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Todays Military Women

WOMEN TODAYS MILITARY the narrow stereotype, limiting their choice of occupation, was wrong. Though women are still barred from some roles in the U.S. Military, FROM THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR to 2.01 current operations, women have served a vital UNTES role in the U.S. Military. Ever since Mary Ludwig it is still clear that the heart of a warrior is not Hays McCauley ("Molly Pitcher") replaced her husband when he collapsed at his cannon, limited to one gender. today's military women continually prove that # OF WOMEN % OF WOMEN TO TOTAL SERVICEMEN BY BRANCH TO TOTAL SERVICEMEN PER BRANCH DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE 207,308 WOMEN 1, 425,113 TOTAL 6,790 W 44,241 T Marines 6.8% COAST GUARD 13,677 WOMEN 53,385 WOMEN MARINES Army 13.6% 201,157 TOTAL NAVY 325,123 TOTAL 333,370 TOTAL D.0.D 14.5% Coast Guard 15.3% 76,674 WOMEN 63,552 WOMEN ARMY AIR FORCE Navy 16.4% 565,463 TOTAL Air Force 19.1% Information courtesy of the Department of Defense and the US Coast Guard. Data reported as of Sept. 30, 2011 # OF WOMEN % MILITARY JOBS VETERANS PER STATE OPEN TO WOMEN BY BRANCH Washington 56,204 Vermont Maine 3,660 10,368 Montana N Dakota Coast Guard 100% Minnesota New Hampshire 8,138 4,712 23,213 8,853 Oregon Wisconsin Massachusetts 25,687 The Coast Guard, a part of the Department of Transportation, is not New York 25,337 28,374 S Dakota 63,899 subject to combat exclusion laws or policies. Consequently, all Idaho 10,792 6,082 Rhode Island Coast Guard jobs are open to women. Michigan Wyoming 4,959 97% 45,417 Air Force 4,578 Pennsylvania lowa Connecticut 63,537 15,144 15,084 New Jersey Nebraska Ohio 27,707 Nevada 11,405 61,039 Pararescue, Combat Controllers, and those units and positions that Illinois Indiana 21,699 33,622 routinely collocate with Direct Ground Combat Units. 57,479 Delaware Utah w Virginia 12,015 Virginia 6,485 Navy 59% 11,160 Colorado 38,444 Missouri 93,637 Kansas Kentucky Maryland 18,331 38,206 25,197 49,562 California 166,110 N Carolina Submarines, Coastal Patrol Boats, Mine Warfare Ships, Seal (Special 70,729 Tennessee Forces) Units, Joint Communications Units that collocate with Seals, 39,694 and Support Positions (such as Medical, Chaplain, etc.) collocated Oklahoma S Carolina Arizona Arkansa 27,009 with Marine Corps Units that are closed to women. 52% 48,112 20,080 36,092 New Mexico Army 16,700 Alabama Georgia 36,082 Mississippi 36,082 18,042 Infantry, Armor, Special Forces, Combat Engineer Companies, Ground Surveillance Radar Platoons, and Air Defense Artillery Batteries. Texas 20% 158,350 Louisiana Marines 27,284 Florida 140,871 Infantry Regiments and below, Artillery Battalions and below, all Alaska Armored Units, Combat Engineer Battalions, Reconnaissance Units, 8,672 Riverine Assault Craft Units, Low Altitude Air Defense Units, and Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Teams. Hawaii 4,000 - 20,000 Information courtesy of the Department of Defense and 11,744 the US Coast Guard. 20,000 – 40,000 Data reported as of Sept. 30, 2011 40,000 – 100,000 100,000 –170,000 State-by-State data courtesy of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Data reported as of Sep. 30, 2011 JOBS STILL RESTRICTED TO WO WOMEN

Todays Military Women

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From the American revolutionary war to current operations, women have served a vital role in the U.S. Military. Though women are still barred from some roles in the U.S. Military, we can see from the ...




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