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Top Possible Extinctions by 2050

TOP POSSIBLE EXTINCTIONS BY 205O LIKELIHOOD ESTIMATION % DEATH CAR ACCIDENTS Sounds a little silly (the only certainties being death and taxes and all that), but some people do believe that human life-spans can be extended considerably and possibly forever. For example, Aubrey de Grey has suggested that humans might be able to reach 1,000 years of age and that the first person to do so might be alive right now. If that's not the worst idea ever I don't know what is. Can't drive? Learn now before it's too late. In the future cars will drive themselves and, being considerably better at driving, they will not speed and won't crash into each other. Which leaves the question, what will we do in cars if we don't need to drive them? RIP 5% 15% COMMERCIAL FISHING SURGEONS There are plenty more fish in the sea right? But perhaps not. Countless species are threatened from over-fishing and habitat destruction. One consequence is that wild fish that were once cheap as chips (e.g. cod) are becoming expensive, while fish that were once a wild luxury (salmon) are now largely farmed and relatively cheap. The problem with surgeons is that they are human and therefore get tired, have an ego and make mistakes. A cure for this might be robots or treatments that don't involve cutting people open. Perhaps this will leave childbirth as the last remaining surgical procedure. 25% 40% GREAT MALARI BARRIER REEF Malaria kills hundreds of thousands of people every year and several billion people – those directly at risk from the disease - want the disease wiped off the face of the Earth. Vaccines might be one answer, but another might be breeding genetically modified mosquitoes that go on kamikaze mating missions with other mosquitoes. Let's hope not, but the only living thing on Earth that can be seen from space is under threat from everything from climate change to pollution. 50% 60% PHYSICAL VIDEO GAME CREDIT CARDS CONSOLES Why carry plastic when your card details and credit history can be stored electronically in anything from a pair of shoes to your index finger? Bye bye gaming consoles your time is up. To be replaced by gesture based controls and, ultimately, direct brain-to-machine interfaces. 1234 5678 9101 1121 JOHN DOE 60% 70% HANDWRITING PRIVACY Have you tried writing by hand for a few hours recently? Your hand almost falls off. Anyway, your handwriting is illegible to others and your spelling stinks so why bother? Is privacy dead? Should we get over it or fight to get it back? Given how willing we've been to give away hard fought freedoms recently, don't hold your breath about this one. few dots of butter 4 tap cinnamon fen pinches sugar 500g phyllo pastry 80% %06 Richard Watson Author of The Future Files Design by: QUANTUM INFOGRAPHICS

Top Possible Extinctions by 2050

shared by QuantumInfographics on May 23
What are the chances of death becoming extinct by 2050? How about car accidents? Surgeons? Physical credit cards? Handwriting? Take a tour!


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