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Top Facts About Gold

Top Ten Facts About Gold DeBretts Online Jewellery help you discover Gold. In 560 B.C the Lydians produced the first Gold Coin which is the earliest recorded use of gold 9 Carat Gold is actually only 37.5% Gold! as a currency. I Bet You Didn't Know This Though?? In 1912 the Olympic Gold Medals were made out of 75% of gold in circulation was mined 24 Carat Gold, in todays Olympics they are required to be covered in just 6 grams of gold. after 1910. The fleece or sheepskin In the middle ages drinking molten gold and crushed emeralds were used as a cure was used as a method of mining gold dust from the Black Sea by the Egyptians around 1200 B.C and is thought to be the inspiration for Greek mythologies 'Golden Fleece'. for bubonic plague. How About this then?? Gold has been discovered on every continent on earth. Did You Know?? It is thought that due to the high value of gold that most of the gold discovered in history is still in circulation, however it is believed that 80% of the worlds gold is still underground. The largest nugget of gold ever mined was called the 'Welcome Stranger' and was mined in 1864 in California and produced 2,248 ounces of pure gold. The worlds largest stockpile of gold is stored in New York at the Federal Reserve Bank and holds 25% of the worlds gold in one location. There is one other type of carrot, but this carrot you wont find at a jewellery shop. You are more likely to find being eaten by Bugs Bunny!! When referring to a Gold Carat the word Carat is used as a measurement of the purity of the Gold and not the weight of gold. Gold weight is measured in grams or in Troy Ounces. When referring to a Diamond Carat the word Carat is used as the unit of measurement for the weight of a Diamond, a one carat Diamond weighs approx 0.2 grams. DeBretts Online Jewellery More articles, infographics and information about Diamonds, Jewellery and Gold and other precious metals can be found on our website and blog. Su If you enjoyed this infographic please share with your friends.

Top Facts About Gold

shared by ross1971 on Jul 28
A look at some of the top facts about Gold and the importance we place on the precious metal.


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