the Sphere's cireular section widened before them kui on asign from the presiding Ch wtia chew not the alightost aluem or srise- Teosreles fa lw tyn irim uix ferent quartere rushed uporhe Sphere, "We ave hin they ceted N venrmve him atillheeum anel" My Landa and the Prenident to ihe t alightest ned for surprisheecretem wuch Lalana have ers ntl me thar a imili necurretichappened onkhe lant two milennial mmeenta. Ynu will nt anurse. anothing of these trifles outade t Cabiot" Raisanyua voice, he now ummuned the gunde At the pulieemen; gae them. You lenow vour dutv "After he had unsignei to their fate the wrutched poemen htod and unwilling wilneses Statyecret which they Wae not a lie prmitted to revenl - he again yidresed the CounllorsAly Lards, the husinesof the Council being fancluded. Thinve l tom a ha Ne Year Lemnt Ematio to the Carkuly.oxcolient nit met unttunnte brother. his sineero regret Ahat. in acydante withnreredent nd for the mal of sey, he must codemnNhim npetunl imprisanment added his ntinlactam that, unless san ntan were made by him of that days incidentNte wunld he nared. When I aaw my pour brother led awny mprisunment.Iattempted to lap down/nt th ncihChamber, desirm te lutude ois behall or at loest hid hiim ar I ButLihund thut I had nymotion of mnllytelv depended on the vitloan of myCuide, waid in gloomny tan "Heed not thy hrhur, huply thuu sht HAve ample tin hereatter ta coale with him. Follo me Once more wascented into spac "Hitherto nid the Sphere, "Vhave shown vu naus ve Plane Fieuand their interior amut mtue v t Sali ul ir hu planpon whith k ntted. Bahul this mulide al mveable edi SeIuut one un anther not vou up and ehado and perspecte justas in Flatland a Hexagon would appea Snieht Làne t owho ha not thet of eht eeugnitim But in reality it Sold an you shall learn ie nentFeeling"HAhun intrulied meto Cule, and I fund tat thi marvall ng rtont ane, Solld ad that he wnded with e plm and Brarmtpoinalled lid a nd I runmbered theying hpha that juat ma th farmnd by n Squa movingn Spare, rakel to himentt and Nerod to thye that Ininiitit a Cure a eald in enmenehe nalled the g at llastrio an rine But atill nuld not fülly understand thhe meunine af what acher ha told na conN ng "lieh and Aade and "peratie and I dii yat heitato put mdifculti belar him, WeneI ta voAh-plurseplanationyd the nattera, uceet und etrar thaugh A was, it would be tae to an inhalitat of Space who knws thea things alady. Sue it, that by his lueid statemanita d by ehannthe psition af ohjecta d liehta, and hallew fu tael the averal objtsanl even hia own saered Pn, at lust-adnll things eleao e, so lauldny feadily distinguh betwan a Circle and aSphere, a Plune Firur Salid Thie wan the Climax. thearadise of mvatrange eventful HIMtary. Hencoforthave to rlato ttor of my e F most imijelable, vet aure msadiirved! FOrwlr should the hirat for linowledgo bi nroyed onlv to be disilnpoinyet dunished Mlition lirinks from t painful tak of rotling mv humilati vot. like n scond Promotheuk I will indure thin and worde if by anv meani I hnv alou in the inteiora of Planu and-Selfhttumunitya apirit af relNllon aainit the Conceit whh would limit our Dimensione wa or Three orany nuniber ahon of lufinity. Awa Ibến vith hll peraonal coiderational Lot mo continu to the end naI an. bout furthur dierenions pnticipatiuns, purin the plain path of dispanaton Hastury. The exnettaete ka rdsand they nye burnt in upan my brny bt đon withut alkeratinn of un aotu and lut uy Readers judge betwenn und atiny The Spu wott-wilingly ave euntinued his luns by indoctrinating me in the conformation af all regulursolids, Cylindera, Cnes Pyramida Pantahul Hexntntrot Dodeeuhedrons And uberus lut I vontured/interupt hum. Not thut I w wearied knnwlede On thicuntrary, I thiratedNor vet deepurahuller draiglus cn ha was oftfering to m Pardon me" sud L O Thuu Whom I munt lungeddress E the Pirian of all Beauty, but let beg thee to vauchsafe thrvunt a sight of thine inariosSpli whan? Thine inturior thy stomak thy intestines Sphere Whnythis ill-timed impertinunt qustAnd what meun yu by saying that Lam enr the Perfectioaf all BuautWI Myra, yauF WwIntr ts taupht mtupiretutimeven rert, ere butitul nd more clostly presimate to Petion than vourelt. A vou yolnE, uperis toull Fland lorms, eumbine nyCiret in , sdubtle there Oneabovevuwh comvinmany Spfir in One SupRIe Eaisteneurmaaing ven the Salide af Spaceland. Anven as who re pow in Spuce, look down on Flatland and se the insides dthines, su ofa certainty the i oysune higlier, puser rugion, whith thou dest suroly purpose tled Thou Whom Ishall wavileall, evervwhere ayi in all Dimensions, m/l'rieNt. Philosooher, ad Friend - ume vet iure apucios Suute fome more dinunsionble Dimdnsionality, from the vantage-ound of which wo shll lapk down together pon the revoted inanl of Solid thines undyhe the wn intestines, and of thy kindred Spheron. wilNte uponed to the view uf the poor wandurin usle from Flatlund, to whom so mueh h already beun vouchsafed. Suhere. P'oo Stum Enosh ha tritling The time ts ahuet, and much remains to bodonyhefure you are fit to proclaim ti G ot Thr Dimensinne to your blind boynghted intrymen in FlatlandNhy grariots Tachdeme nont what I know it n thy puwer to perform/Grant mu hut one glinna ofihina inreior nt amentiditaver, Fommining honrotorth thy deito puptt thy nennnhlela ready to rocdiv thy teachings t to foud uan the word thnt mll frum tiy lina Shli wil, Then to content ud ailence you Aot me say at onI wult shuw you what yau winh if beould iut I cannut Wouid you have me turn y stomach insido ut to oblige you? I. Bmy Lurd ha shewn me the intestines of all my countrymen in the nd a Dimeneions hy taking me with nto the Land of Thros Whnt therefor magaRy than now to take hirvaet on a spond journey to the hlent reg alth Fourth Dimension. whye lahalbloek riown wifh tim anco more upon this land af Three Dimensiune and see to inside of overy the dimensioned hous the sncrnte of thetth the truasureof the mines in Sparelnadand be iins of evrali living creature, oventhe noble and adorable Sphere Sphere. HBut whete ithitand af F Dimensinne? Iknow not: hut douhtless myeacher knows Sphere Not LThere in urh land. The very ilea of it utterly inconeivalle. I Not inanceiv my Lard. to me. and therefors A inonebi my Master. Naydestuin nat thatayen here in ta rtion Threu Dimension vuur Lardahip'a art may haku ie Fourti Diniens vlaale ta m juat an the Land of Two Denatuna my Teacherakill would fain ha opene the vo his blind ervant to e invisible preence Thira DimenstonAuueln . Lt mreeall the pat. Waa I noteht below that when I naw Lin and inforrsila Plane Lin ealtv saw a Thirnrtoutd ineatun, not the Aame as hrightnes alled "hei And dos it not now follow that. in Ni eion. when I n a Plune und infer a Salid, I really se Fourth nrecognized Dimension, not the s as colair hat etatenh Phagh nfinityimal and incapahle of meanurumnt And bentde thin, thure is the Argumnt from Analoy uf Fiaures Spiure. Anlogy Nienewhatalary Yaur Lbrdship termpts iis Hurvant u whethir he remembers the revelatidna imparted to him. Trifle nnt with m mare imrit, D more kuwledge Doubs W canhut e that othaigher Spacelind naw, heca we liive no eye in oustamuei But, just-a iere wathealm of Ptland, though that poor puny Lineland Mani could neither turn t left nor right dscern it. and juat an there was clone at hant, and todehing my ame, the land of Three Dimensiothough 1. bhnd alo witeh. hk e pywer ta touch it, no eye in my ernr to diacem i sn of a puryty ther in a Fourth Dimeion, which my Lard parofayea with the innur evet thought. And that muat o my Lard nimtrtstnoght mede ean hir huve fueratn wiat b umli imparted to hin urvan in On Dim on t nat n novi n dun in with two ternl painta In Tw hm did nt a mavin Lin tudu ume w uniunal putain Dimane, dint ata movIng Squun pen -din not th min heholdthat ld Bing Cule with hE rmin int And Fr Dimensin alln Cube-ala An l hy Truth. it he all nat. 1 a divine Cu si ll n divine Oraan n with istnemal pointa Behald theallaconfirmation the Sri 4A h Gmtal Proein Lot this mtht a nv La wH W trly rdine to A Agnin. was I not tut brmy Lard thaah La thers are two bounding Paints. d in Sut tharare four bounding , in Cube thure must he six bounding Sures Behuold ance mure thiR cuntiming Series. 2 4. 6: not thia an Arithmetion Progreiaaion/And consoquently dos it not ofanity allow that thi o divine offaping đ the divine-Culic in the Lunuy Four Dimenaiona, t hav/s liounding Ca and in ot tiiis also, ak my Lord h taught ni to beli. Jatrietlv neeording to AlalanO. y tord tarI BUhald. Tent Vanr h uron pnjeeture al knowin the facta and I appeto vour Lardahip cunhrni or deny my logical anieipan E Lam wiong. eld. und will no Jwuger di fourth Dimnsion. but I m A. my Lard will liston ti reaon. I akurefore. it or i it not, the fact. that ete nowour countrymen also lave witned the dencent of Boines af a igher urr thun their ow entering elased roome, even uur Lardatup entered minwithout thyopeng of doura or windowsand oparing and vanishing vt will/Ontho reply to this queetiye t nm ruady to stakeeverthing Deny it, and In lwaeetorth mlent. Oal vaushsafe an answenSphere tunera pausdi Itis niported so. Bt men are divided in chininn mte the facts. And even ranting the fuck thuy explain tham-ir dhự ont wayA, And n any however gont may be the nukaturnt different explanations, na tia ndonted or suggested the theory a Furth Dimensin. Therefore, TEay have dona ith this trifling. and let un retn to businees. LI was certain of it wae rtain thatv anticipations would be fuld. And now lave pationce with mand anwer juvt one more questi. yt of Tacher Thoin who havy upeared - no one knoy whence - and have retinmed-n oneknawa whithr have they also confructod their ections and vanished samehow htu that mure Sacios Space whither I nowentreat you to conduct mephere, fnudily Tvtiave vanishod, ertainly if thoy ever apnented t m ople say that una arose from the thàugp -ynii vilot understand me-from the brain: Nom the perturbed angularity of the Seer 1. Sav y en? Oh believe them not. Or indoed he , tht th urSpate Fonllheuehtland then take nu tyiat bleed Reiun where Lun Tho hall l Al aihe There llort sho Cu oving in sum oglher nw dirtion riing t An taki tile af his initeriul pthiouch s hwke l a wn llenalealill epertoer prteetion mml.h ton tominaI ET d aneles nd Eilt ubelarMarimetor. And thute, ahall W w r ln that blued gi ol Fae Dimeo, kll we ger on the tireaidld of the Fu nd not euter thn A na Lat u attiur tualv t ur imbition dlr with r tirporal aahen vielling to oar intellestuntret, f the Sisth nsien dn npen alter that Sovordh n in EiH How lonshuuld lave cantinod Iknow nut. In viain did the Sphur in hir voien of thunder, coitorati ie canmand of ilon d tmtun m with the dinest punalties if I pirsited. Nothing could stem he flood uf my teatatie apiation Perhans I w toblame: but indeud I winto ented with the recent drauchtTruth to which hrbnnsulghnd intduced me. Howaver, the und was not lomin cuming. Mv wardi were cut ahart by a eruah uide und a imultancous rash insida me, which apelled me through sp/with a velocity that preshided eprech Downl down! down! I was rapdly dening, and 1knewchataeten to Flatland was my im. O gilnpee. on lantaad neverto-be-forention glimpsel had of that dull lvel wildafnes ch n tmsapuin-aproad ouhefore my Then n tlarkn Then a final, all- conimmating thunderpeal and whon I eame to myelt.I we ons more comon creuping Square, in-my Sdy at home, listening to the Pate Cry of my apanachine Wile. Although 1 had lees than a minute for relletion I folt, by a kind of instinet, that I must eunceal meaperienes from my Wite. Not that Lappunded, at the mament Any danger Iram her divuling my eeret, but I knew that to any Woyan in FlatlinH maative tm nture mt neds hnintellible. Slendeavouru tt r the neiston. thn 1hadkdentally fall thrathe trap-door the cllar had there tnned The outhwardattratisn inur country le an alight ven toa Woman my Ale nerenaritp t ordimary and wl nigh inde but my Wife winse vonan a da that of the avera her Se and who ercelved that 1 was ually citel dil nat atgue with me an the suhje hut lnsisted that Iwaaill and ruqunid repane. I wan elad of aeu for rotiring to ny chamber to think auietiv over what had hyopened. When I wis laat be my ound rufresing sleep DurinE my slumti had u druam. I tho ht 1 was uneL mure hy Ihu p wi luntrous hue bolened thatebad orhunged hiywruth agt me for pertct plaphilily ywer moving together toyards a braght but ananitemaiiyl Pn y or dirwcted my altention A upphed, ma ht there dingonals ook vonder" aid my Guide d Alisd nLineland thau lat rva vi thou ha ard with m te leb nd. in rdec comlite m thy rin du p inteliceven ti alm of Patml ol v ra mti ing liurl ur unlin to the nin i p h wn Unive any r than hia ropti h kow n r Brvulh, r Haitht. lor be hs had erin of them lie hs coniane a unber Twa hu thaucht of Phralir he himaull hi nd All beihe FuNIV Notine Y mal fect ell ontuntnt and hen h ln thin c irel bet n ta be blindle nd im fotinily hip. No He cened. and there o feun the le b P Na atiny. low. monotunou dtinkling, us fro one of ur Sipacaland phonoeranih. from whhch Leaught.theuru, ne btade t at e ble What anid do uny crentule menn b He a tNE the Suliaru ve vou not noticd bie no tht hahiand babyieh peupla wha cannot tinguch themarly Irom the world, pak of thumly in thhird l'eran But hunhl ME fill= nll NELOGHing Crur. fit wha te ill What It tnhd te and whit li ttur /that Iuha; and In it Tinka ter Thume Wor a the Chi AILin AlL Ah. thi hi happi f Hemg" "Can vou nolaartle th mmle thing out okitN complacency anid L. "Tel what it peally i a yeu tnid mueveni to it the narrow limitations of Pontland. and lead it up to umething higher That is no easy task," aid my Master: "try you" Heron. ing my viny to the uttermot Iaressed the Point fallowe "Silence, silenne, contemptible Creanire. rnli the All in All. t yu th ing ur ed Enive menap ina Line. and a Linin di mp ith"Hush, hush, tavd enough." intermupted the Sphers, "now listen. nd mark the efect of your harangue on the king f-Paintland The lustrfhemm wha heanydimpr hrightlyatan er en hearing at hewed each harhaing nmplany and I hnd hardly ceased when heonlk up his striin again. "Ah, the joy, ah. the of Thought! What can It not achieve by thinking I wn Thuught euming to Itell,ugive uf It disparement, thereby to enhanre Ita happines Syet rebullion tirred up to result in triuiahlAh the dieine erealivwrl th All in Ore AH the joy. y of BeingYou He"d ny Teacher, "how litla vor wert liva dane Hef thu Manarch uunderatundathem at all. heceea them his own- for ie gannot conceiva atuntlher upr linsal andplunes tinself unun the vAriyle al Phoutht s an intanot ative Power. Lat usee this Cud EPaintland to the aurant fruition of his omnipresence an mnisciunce nothing that vou orl can do cae him from his ll-watisfaction. Aflar this as we flonted gently buck to Flatland/cuuld hour the ild vonci of my Companion pointing the morat my vision, und stimulating mo tu ap. and to teuch otiesta aapin. Hyad hoim rod at first he ted my amliition to ar Dimensions aboue th/ Third: but. sinou then, hefad cuived frish insigh and he waE not too praud to poknowledee lhs errar to n Pupil. Then he proieded to initinte m into nteriee yet higher than tha 1 lhat witneseed. hrwimg e luw to conktruet Extra Salidey the ton af Salids, and DoublExtra-Solids by the motion of Extrn Sod and all "strictly according to Aaloryall y mthods o simple. 80 eany, as to te patent evin to the Female Sex. Iawoke 1. Wher I cuuld udienta the diruct ion which Imeant when I usodhe worde "Upwurd, not Northwaard"eeeing, und benun to rufle un the lioue caer bene me, I would fo farth muthought, nt nand evanselize therwhale af Hatiand. Even to Wamen and Soldiers nhould the Gopul of ThrR Dimensiona ke pracluimed. I would bein with my Wife, Just aud decided un the plun my oerations I hard theunt of many coices n the raut commuanding itenor The ollawd a louder vojce. It wana herid'e proclumatian. Lantening attentivelyN recognized the worde nf the Reaolution of thiouncil, enjoning the arrest, imprisunment, or erutinn uf uny one who shoulervert the mnds of the people by delusions. and by profensie to huve raived eevelations fram anoer World.Ileeted. This dant ynot to be tritld witi wouly be ber ta aveid it b omittie nll mentinel m Revaelaion, and by uroceeding on he pathacDemstration - which fter all, emed imple and tonelustintthing would best hy diararding the form mans twardnot Nurtaward"- was the ue to the wiolepthadmed ture ly elear before I fell anleep, and Nun I first awaka, fresh bom my dream lad unpeard a patent as Arithmetie but gehow it did nat Hm to me muite so obviu now. Though my Wife entered /e room opptunelv just at tliat moment. I dicidod. aftor wyad exchanged a few words of commonplce converantion, not to begin with liy Mx Pentagonal Sons were ofeluracter und stunding ayi physiciank of no man repytation but ne gruat in ithematics, nhd. In that respoct, infit for my purpuse But it oceurred to me thlt a voung and doeit Hekaon with mthemitical tn. wauld bo n Int itabla pupil. Why therufore not mal my firat eturiment witn my liNle precocinus Grandion. whese cast romurks on the meaning of $338 had t with the approval of the Sphere Dincunainghe matter with him, a mere boy. Ialhould be in perfoct sufety: for hw wd know ngiing of the Proclamation of the Council; whereI could not feel sure that my Sans- Ho gevatly did their patrintism and reveryne for the Cireler prudominate wer mere lilna tian- migii nat feel nompelled to linad me over to the-Pratoct, if they found me rounty maiaining the editinu herey of the Tt Drmenstn But the first thung to be lone Was toatisty in sameway the curinity ofmy Wife who naturnits wished to kn amihine of the ns for wiheh the Circle had desned that mystious interview, and of the means hy whit hu had entered the hous Without entering io the details of the elaborute account I av her -an ucent. I fnnt quito cansitunt with truth a my Readers in Spacyand might dusire-I mt be content wit aying that 1uceeeded at last in ling hi fe eturn qulely ta ur lohnkd duties without eftine tromi me any rafurane thu Warld of Three Dimnsions This dan immuintely ert for my Grandn for, to confers the truth, Llelthat rthat Lhad anl heied was in sumtrange way aligpg anyum me, like the imer it sped, tantalaing diream. n longed to y my kill in making lirst disciple Wlian my Grandstn entud th roam leanfilly secured the dour Then ing down by his side and taking our mathematical tableta, r a vou wold eall them. Lite-I told him we would resumythe leason of yesterday. I taught him uncymore how a Foint by motion in One Dimunsion produce Line, and hoastrieht Line Ta Dineriuna produces Squre Alhis being a laugh, I said. "And tow. vou senmu vou wntad t make me beliee that a Square may in the same way by mution Upwurd, not Northward poduanother igud a ort ofextr Square in Thre Diantnsions av tut again, you voung raseal.At this mument we heard onte imore Ne herald'a "O yus! O yest outaidu in the eet procluiming the lResolution of the Council ung though he was, my Grandson who was unusunlly inteigent f his ag, and hred up in perfoctE reverunce for the uthority of the Cirelus touk in the situatin with an acutenose fur which I wiu Auite unprunarud He remiuedNikint till the Just Wordnuf felnmation had died away, and then. lursting inta ten Duar Crandraba. he sald hat wa unly my fun. and pfcoure 1 meant nothing lit all hot and wedid.nat Aunwanytimg then alot t new Lawand I don't think said anthing hout the Thirdimnsiun; and I am sure I did n av on word about Upward, nat NONhwurd, for thal would be such nonsense ou know. Haw cnulda thing movw Upward, and t Narthward? Unward and not Northward Even if I wa byv. I cnuld not be so absurd as that. How silly it iYHa! hal ha "Not at all silly." aid 1, losiny my tamper; "here for exumple, I takehis Square, and, at the word. Tspeda mnyable Squar, whgh ing at hand- and i nove it you soe, not Narthwat but- ves, Imove it Upwardthat iTo say, nnt Northivmt, turtmow il omiwhor not uxantly like this but omehnwHern I brocht my entence to an enaundlittun. halkint Sotare bout in a purposeless manner, mih to the amusement of my Grandson who burst out laughing louder than ever ad declured that I was not teaching him, but jolking with him, andiso saying he unlocked the dir and/an o of the room. Thus euded my first altenmpt ta cnnyrt a pupil to the Gaspel of Three Dimensigns. My failure, with my tirandsan did dat enrourap me to comnunicate dv t here l ay housechl vr ith id a despair of au Onlyaw that I must not wholly on thi cateh-phrane Uward not Northward" r must rather endeavour taeek monitration by atingrtne the publie aclar of theyetiale atitjt and forhis purprise it amed ecanary rokurt to writing. Sol davoted yar mantha in privacy to the compositiun of eati on the mvateria of Three Dimensins. On with thu view of vadine the Law, If possible, oke bat of a phvical Dinonnion. but of Thaugln whince. in thidry, a Fiur ld loakown upun Flatland and multnelv tli Iniden of all thini and y i wan Dhshat ther Nnotan o Firs nvirout n w Sartinei nd toitin mial Point Blit in wriling thi Dook ind mVelf nadly humpured y lho impmribititv ol drawiny ch dineramas werlnereurv for m pust: for of coura in our countre of Flatland, thereure no tablita but Lines und nd dingris hut Lines. all in one atraight Linu and only distinguishable by dillorence of nize and hright a thut, when I had finnhed my treatine (wirh I entitiud. Through Flatland to Thoughtland" coulil not foel ertain that many would undertand my menning One day, nbout deveun munths alter my return frenyspuenland, I tried tn Cubewith wy elosud, but mismel Lhough IHugcooded altarwarda IWI ROTen uiteertain nalav I boun uvealurwarda tial ad exeity atized the original. Tus mude me mure melunchoy linetarend doturmined e tak nom step: yet what knew not I felt that I would have een willing lo acrliee my lifo tor the aue, if thereby i cuuld have produced conetion But irl could not convince my tirundon, how.could I cunyince the higlhest und most deyloped Cireles in the land? And yet at time my spit was too strong for me, und I gave vent to dungrous utteranee. Alrendy I was considered heterodax if not treusonal and I was konlv alive to ehagl my positian nevkrihade nila times rifrin irom burstatig ur D supicious ur bhi-editious utrances, eveninung the hithest Pa al and Cireulat ocioty When. fur mts e question aralt the ttiment of thome lunaties who sd that they had received the puwerel ing ths insides of things I would ust the suying of an anriont Circle, who elared that prophets andinspired puople are alwaconsidered by the majority to be mae und lcould not help ocvasiunally dropping such eyressions us "the eye that discernia the interta of thines"and "the all-sueing land"nce ar twice I even let fall the forbyliden lerms "the Third and Fuurth Dianton A last, ti coulete a series of miorindrerion ut aneeting of our Laal Speculative Siaty held the palneot the Prefent sellonie eatremelyil per baving read in elabbrate naper xtubitine the perecke tuasona why Providonce has nited the numiber of Dimensions towo, and why the attributo of omnividoce in nesiened to the Supreme alone-1 an l forgot myself a to eive un exact necount of the whle of my vovage with the Sphety inta Space, and to the Assembly Hall in pur Metropin, and then to Spara ngain, and of my returi home, and of tyerything that I had soya and hoard in fact or viainn At fir indeed I pretentied that I wan fesribing this inary napari a rtitiou parean; tu my ent n oon forvedme tathrownli ltsguinend finnlly, ma iervent peratimn I exhurtod al ny hnter to divest thupeveit majudice andia bt oma beliaverin the Third Dimenaion Neud IAy thut I was at unce arrented und en before the Council Next marning tanding in the very place where but a very y munths ago the Sphere had atood in my rompany wae allowed to bogin andcontinue my narration unquestioned and anintorrynted. But frim the first I foresaw my fate: forAhe Pronident, noting that a guard of the hotter sort of Policemen wae in atteddanto, of angularity lile, if at a under 55, ordered thein te beiveice lenn me dofence, by an inferior cliss ofr eme-onlnallat that maant L tat untor infprisunedand hat Wiin e kept ecralemininn warld by the simultanous dostruction of the officials who had heard it and, this being the chee, the Preeident desirsd to substitute the cheaper for tho mora expensiv vietims A had concluded my defonce. the President, perhapA perceiving that wome the juniar Carelan had been moved by my evident Arnentnass, aaked me two quustione - 2. Wheher leuuld bv uny dingrams or deserintayns (other than the vmumeration of ihaginary sides and angle indiraye the Finure I was pleased totCo elarat hmt Frelet nhms mand th mitat em ah Trath weutt ly pevil in the end. Th Presidun aphed that he quite concurrud in my ntiment. d that Leuuld not do better Imit he untenced to perpetial imprisemant: hut if the Truth intended thatI Nould emerge from prison and evangelize the urld, the Truthmicht be trusted to bring that rsuto pasa Meanwle Ishnuld be nubjected to no discomfort that wae nuyneCesrary to preclude escape, and, unions Lloyleited the privilee by misconduct. Ishod be acensiunally permitted to see ny brother who hud precoded me to fny prison Seven year have elapsed and Iin priRoner nd itloR OUpt thr caninn visita of my beother. dehitrrid from alleotipanionship anThat ir my terhip DrathDER ane i hat of Square, just, sensible, cheurful, und no without fruternal afection; yet yanfess that my weekly interviewa, lenst in one repect. cutie m the bitturt guin. He wan present when the Sphere maonted nimsell in the Council Chamber he saw the SNre's changing setions: he heurd the uxplanation of the phunamya then given to the Circles. Since that timearcelya wuek han paseed during sven whole veare withont hin huaring from fae a repetition of the part I plavein that munifestatian, together vith ample deserintinofalt k rhrnanena in Spncetanmt th mta fortha xistaneu of Salingeskerivntie rum Analany Yo Take aham to bu forred to confess it my brother has not yet grasped the natunof the Third Dimension, und frankly avows hi disbelief in istence of u Sphere. Hence Lum atautely dustitute of cunvarte and, for aught tha can e, the millennial Revelation lan boun made tin foyothing. Ptheus up in Suaceland was bounid fur anging down fire for nartals, but 1-por Flatll Prametheus -li here in prian for briing down nothing to my countrynany Yt lexist in the hope that thes umairs. in Aune mannr, I lknoy not how, mny finl their way tthe ndthumntyinSu imensiun nt maytir uT ant tel who shall ti bentimed tu limitad imensianality That is the hopy of my brighter muments, Alas. not alwaye s, Heavilv weighs a me at limes the buridensm rullun that Leannot hunestly avam eunfiakt to the exuet hpe of the ence- wen, oft-eretted Calu, and in my nightly visions the mystario rocupt. "Lipward. not Northwiird." hnunts me like aoul divouring Sphinx. It i part of the lartyrdam which I enduro for the cau of the Trith that there arn easna of mental weaknes when abes and Spheres lit away ino the backeround of mource ussihle xintenc Whn the Iand Tz Dandnainna almt de virionmrya the Land of One or Nuhe: niay, whon even this hurd wall that bars ne from my ldonm. these Very tablota on weichI am writing, ind all the uttantinl realities of Flatland itelf. appear ni better than th offspring of a disend imagination. or the baseleni Tibrie of a dream Northward of the thee, ut on the thtow tun wthind Sen Aam bu alid bynulanud of Squares pllel to ine anth NothSolia umnlite lin inti an it lung anl rdad und at A C Pardan me, my Lard,"eplied I bu to my eve theapneirance ienaof an lrogular Fieuru wh inside i laid upun to the viawi in ather wos, methinks nu Solid. but a PI ugh aR we infer in Futland o aIrveulintswhirh betakene ame monrur criminii o that th vury sih f iu paintal tony ovesTraad N Sphuro, "it appears to vou u Plane, becaus vuu not aceustomed to light m Lyi belore my OVER cloaed I endvoured to tiproduce the Thyrt Đinunsion. and Capele thr pSEe by whicha Cube is eanitructed tirbigh th n of a Squa W not havi wishe: but I Fomembered thak muit b Unward and yE not Nurthwal und itermined atondlantlv to tutai the rda an the clue which iNirmlyeraapel could not fall to guidme to the olutiin. So mechanically repen. ike n charm. the wordn. Upward vet not Nortiard I Foll into R ERUed from ita alig hum of vaur Spaceland blabattlen, oniydeas resonan by fur, light indeed theten in the perfact atillness ofi num hraugh which we oared, thound renched not our ears till we chueked wur flight ata distance from it al somuthing under enty humun

Visualizing Flatland

shared by sher.chew.1 on Oct 30
Flatland is a satirical piece of fiction published in 1984. It was written by Edwin Abbott Abbott (Theologian and English Schoolmaster), who intended for the novel to be a social commentary on the cla...


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