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Top New Years Resolutions for 2016

TOP NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS FOR 2016 HOW IMPORTANT IS MONEY TO AMERICANS? New year, new you: Find out how everyone from millennials to boomers prioritize their finances when setting goals for the New Year. Will you make your money a priority in 2016? TOP 6 NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS FOR 2016 07.7% 14.6% Do more charity work Ivolunteer 07.5% Create a better work life balance Get a promotion Ichange jobs 15.8% Be more financially responsible 37.7% 16.7% Get in shape leat healthy Travel more 2x Americans resolve to get healthy than be more financially responsible. Older Americans were more likely to pick "get in shape/eat healthy" than young adults 18-24 29.4% 25-34 34.7% 45-54 33.7% 55-64 48.1% BIGGEST FINANCIAL REGRETS OF 2015 08.5% 2015 08.7% 04.9% Made a bad investment %24 Made a major purchase I couldn't afford Didn't pay my bills on time 02.8% 18.3% Other Spent frivolously (shopping, Netflix, meals) 34.9% 21.8% 1/3 Americans regret not saving and/or investing enough. Didn't save or invest Didn't pay off as much debt as I wanted as much as I wanted 60% About 60% more 45-54 year-olds picked “Didn't save or invest as much as I wanted" than 35-44 year-olds. 24.4% 12.9% 1 in 5 regret not paying down debt in 2015 Nearly 20% regret 2015 spending habits 35-44 year-olds picked "spent frivolously" twice as often as 55-64 year-olds 25.4% 40.9% TOP FINANCIAL RESOLUTIONS FOR 2016 10.3% 12.6% Improve my credit 08.4% 1+ in 4 Americans resolve to get rid Build an emergency Buy a house savings fund of debt in 2016 01.3% 17.3% Other 1+ in 5 won't make a financial resolution Americans age 65+ were twice as likely NOT to make a financial resolution for 2016 Save for retirement 26.9% 25-34 19.1% 23.2% 35-44 18.4% Pay off debt 45-54 18.1% I don't have a financial resolution for 2016 65+ 33.1% People earning $50-74K picked "save for retirement" more than those earning $25-49K 13.8% 21.8% Survey conducted via Google Consumer Surveys with a total of 1,500 respondents. Additional Sources: Student Loan Hero

Top New Years Resolutions for 2016

shared by jlambert1 on Jan 22
Student Loan Hero conducted a survey to find out what the biggest New Year’s resolutions are for 2016, as well as the financial decisions Americans regret most from 2015. Find out how you compare a...


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