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Virtual Workplace- Bridging The Work-Life Balance

VIRTUAL WORKPLACE briding the WORK-LIFE BALANCE Flexible working or "work from home" phenomenon is becoming common nowadays With this new concept there are no more excuses for coming late! A FEW EXCUSES FOR COMING TO WORK LATE ... 19% DUE TO LACK of SIEEP / 30% DELAY DUE TO TRAFFIC! 8% DUE TO 1|' 9% GETING KIDS TO DUE TO BAD WEATHER DAY CARE/SCHOOL and it can increase to 64 million by 2016 than 54 million Americans work at home at least occasionally Approximately 29%of people in 2020 will work remotely (CAFE LAVORO CAFES/RESTAURANTS LUSTOMER PREMISES AIRPORTS... FROM HOME... SAVES coST $100 bILUON ! 218 MILLION BARKELS OF OIL ELECTRICITY, REAL ESTATE, 73,000 FEOPLE AVOID ROAD ACUIDENTS ABSENTEEISM, SECURITY, MAINTENA NGE, +3400-$10,500o PARKING E coFFEE TRANSPORTATION Due to these reasons top companies in different fields are opening a flexible working environment particularly in the fields of HUMANA IBM WALDEN UNIVERSITY HARTFORD FLO Forest Laboratories, Inc. INPORMATION EOUCATION INSURANCE HEALTH CARE TECHNOLO OY PHARMA CEUTICALS Around 90% of workers believe that an organization offering a flexible work environment is more attractive than an organization that does not. SURPRISINGY MORE MEN ARE G0OING FOR FLEXIBLE WORKING OPTIONS THAN WOMEN I Percentage of people already working from home in top metropolitan areas of US ラ 4- PORT LAND, ME 5.3% SEATTLE 6.4% 4.2%. CHICAGO PORTLAND 구 · 3 % . SANTA ROSA, CA ONNARD, CA ラ 5 % 6.1% DENVER 5:3%. CHARLOTIE, N. C. 5.6% SACRAMENTO, LA 11.4% BOULDER, CO 5.9%. COLORADO SPRINGS 6.1% 6-2% (RALEIGH, N.c. 5.9% PROVO, UT SAN FRANCISCO 6.3% SAN DIE GO 5.7% MANCHESTER , NH 5.6% ATLANTA 6.8% AUSTIN, TA PHOENIX 5.8% 8.9% COWMBUS, GA LONGTERM BENEFITS – INCREASED RRODUCTIVITY COST TINME SAVING EMPLOYEE RETENSION ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS INNOVATION ABSENTEEISM LESS STRESS TECHNOLOGIES VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK CLOUD COMPUTING VOOICE OVER IP VIDEO CONFEREN CING In today's technological era, innovative ideas like giving your employees the option to work-from-home can help boost employee satisfaction and improve produc- tivity. It's a win-win for all. SOURCES htp:// home-the-top-100-companies-offering-flexible-jobs-in-2014/Putm_source=allactivity&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=20140117 htp://

Virtual Workplace- Bridging The Work-Life Balance

shared by TheHartford on Mar 21
Flexible working or work from home is becoming common now a days. This infographic shows the bridging between the work life balance through virtual work place.


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