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Understanding the Basics of CD Pressen

Understanding the Basics fo CD Pressen TM BRICKHOUSEMEDIA By - Brickhouse-Media Cd Stands for Compact Discs and it is used to store important data in Digital form. Initially it was introduced as a successor of the gramophone for playing music. Now they are used to store data in various formats. Tremendous growth of internet usage and gadgets has increased the demand of cd manufacturing for information and data sharing. Process by which commerical compact dics are replicated in large quantity is called cd pressen using a master version. In this process a clon of the original is created instead of duplication. The process taken in three steps – 1- Glass Mastering 2 - Electroforming 3 - CD Molding The glass master used in this process is made of glass coated by chemical burned off with laser. Same as negatives used for used making photos. So the glass master acts as negative from which replicated copies are created. This glass master is then turned in to a stamper by coating it with molten nickel compound. Stampers are molds which replicate the original one. During the process stamper punches tint pits in the production Cds consisting pallets of polycorbonate plastic which is heated intoa molten state resulting formation of data pits. Once they are cool down. They retain the information. Advantages of CD Pressen Disadvantages of CD Pressen 1 - Longer turnaround time, usually 7 to 14 days 1- Superior Quality Data Image than duplication 2- High Volume Print runs at lower costs more thn 1000 3 - Resilient and much durable than duplicated dics 2 - High Minimum Quality requirements Per run 4- Offset Lithographic printing and silk screen gives high quality results 5 - No Playback Issues FO1 Funders and Founders Piktochart I- make information beautiful

Understanding the Basics of CD Pressen

shared by brickhousemedia on Sep 30
In todays worlds anyone can easily undertand the importance of digital media in daily life where we can store photos, documents and other various types of info. When we store data in digital format, ...




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