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Unhealthy Concoctions 2013

GOURMANDIA wwww.ourmandia.coANADA 201 3 OGUNHEALTHY CONCOCTIONS DROWNING IN UNHEALTHY LIQUIDS Liquor Smoothie Energy Drinks Well! 32 ounce smoothie can pack as In march 2011, American cancer society found that the risk of cancer death among drinkers was 36% high then people who do not take liquor. If you are drinking alcohol heavilyl 3 or more drinks a day) STOP it at once. Just overloaded with sugar and Caffeine. Energy drinks we mean caffeine made products that are too much overloaded with caffeine and sugar. Researchers found that 50% of US adolescens and young adults are taking energy drinks on a daily basis. many as 700 calories with less than 2 grams of protein provided. You will ask, why eat so much? This will just give you calories without your need. Lemonade Diet Soda: Flavoured Water What a soft drink can provide you? May be 150 to 200 unwanted calories. Diet soda is may be calorie free, but it has caffeine in it. And it will provide you nothing except taste. And these soft drinks are not good for your teeth enamel. Flavoured drinks are nothing more than sugar water.Flavoured drinks are meant to provide you vitamins. But there are fewer and Lemonade WAS a refreshing drink. It's just a sugar dissolved drink with artificial additives added into it. drinking mixed into vitamins more sugar. 1 cup of lemonade can provide you with 100 calories, 6 tea spoons of sugar and O nutrients. Why Hydrating is Important? Your body is like an engine, and it requires fluids to keep it cool, lubricated, and performing well. It doesn't matter what you are doing, you need water, lots of it. It is essential that you keep yourself well hydrated before, during and after each and every activity if you want to maintain good performance. Good hydration will also help to avoid early fatigue during outdoor activities. For a better and Do water have three Water covers around healthy life we should be avoiding these different states? 70% of the Earth's surface. Liquid, Solid and Gas. Yes! It does and their: DRINKS. Diet Coke

Unhealthy Concoctions 2013

shared by catalinalinkava on Sep 23
It's 2013 and keeping yourself healthy is getting trickier as the years goes by. Look at these drinks and let me know what you think?




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