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Unveiling the Truth Behind Debt Management

ALMOST The Truth About Debt Management from on 2E 104 almost There. See a few revisiens. Best, 8 Email Dear Dave Myth: The debtmanagement companies on TV, like Consumer Credit Counseling You're below for Service, will save me. Truth: You may get out of debt. but only with your credit trashed. FALSE.CHECK THE WHY YES, WE Do. COMMENTS BELOW FOR PRCOF. CreditGuard of America Debimanagement companies are springing up everywhere. These companies help "manage" your debt by taking one monthly payment from you and distributing Kag off Credif cards! the money among your creditors, with whom they've often worked out lower payments and lower interest. This is not a loan as with debt consolidation. WHAT PRICE"? LOWERING INTEREST, PAYMENTS, { TIME SPENT IN PEBT? Sometimes people get the two confused. However, because Americans are up to their eyeballs in debt, the debt management business has become one of the fastest-growing indus tries today.-AND FOR GOOD REASON.MANY PEOPLE NEED Companies like Consumer Credit Counseling Service can help you get better interest rates and lower payments, but at a OUR HELP. price. When you use one of these companies and then try to get a Conventional, FHA, or VA loan, you will be treated the same as if you had filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Mortgage underwriting guidelines for traditional mortgages will consider your credit trashed, so don't do it Real debt help is found only in changing your behavior. - WHICH IS WHERE CREPIT NOT TRUE . COUNSELING COMES IN... In short, debtmanagement companies are out. Hard work is in. Change your financial behavior and change your life-for good. True debt management is about one thing: you controlling your money. WECONCUR. Real Debt Management The good news is that there's not some magical, mys tical form ula to good debt management. The solution is common sense and having a plan for your Total Money Makeover. Grandma's simple way of handling money. Good debt management is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge. It isn't rocket science as some debt managment companies try to make you belie ve. AGREED! Is it easy? No. In fact, it's really hard most of the time. But it's worth it. It's amazing to see people change their lives through simple determination and having a plan that works every time. Once you have a real debt management plan in place, its only a matter of time. - A DEBT MANAGEMENT PROGPAM ALSO TEACHES You How To BUPGET { We have people every week email or call us about how they have paid off $10k, $20k, sometimes even $100,000 in debt. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS. YES. Now, you may be thinking, "Yeah, right. They must be making six figures to do that." NO! These are just people who are serious about getting out of debt. Many of them are making $30,000 to $50.000 when they decided to be debt free. It's all a matter of attitude. We call it "gazelle intensity." Get on a plan to beat debt with the Total Money Makeover. FOR FURTHER PROOF THAT DEBT MANAGEMENT WORKS... John Snider Totally disagree with this assessment. I used a debt management company that negotiated my credit card rates (in some cases to zero percent), and helped me get out of $30k Jason I contacted FICO on their site at and asked about the debt in less than 4 years. It did not effect my credit rating in a negative way at all. If fact, my credit rating quickly recovered as a result of my debt to credit ratio improvement. There are effects of credit counseling services on your credit score and it states, it has a neutral affect on your score. Once the debt gets reduces through a cc services your score goes up because your companies out there, however, that are not reputable. There are scam artists everywhere. You have to do your research and find the right company to work with. 28 a| v. Reply · Share > outstanding debt goes down. It can only improve your score from there. Go to and read the facts, 4 A v Reply · Share > Jacquie Jer Couldn't disagree more. I used a DMP back in 2005 to help me Wow, you are so wrong about this. clear up and payoff my credit card debt. They negotiated lower interest rates for me (I had tried doing this on my own and got nowhere) and took a single payment directly from my checking account every month and dispersed it accordingly among my creditors. I paid my debt fully in 2 years time, and watched my Two years ago my credit was trashed and I owed over 25K in revolving debt. After numerous failures at negotiating some better terms, I finally turned to a non-profit credit counseling service for help. They successfully re-negotiated my terms and cut my monthly payment in half. Now it's two years later, my credit scores are over 100 points higher, I have paid off over 10K of my credit score go from 585 to 675 in that time. Over the next several months after paying off my debt, my score rose to 720. The fact that I had used a DMP was reflected on my credit report from a few of the accounts that I had used the DMP to pay for, debt and just purchased a new home. Your information on the damage a DMP will do to your credit is both wrong and poorly and yet, I qualified with no problems for a refinance on my existing mortgage. researched. Without the DMP, I would be in a much worse situation and I agree that debt management and financial responsibility requires work - and I have definitely learned much about finances would probably be bankrupt. 45 A |v• Reply · Share > since using a DMP - but from my personal experience, you are dead wrong in saying that using a DMP will negatively affect your credit report or score. 100 av Reply · Share >

Unveiling the Truth Behind Debt Management

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CreditGuard of America Takes a Stand, Sets Dave Ramsey Straight


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