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The UK Number Plate System A Brief History

THE UK NUMBER PLATE SYSTEM PI4 TES A BRIEF HISTORY The UK number plate system was introduced through the Motor Car Act of 1903. Each vehicle had to be registered with its local council and issued with a unique registration number - it would be an offence to use a vehicle on a public highway without one. I CEO K8 KLX CAB 846E HI57 ORY ANII MAL OIL 999 Unique vehicle registration marks are issued by our government for the purpose of identifying a vehicle. Each must adhere to a certain format and style set by the DVLA, which cannot be changed. Similarly, the letters and numbers must remain in their groups and the spacing cannot be altered. If you do alter the registration, your vehicle will fail its MOT and you could be fined up to £1000! REGISTRATION TYPES ΤΥPES DATELESS STYLE REGISTRATIONS 25 JR These are often the most desirable style of registration as they lack an age identifier and can therefore disguise a vehicle's age. They can also go on any vehicle able to take part in a registration AJL 33 transfer. However, as the most desirable, they are also often the most expensive! 4 СMР A Dateless Style Registration consists of one group of letters and one group of numbers (or vice versa) though the letters won't include I, Q, or Z. AI 999 ROB Dateless Style Registrations were issued ΤΟΥ 5 between 1903 and 1963. SUFFIX STYLE REGISTRATIONS These were the first registrations to hold an age identifier. A Suffix Style Registration begins with a group of 3 letters, followed by 1,2, or 3 numbers before ending with a single letter. This is the suffix, and this is what acts as the age identifier. KEN IX ANG 314D EDW 412D JON 35 RAC 3R GHO 5T This registration will not use the letters I, Q, or Z. Nor will it use O or U as an age identifier. Suffix Style Registrations were issued between 1963 and 1983. PREFIX STYLE REGISTRATIONS J46 UAR These are the opposite of the Suffix Style Registrations in that the single letter age-identifier appears at the beginning of the plate rather than the end. X999 ROB NI6 GKM Similarly, Prefix Style Registrations will not use the letters I, Q, or Z. Nor will they L4 URA use O or U as age identifiers. EI2 ROR Prefix Style Registrations came out in 63 ММА 1983 and continued until 2001. CURRENT STYLE REGISTRATIONS These registrations always contain 7 characters. These are presented as 2 letters followed by 2 numbers, then a space, and finally 3 more letters. SHI2 LEY YUII MMY BO55 RPJ 0007 RAY AN63 LAJ XКоз JRC This registration will not use the letters I or Q, and a Z can only appear as one of the last 3 letters. The Current Style Registrations were introduced in September 2001 and will continue until 2051. NORTHERN IRELAND STYLE REGISTRATIONS IA 2 Northern Ireland Style Registrations will always include a group of letters and a group O1 3 of numbers. There will be either 2 or 3 letters, and one will always be an I or a Z. 3000 AZ They were first issued in 1903 in Northern Ireland (of RUI IO course!), but in 2014 the DVLNI and DVLA merged, allowing such registrations to be transferred to vehicles in the UK mainland, and vice versa. SLZ 4 These Northern Ireland Style Registrations don't carry age-identifiers. They tend to be cheaper, too, making them a very affordable way to disguise the TAZ 4710 age of your vehicle. Designed & Compiled by: 01792 477316 PLATES4LESS wwW.PLATES4LESS.CO.UK FOR ALL YOUR PRIVATE NUMBER PLATE NEEDS

The UK Number Plate System A Brief History

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The UK number plate system has a rich history. This infographic throws more light on the matter.




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